Chapter 349 - Cute Little Elf Dragon
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 349 - Cute Little Elf Dragon

In the back garden of the palace of Dragon City, two beautiful and elegant elves were strolling among the exotic flowers and plants. Their high-pitched squeals filled the air with joy and laughter.

Sisna was wearing leather armor and carrying a longbow. Her long ears twitched from time to time as she swept up the child elf. Her older toughened and tenacious emerald eyes flashed with delight, but also with a trace of indescribable complexity.

She looked at Alexia, who was as cool as the moon and had skin as clear as crystals. Alexia simply looked more transparent and more magnificent than the snow on this holy mountain. Occasionally the elf dragon, who always had a cold face, revealed a smile of elegance and joy. Although she was young and adolescent, she already possessed a dazzling and fatal beauty, so Sisna was also in a trance.

This could not be blamed on Sisna as she was also stunned to find out that her revered elf queen was actually the Silver Moon Goddess. Although she felt that things were quite incredible, Sisna did not have any other thoughts.

Whether the one she revered was a queen or a goddess, Sisna was raised by her. For Sisna, the Silver Moon Goddess Selune was her mother. After finding out the true identity of the elf queen, the legendary rank ranger had her own guesses. She had guessed that the reason the goddess raised her was not out of love and pity but some other ulterior motive. However, she pretended to not know.

Sometimes, thinking too much would cause trouble. As an elf who had lived for a thousand years, Sisna knew that sometimes ignorance was bliss.

It’s just that Sisna did not expect that His Highness Louie Galakrond, the lord of Dragon City, would tie with the Silver Moon Goddess Selune and beget a joint heir. As a result, Sisna was happy to have an extra sister beside her. She was already resolute and loyal to the goddess, and she did not have any greed to feel that an additional sister might steal anything from her.

It was also because Louie knew of her character that he was relieved to leave Alexia to her. This ranger general had been living in Dragon City for so many years and had a sufficient understanding of Dragon City. She herself also possessed prestige in both this city and the Silver Moon Kingdom. As long as she helped Alexia understand the situation, having Alexia become the next lord was not difficult. Even after that, she would still be a useful aide.

“Sister Sisna, how many available troops are there in Dragon City?”

Walking in the garden, Alexia asked Sisna intimately.

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