Chapter 361 - Increased Divine Power
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 361 - Increased Divine Power

In the first year of the new era, His Highness Louie Galakrond, the God of Dragons, killed Kulthumak, the God of Kobolds. No one knew about this event, and no god perceived it until His Highness Louie Galakrond himself said it later, and the people knew that Kulthumak, the God of Kobolds had fallen long ago.

—《The Divine History of the Dragon God》


Louie’s hand moved. In the place where Kulthumak fell, a string-like object floated up to his hand. Its color was ineffable, and from the supernatural fluctuations it gave off, Louie knew it was precisely the thing he needed most - divinity.

“A part of the divinity was destroyed, but the remaining part is enough.”

Looking at it, he almost leaped with joy.

The Kobold God, Kulthumak, had fallen, and his divinity no longer had his will, but Louie still carefully checked it until he was certain that it was masterless and fit for absorption before consuming it.

Louie was now a true god with level 4 godhood. Absorbing unowned divinity was a simple matter. He engraved his own imprint and then fused it with his original divinity.

Kulthumak was once a true god with level 15 godhood, which required a significant amount of divinity. He, like other ancient gods, had to rely on burning divinity to support their existence during the 30,000 years of slumber due to the lack of faith.

As a result, he had used up some divinity over the past 30,000 years, and a part of it had been destroyed upon his death. However, the total amount of divinity left behind was still more than twice the amount initially held by Louie himself.

Louie himself had little divinity. In the beginning, he had become a true demigod after obtaining divinity from Noella. Then the Silver Moon Goddess had provided him with coordinates of fallen gods in the Astral Realm, allowing him to plunder the dregs of their divinities. Afterward, Louie had spent divinity in order to help birth Alexia. If he finished cleaning up the Graveyard of the Gods in the Astral Realm, the divinity would probably be barely enough to support a level 4 godhood.

The next thing Louie wanted to do was to continue to improve his godhood. He needed more divinity, but it took thousands of years for the divinity to condense itself. It was difficult for Louie to do it on his own, but he could never give up on making benefits in this era.

Thus, killing the gods and plundering them was the only path that Louie could choose.

But killing a god was never easy. It required a lot of thought and caution.

Shae needed godhood, and Louie needed divinity. The two of them hit it off. With Shae’s intelligence and Louie’s power, they could hatch foolproof plans to kill the gods.

The Divine King’s Crown that Louie obtained was probably a backup means of a powerful god, but he did not know which god it was.

This was true until Shae told Louie that the maker of the Divine King’s Crown was none other than the Five-colored Dragon God.

According to Shae’s words, because Louie had obtained the Five-colored Dragon God’s godhood, he had inherited everything from the Five-colored Dragon God such as his ‘fate’ or his ‘role’. Louie would naturally be guided toward the creations of the Five-colored Dragon God. And luckily enough, Louie had first obtained the Divine King’s Crown which was genuine divine equipment.

At the same time, Shae told Louie that Kulthumak, the God of Kobolds, did not fall during the Era of Disaster. Instead he had luckily survived and had hidden inside the Divine King’s Crown.

As the subordinate god of the Five-colored Dragon God, he was also the first lapdog of the Five-colored Dragon God. He naturally knew the many secrets of the Five-colored Dragon God, but Shae herself also knew about the Divine King’s Crown’s existence.

Kulthumak had a godhood that had reached level 15. Even after 30,000 years, his divinity would still have a huge volume. At the same time Kulthumak did not have a powerful divine authority and was mainly reliant on the divine authority of kobolds. This meant that he was the easiest and nearest god that Louie and Shae could kill, especially since he could not use many divine skills.

It was not easy to find a god with a godhood as high as level 15 but with low combat power.

If Kulthumak still had a godhood of level 15 and was inside Louie’s divine kingdom, perhaps Shae wouldn’t be able to kill him in combat even at her full power. The most she could do was whittle away at his church and find a chance to kill him while he was weak.

But now, due to various reasons and coincidences, Louie and Shae obtained the best opportunity to kill Kulthumak.

Louie took out the godhood to attract Kulthumak’s attention and even slowed down his ascension to make Kulthumak lower his guard so that he would think Louie had no qualifications to become a powerful god. At the same time, Louie and Shae had long discussed how they would fight, and so Louie had brought Alexia along.

