Chapter 347 - Daughter’s Education
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 347 - Daughter’s Education

In Dragon City, Louie returned to his 40-meter form in the palace hall. Alexia also shrunk to a size of three to four meters in length.

The King of Calamity, Noella, as the ‘guardian’ of the palace, always stayed here. She was also in her dragon form as she quietly lay on the ground while staring at the scene in front of her.

She was watching a dark golden body emitting a monstrous yet breathtaking majesty lightly licking a baby dragon in his arms.

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This was a dragon that Noella had never seen before. It had an extremely beautiful, slender, and graceful body. Its dragon scales shone with silver brilliance like condensed moonlight. The dragon’s body looked almost transparent and hazy to the point that one would wonder if it was made out of moonlight.

Even in Noella’s eyes, this was a stunningly beautiful dragon. It did not possess the touch of tyranny that black, red, and green dragons had. Instead, it was similar to the elegant and peaceful golden and silver dragons.

‘Legendary Dragon Species?’

Noella thought so. Legendary dragon species were famous existences. Their features were passed down as part of special dragons’ heritages. In the beginning, the Five-colored Dragon God had created many legendary dragon species and they were each born with great power, but after the Era of Disaster, they followed the Dragon God and fell with him.

‘And it's a demigod!’

Noella’s heart flashed with envy and jealousy. She was a former red dragon who desperately tried to become a demigod, but paid a huge price for it and failed.

But this elf dragon in front of her was born a demigod. How could she not feel any envy?

Not long ago, Noella also observed the changes to the silver moon. With her wealth of knowledge, how could she not know that a god was giving birth? Now that she saw this moonlight dragon, she connected the dots and understood that this dragon was born from her master and the silver moon.

Noella was a little sad. She would have to serve another boss in the future. As a child of the Dragon God and the Silver Moon Goddess, Alexia was an undisputed princess.

Alexia noticed Noella’s gaze. She raised her dragon head to look, and her dark golden inverted pupils flashed with a trace of disgust. Alexia inherited the nature of true dragons and Noella’s abandonment of her true body filled her with disgust.

Noella was already irascible and had no fear at Alexia’s look of disgust. The two of them stared at each other with a vague conflict brewing between the two of them.

But soon, Noella withdrew her gaze and lowered her head. This was not because of Alexia’s identity, but because she was a demigod. Although she was a baby dragon and lacked combat experience, she was more powerful than the general ancient dragon.

On the other hand, Noella had lost her flesh body and was only a legendary rank shadow dragon. How could she even fight against this legendary dragon species?

Alexia was still young, so her dragon’s might was not enough, but she could release god’s might which made her more majestic than an ordinary ancient dragon.

“Don’t stare at Noella like that, Alexia… there is much you can learn from her.”

Hearing Louie teaching his daughter a lesson and also complementing her, Noella felt pleased and shot a provocative look at the elf dragon.

“Father God…”

Alexia was slightly aggravated. She opened her mouth and let out a naive voice, “... She is a shadow dragon.”

In Alexia’s opinion, a shadow dragon was not worthy of respect.

Louie held his daughter in his arms and let her dragon body lean on him. Then he lowered his head and licked Alexia’s beautiful scales. Alexia let out a comfortable purr and her dragon body rolled over, revealing her belly to let Louie clean her body.

The elf dragon’s body always had the fragrance of flowers and plants, just like the elves, but it could also get dirty.

“Noella is a rare dragon. You have to learn to be like her and not lazy like other dragons. You should learn from a human point of view and use your time to learn things and not just sleep without changing.”

Louie’s words contained a bit of his headache. His daughter was undeniably a dragon. Dragons were a proud and lazy race who slept all day long. The other half of her bloodline was elven. Elves were also a long-lived race who did things leisurely. They had no concept of time. If Alexia remained the same as the general dragons and elves, then she was really not suitable to become a ruler.

