Chapter 348 - Era of the Gods, Begin!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 348 - Era of the Gods, Begin!

Time passed quickly after Alexia left the Silver Moon Kingdom and came to Dragon City. For the current Louie, the flow of time was already meaningless. He did bother to think about what hour of the day it was any more or even what year it was. Let alone the immortality of gods, the long life of dragons already made him ignore the passage of tens to hundreds of years.

Dragon City continued to develop according to the route he designed. The 50,000 beastmen brought from the Subila Empire were selected to fill the Dragon City army. This also made the city reach around 470,000 permanent citizens which was the limit of the city’s capacity.

The rice seeds Louie brought from Earth beckoned the first appearance of rice in this world. With the growth of the crop, rice and noodles became the two most important sources of food in Dragon City.

With sufficient food and economic prosperity, it was easy to feed a population of 470,000 people. With sufficient food, the population would also grow explosively, causing the land of Dragon City to reach its limits.

Nearly half a million people were crowded in this mountain city, so the average individual plots of land were very small, especially when Louie set up the entertainment area, military area, production area, magic area, and other specific areas in the city. This made the habitable area become very small. The land prices in the core area of the city were already astronomical.

Dragon City as a mountain city had limits on expansion. Losing the protection of the city walls in a world where war could happen at any time was extremely dangerous.

But the inhabitants of Dragon City had sufficient material resources. The new generations of people were still being born, especially the birth rate of humans and beastmen. When the newborns could not find property inside Dragon City, they would have no choice but to leave the city. As a result, Dragon City established two satellite cities, but these were ultimately not long-term solutions. Dragon City was located at the southern threshold of San Soliel Mountain Range, Other than this city, the vicinity was simply not suitable to construct new cities.

In other words, there was no more land around Dragon City to become part of it. The total number of people would not be able to rise again.

For a god, this was absolutely disagreeable, especially for a kingdom where the power of the king and the power of God was unified. This made every newborn a potential believer, so how could Louie limit the city’s development to just this.

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