Chapter 350 - Treasures That Drove The Elf Dragon Crazy
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 350 - Treasures That Drove The Elf Dragon Crazy

In the main hall of Dragon City, Louie was lying atop a mountain of gold and surrounded by more than twenty elves kneeling on the ground. Alexia was also among them.

As the daughter of the Dragon God and the Silver Moon Goddess, Alexia was born noble, above everything else in the world. The only people who could make her kneel down and put down her pride in this world were her father and mother.

Alexia’s skirt, inlaid with gold and silver, covered the ground. Her tender white knees bent together as she respectfully kneeled on the ground and bowed her head. Her long ears trembled and her heart was filled with apprehension and panic, thinking that her father had heard what she had just said and was going to reprimand her.

Although Alexia felt the world’s change, she was just a little girl. With her thought process, compared to the world's changes, she was more afraid of her father’s anger.

Louie stared deeply at his daughter, causing Alexia to lower her head further. Her little elf dragon body began to slightly tremble with a look of terror. Even as a demigod, she did not dare resist or show disobedience to her own father and mother. No matter how much fear she had, she just bit her lips and held back her cry.

Soon, Louie moved away his gaze.

With divine authority over the territory of Dragon City, Louie knew everything that was happening in the city, especially his in own palace. Alexia almost exposing important information did annoy him somewhat.

The invasion of Selar and Danbusil was a good excuse for Louie to counterattack the two kingdoms and expand Dragon City’s sphere of influence. That way, he could expand the population to gain more believers as well as lay the foundation for his own subordinates in the future, so how could Louie let his plans go wrong?

If the return of the gods was not at hand, Louie would have wanted to complete this plan himself and lay a more solid foundation for the city, but now, he had no choice but to leave the task to his daughter.

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Luckily, Alexia had only spoken with Sisna and was not found out by others, plus Alexia was indeed young so it was normal to make mistakes.

‘I hope that Alexia can grow wiser through experience and grow up to not make such mistakes. The dike of a thousand miles is destroyed by an anthill. A tiny mistake can bring about a huge domino effect. It’s still a long way for Alexia to become a proper queen. Now is her chance and also a test for her.’

Louie thought so while looking at his daughter’s fearful and trembling body and went against his conscience. Louie had made ample preparations to face the enemy country. In order to hide from the prying eyes of the Goddess of Magic and Goddess of Earth, Louie had been careful and even set up a huge legendary spell.

If the ancient god, the Silver Moon Goddess, was here, she would have already reprimanded Alexia.

The world of San Soliel’s warfare would change with the reappearance of the gods. Many schemes and tricks would become unusable, especially when it came to the churches of the major gods. It was difficult for military traps to succeed in this world where all kinds of magic existed. Even Zhuge Kongming would not be able to do anything.

The war of the world would become simpler. Absolute strength and commanding ability were the only basis for war. Ambushes, schemes, and tricks simply could not be hidden against the prying eyes of mages and gods.

But they weren’t completely useless. For example, Dragon City was a holy land where the Church of the Dragon God was located. With Louie’s divine power guarding the palace, even the eyes of the gods could not see the specifics of the city. Enemy gods could not pry the secrets of the city and they could only rely on mortal spies.

This gave Louie the chance to play with traps because no one knew the true strength of Dragon City.

“When I ascend to the throne of God, you will remain here and take care of Alexia. You are my devotees, when you die, my kingdom will leave a place for you.”

Louie looked around at the elven maids and spoke in a majestic and solemn voice.

These elven maids had served him for many years and had long given up their faith in the Silver Moon and chose to believe in him, the Dragon God. When Louie ascended, he would leave the main continent and these maids could not be taken to his kingdom yet.

Only Louie’s believers who had died could go to his divine kingdom. It was impossible for Louie to bring these living elves unless he killed them and brought their souls with him. However, this did not really make any sense, because the status of the believers depended on the faith of the living.

Even as a god, he would have to use divine power to elevate the status of his believers. This was the reward that gods would give their believers. Only special people could obtain this honor. For example, mortal relatives, as well as people of the church with great merits and extremely devout people could obtain special treatment from the gods.

The more devout one was while alive, the closer they could be to a god’s divine throne after they died.

“Yes, Your Highness Dragon God. We will spend the rest of our lives serving lady Alexia.”

