Chapter 365 - Sleeping Dragon Temple
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 365 - Sleeping Dragon Temple

As a new god, the first thing Louie needed to do was to create his own divine kingdom and then hide his true body within it.

Gods were beings that feared death the most, so the first thing a god had to do was to protect themselves. Though they were ageless, they ultimately could still be killed by external forces. And so to minimize that possibility, hunkering down in their kingdoms was the best bet.

Louie gazed at the miniature realm in front of him. The area was very vast, nearly a million square kilometers. There were lakes, mountains, plains, flowers, and much natural scenery that gave off a stunning beauty.

“This place is suitable for elven gods to live in.”

Louie gazed at the landscape of this realm and smiled.

He did not expect that the former Five-colored Dragon God would construct his divine kingdom in this way, but Louie smiled with satisfaction.

First of all, he needed to think about where he would place his divine kingdom. In terms of factions, Louie belonged to the neutral side, so as long as it was not in the extremes of realms such as the Heavenly Mountain or the Bottomless Abyss he could go anywhere. The selection of a realm also depended on a god’s preference.

The Heavenly Mountain was the place where the strongest sacred power was located while the Bottomless Abyss contained the strongest evil power in the world. Louie did not like either of them. Whether as a dragon or as a human, Louie still preferred this kind of natural scenery full of plants, flowers, and birds.

To put it bluntly, Louie loved the fairy tale-like scenery of the Silver Moon Kingdom. Staying in a place like the Shadow Realm where Shae lived did not make him happy at all.

Thinking so, Louie made a decision. He prepared to place his divine kingdom in the Arborea Realm, which was neither absolute good nor absolute evil. It might be a chaotic place, but it did not matter to him.

The Goddess of Silver Moon’s divine kingdom as well as the Gate of the Moon was also located in the Arborea Realm. By placing their kingdoms near each other, they would be able to clearly display their abilities.

If Selune had known that Louie had this plan, then she would definitely be overjoyed. The Goddess felt somewhat afraid due to Shae’s schemes over the years, so her sense of security was quite low. She was afraid that she would one day return back to hugging another god’s thighs just to survive. With Louie around to help her, they could face difficulties together, and the Goddess would feel warm around him.

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