From the beginning, Kulthumak, without knowing anything, had been plotted against by Shae and Louie. Thanks to the plan, Louie had truly killed Kulthumak without much resistance. Kulthumak’s fall allowed Louie the opportunity to become stronger.

“Alexia, come here.”

After digesting Kulthumak’s divinity, Louie lifted his hand and summoned Alexia.

Alexia walked over in a daze. Everything that happened before seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. Alexia could not react at all and did not fully understand what had happened. Her beautiful dragon eyes were full of confusion and doubts.

She had only come to observe her Father God’s ascension ceremony at his request, and then at the moment when he succeeded, he was assassinated by another god. Alexia could not forget the shock and fear she felt at that time, but anger overwhelmed her and made her want to avenge her father’s death. Afterward, she did not expect that everything was just an illusion and her father reappeared intact in front of her with a power that she could not understand.

After that, her Father God was able to master a divine skill of the gods, Heavenly Possession, and turned her into his own incarnation. Then, Shae appeared and teamed up with her Father God to finish off the Kobold God.

In retrospect, it seemed that everything had been in her Father God’s calculation, from the time the Kobold God appeared to his death.

‘But Shae? Right, Shae!!’

Alexia returned to her elven form from her dragon form. She looked around warily and spoke with disgust, “Father God, was that the Goddess of Night that just appeared?”

She did not dare call Shae by her first name and changed it to the Goddess of Night.

“That was indeed Shae.”

Louie confirmed Alexia’s thoughts.

“You… you joined forces with the Goddess of the Night? She… she is a very dangerous god, you can’t trust her.”

The elf dragon’s tone was sharp and contained disgust. As the daughter of the Silver Moon, she instinctively hated Shae and felt disgusted towards her, but she also feared Shae. She knew that in Shae’s doctrine, the Silver Moon was an enemy and it was even written out that everything of the Silver Moon should be killed.

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If this were in the Era of the Gods, the daughter of the Silver Moon Goddess, Alexia, would be the biggest target of the Church of the Night. Shae’s followers would do anything to kill Alexia to please their goddess.

Louie sensed the fear and disgust in her and reassured, “No need to worry, Alexia. The current Shae is not a threat. I will also be more careful around her plots. You should not tell your Mother Goddess about this. If she finds out by herself, then I will personally explain it to her.”

“... But… but…”

Alexia was hesitant and at a loss. Shae was her Mother God’s sister and greatest enemy. According to their relationship, Shae would be her aunt, but her Father God went behind her Mother God to have an affair with her Mother God’s sister and enemy. Now that this matter would continue to be hidden, Alexia felt frightened about being sandwiched like this and did not know what to do.

If she hid it for her Father God, she would be betraying her Mother God. And if she told her Mother God, then she would be betraying her Father God. As the daughter of the two gods, Alexia was not an outsider.

“Alexia, are you not going to listen anymore?”

Louie looked at her with some disappointment and spoke with a sad tone.

Alexia’s delicate body trembled. She bit her pink lips and raised her head to look at Louie. After seeing her Father God’s disappointed look, she felt her heartache in sadness. She stomped her foot and gritted her teeth, “I understand Father God! Alexia will not tell Mother Goddess, but you should also be careful of the Goddess of Night!”

Compared to Selune’s cool and uncaring attitude, Louie’s mortal-like care for his daughter made Alexia feel even more loved. In Alexia’s heart, the scales of her Father God and Mother God had long been tilted, but she could not step over the last hurdle in her heart. After seeing Louie’s disappointed expression, she felt very sad.

She didn’t want to disappoint her Father God and didn’t want to lose the Father God’s care and love for her, so with a ruthless heart, she decided to choose her Father God and turned her back on her Mother God.

‘I’m sorry Mother Goddess! You can’t really blame Alexia for this, but Alexia will keep an eye on the Goddess of Night’s movements for you. I will not let her bewitch Father God and plot against you!”

Alexia said to herself in her heart. As to whether she had the ability to keep an eye on Shae or not, she never even considered it.

Hearing his daughter's assurance, Louie revealed a joyful and loving expression. He used his hand to gently caress his daughter’s snow-white face and smiled, “Alexia, wait for a moment. Your father needs to turn this divinity into usable power.”

After obtaining Kulthumak’s divinity, Louie’s level could be raised to that of the strongest god of the current era!

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