The elven maids called out loudly. They did not have any resistance to serving Alexia. They were even joyful.

They now believed in the Dragon God, but they had believed in the Silver Moon Goddess in the past. With Alexia being the child of these two gods, how could they not be happy and excited to serve Alexia? For these elven noble girls, this was simply a great honor.

This was the undisputed princess of the elven race, the future queen of the silver moon!

“Okay, you guys retreat first. I have something to say to Alexia.”

The elves bowed and retreated, moving away from the great hall.

Now that there were only two people in the hall, Alexia lifted up her face, but her inverted pupils turned, not daring to look at Louie.

“Look at me, Alexia!”

Louie’s tone was majestic and deep, causing Alexia to stiffen. She trembled as she looked at Louie and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“Do you know your mistake?”

“Father God, Alexia knows her mistake, please punish me.”

The elf dragon did not dare avert her eyes, nor did she dare act cute in front of Louie and just spoke meekly.

“From today onwards, I will hand over the entire Dragon City to you. As the lord, as the future queen, you have to remember Alexia, that your every move will have an impact on your people! Any decisions you make will cause changes to the city, so learn to think deeply before making a decision, before you speak your words.”

“My daughter, I know that I am being unfair to you. You were born not long ago and have to bear such great pressure. As a father, I cannot give you a normal childhood and a normal parental love like mortals. I hope you do not blame me.”

Louie’s voice was neither sad nor happy. Others might not be able to sense any emotion, but Alexia knew that her father’s calm and bland words contained a sigh.

Gods were not completely ruthless. They only developed their desires to the extreme, and Louie was not a cold-hearted person. How could he not have any emotions in the face of his daughter?

It’s just that the path of a god is ultimately different from that of a mortal. The way they expressed love was simply too different.

“How can I blame you, Father? You and Mother Goddess have given Alexia life, power, and a position that mortals would envy. To you and Mother Goddess, Alexia has nothing but love and respect. I will shepherd the lambs on the world for you, may you be exalted on the divine throne and be immortalized in heaven!”

The little elf dragon with her reverent gaze and childish voice, shouted at Louie as if she was making a vow. Her inverted pupils were full of moistened feelings of repentance.

“Arise, Alexia! Everything in this mortal plane has lost its meaning to me. These are treasures that once belonged to me, I will leave them to you.”

At these words, Alexia stood up from the ground and her golden pupils expanded. Her face reddened with excitement as she gasped with a huff and a puff. She greedily stared at the mountain of treasure filled with gold, emeralds, rubies, and other colorful gems.

This wealth was enough to make any dragon crazy.

Dragon City was economically developed. It was a paradise that many people aspired to live in. Ordinary families were even able to save up, let alone Louie who was the lord.

In addition to the city using paper money, there was no central bank. As a result, exchanging metals and gems for paper money was done at Louie’s palace. No one knew how much wealth this gold mine-like city had plundered from the continent. It would be strange if it wasn’t desired by people.

Alexia only felt dizzy and dry in the mouth. She did not expect that her father would not bring these treasures to his divine kingdom and leave them to her on the main continent. As a legendary dragon species, Alexia also had an unusual obsession with treasures. She used to look at Louie’s treasures and drool, but Alexia knew that even as a dragon’s child, she should not covet her parent’s wealth. She only rolled around the mountain of treasures when she was in Louie’s arms, so she was very happy.

‘I remember that Noella also has treasures given by father there.’

‘Now, they all belong to me. How can a mere shadow dragon have the treasures of the Dragon God? I can snatch them all, she can’t beat me anyway.’

‘No, no. I can’t. This is given to her by Father God. If I grab it, won’t I be disobeying Father God’s orders?’

For a while, Alexia was in a state of distress. She did not want to part with Noella’s treasures but did not dare counter Louie’s orders.

She was in complete melancholy.

Looking at his daughter’s dumb look, Louie was a bit amused. She was indeed a dragon who lose even herself at the sight of these treasures.

“Well, Alexia! Accompany me to stroll around the city that I built, and after that, come witness my ascension ceremony. This is a rare opportunity. At the same time, I need to borrow your power to hide from the eyes of other gods.”

Louie’s eyes narrowed, and cold killing intent was hidden in his eyes.

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