Chapter 348 - Era of the Gods, Begin!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 348 - Era of the Gods, Begin!

Time passed quickly after Alexia left the Silver Moon Kingdom and came to Dragon City. For the current Louie, the flow of time was already meaningless. He did bother to think about what hour of the day it was any more or even what year it was. Let alone the immortality of gods, the long life of dragons already made him ignore the passage of tens to hundreds of years.

Dragon City continued to develop according to the route he designed. The 50,000 beastmen brought from the Subila Empire were selected to fill the Dragon City army. This also made the city reach around 470,000 permanent citizens which was the limit of the city’s capacity.

The rice seeds Louie brought from Earth beckoned the first appearance of rice in this world. With the growth of the crop, rice and noodles became the two most important sources of food in Dragon City.

With sufficient food and economic prosperity, it was easy to feed a population of 470,000 people. With sufficient food, the population would also grow explosively, causing the land of Dragon City to reach its limits.

Nearly half a million people were crowded in this mountain city, so the average individual plots of land were very small, especially when Louie set up the entertainment area, military area, production area, magic area, and other specific areas in the city. This made the habitable area become very small. The land prices in the core area of the city were already astronomical.

Dragon City as a mountain city had limits on expansion. Losing the protection of the city walls in a world where war could happen at any time was extremely dangerous.

But the inhabitants of Dragon City had sufficient material resources. The new generations of people were still being born, especially the birth rate of humans and beastmen. When the newborns could not find property inside Dragon City, they would have no choice but to leave the city. As a result, Dragon City established two satellite cities, but these were ultimately not long-term solutions. Dragon City was located at the southern threshold of San Soliel Mountain Range, Other than this city, the vicinity was simply not suitable to construct new cities.

In other words, there was no more land around Dragon City to become part of it. The total number of people would not be able to rise again.

For a god, this was absolutely disagreeable, especially for a kingdom where the power of the king and the power of God was unified. This made every newborn a potential believer, so how could Louie limit the city’s development to just this.

The top management of Dragon City was also discussing the expansion of the territory. After long periods of training, Dragon City’s military had sufficient skills and good weapons, but there was almost no use for them.

The only way for soldiers to show their value was through war, and the world of San Soliel had frequent wars between various races. Every soldier in Dragon City was waiting for a chance to gain military achievements and earn a feudal title.

In a world of swords and magic, war was a cruel thing, but everyone was used to it. It was definitely not something that the people of Earth who have lived in peace for years could understand.

However, Louie temporarily suppressed the calls for war. Although the entire Dragon City wanted to start a war to gain more land, Louie was the supreme authority in the city. Since he suppressed the idea, no one could show their dissatisfaction.

They believed that this was their lord’s far-sightedness. As subjects, they only needed to be obedient.

Although Louie suppressed the atmosphere of war and aggression, he had privately ordered the army to start mobilizing. Even the logistics department was also operating to ensure that the army could be dispatched to the battlefield whenever needed.

The people who were aware of this thought that the dragon lord was secretly preparing for war mobilization, but Louie himself knew that the war mobilization this time was not a war of aggression, but a war against aggression.

The Kingdom of Selar and Kingdom of Danbusil were also preparing their forces, but they did so discreetly. Although the soldiers of these two countries knew that there would be war, only a few people in the higher-ups knew that it was a war against Dragon City. Even the scouts sent by Dragon City to these two countries could not get any accurate information.

“It is indeed worthy of war against countries backed by two gods. There is no chance to probe at them at all.”

Louie secretly sighed. Shae was really useful. If not for her words, he would not have detected the movements of the two countries behind the scene. These two countries were probably trying to catch Louie by surprise, but he was also ready to give them a surprise.

The reason why the Mother Earth Goddess and the Goddess of Magic had not yet struck was that they were the same as Louie, waiting for the day that they could become gods again. Only after they become gods could they let go. For Louie, everything in the main continent was important, but not as important as the path to becoming a god.

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The entire San Soliel main continent seemed to have become quiet. Even the most intense battlefield was dormant. All people, whether gods or mortals, were in the calm before the storm.


One day, Louie, who was resting on top of his gold mountain, suddenly opened his eyes. His inverted pupils shrank and raised his dragon head. He let out a sigh that seemed to be joyful yet contained endless unspeakable feelings, “The first year of the new era has come…”

At this moment, Louie felt that the rules of the world had become perfect once more. All the changes were over and all the wounds inflicted by the Terran Civilization thirty thousand years ago were restored to what they once were.

At the same time, many powerful people had become frightened. As long as they had reached the legendary rank, the world’s origin had given them a signal that the Era of the Gods was here.

With the main continent as the center, the power of the origin of the world surged. After a loud boom, the realms that were distanced from the main continent all took their places and returned to where they should have been.

If a supreme power were to look at this world, they would see that the dimensions had layered themselves around the main continent. The main continent became wrapped by the Shadow Realm, which was also the intermediary for dimensional travel as well as isolating the main continent from other realms.

Outside the Shadow Realm were the inner realms of earth, fire, water, air, positive energy, and negative energy. Outside the inner realms were the outer realms which were divided into the upper planes and the lower planes which was also a separation of the camps of gods.

In the end, a multi-dimensional world was formed and all the rules returned to their original place, except for the unexplored Astral Realm which enveloped everything, becoming the last barrier of the crystal wall system.

Many eyes looked at the starry skies in shock, excitement, calmness, silence, regret, and hatred.

The laws roared and the origin shook. Everything was welcoming the return of the gods, the owner of stars—-

The Era of the Gods began!

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