Dragons were powerful, but they did not have their own kingdom. This was mainly because they were not suitable for management. Because Louie still had a human way of thinking, he was able to manage Dragon City. Noella was also a rare one among dragons.

“Not just her. I don’t like humans either…”

Alexia had a bit of resistance. She despised humans regardless of what perspective she looked at them from. In her view, humans were an inferior race and at most a food source.

Still, after noticing Louie’s deep, unfathomable pupils, Alexia lowered her head and reluctantly said, “... I understand, Father God! I will try to learn from Noella and not let you down.”

“Hmm, you can’t look down on humans, Alexia… but you have to distinguish between humans who are your own people and other humans. As the future king, you have to give mercy and enforce the law to your own people. You also have to be ferocious and kill your enemies. It’s okay to kill but don’t eat people. I don’t want my beautiful daughter to be tainted.”

Alexia squeezed into her father’s arms and nodded her head and showed that she understood. Knowledge was just knowledge, but the parent’s efforts were still needed to shape the three views of the child.

For dragons, creatures like humans, beastmen, elves, dwarves, and other humanoid races were like food, just like how people ate pigs, cattle, and sheep. However, Louie was once human so he could not fully accept him or his daughter eating humans.

Even if he was infinitely close to being a dragon in thinking, he was not completely swallowed up by it. To counter the flaw in a dragon’s thinking, he was using his human way of thinking.

“Noella, I can only educate Alexia in terms of thinking afterward.”

Hearing Louie’s words, the corner of Noella’s mouth perked up. She felt that Louie’s thinking was somewhat close to the golden and silver dragons which were relatively milder. Generally red, black, and greedy dragons did not care about this, and the black dragon race, in particular, loved to eat rotten food.

But looking at Louie’s dark golden body, Noella thought that Louie might have once been a golden dragon.

As for now, he was a god and could no longer be judged by appearance.

Louie did not know that Noella was thinking so much and just admonished, “Alexia is still young. She should not be thrown into a jungle, swamp, or desert for survival exercises, so the education on combat will have to be left to you. She has enough knowledge, but her skills can not yet be used instinctively.

“You have to teach her the physical combat techniques of a dragon and teach her to use spells. As a dragon who was once a legendary mage, I believe that there is no better teacher than you in this world.”

“Why don’t you teach her instead of letting me do it?” Noella first retorted, but she was immediately shaking and opened his mouth in surprise, “You are ready to ascend?”

Once Louie became a god, he would have to leave the main continent. He would not have extra time to teach his daughter, but as Louie’s daughter, Alexia was like a chosen one who was able to communicate with Louie at any time, so Louie could guide her thinking.

Louie wanted to mold Alexia into the shape of a daughter that he liked and who was useful.

Louie nodded his head and continued with a flat voice, “I am about to burn my divine fire and exalt my divine throne. Once that happens, I would not be able to come to the main continent for a long time. I leave you to complete the job of teaching her.”

As the first of these legendary dragon species, she only had a few opponents on the main continent. Even if she was in danger, Alexia still had a last resort - to call her father and mother for help.

As the child of the Dragon God and the Silver Moon Goddess, Alexia’s body was the best vessel. Louie and Selune could borrow her body at any time to descend onto the mortal realm. Alexia’s biggest move was to call for help.

“Congratulations, your Highness Galakrond.”

Noella looked despondent. A thousand years ago, she was only one step away from becoming a demigod, but in the end, it was a lost cause. If it was a thousand years ago, she would have been able to become a demigod with her ability and wisdom. Perhaps she would have been in a good position to ascend in this era.

She would have the possibility of becoming a god like the Mythril King and the Obsidian King.

Louie saw through Noella’s complicated thoughts and said, “Don’t worry Noella! A god’s promise is your greatest wealth. Our contract is still in place. I will help you get your body back, let you have a physical body, and restore most of your power.”

The red dragon looked solemnly and sincerely bowed her head, “Thank you for your generosity and commitment, Your Highness, the Great Dragon God Galakrond.”

Shae definitely knew where the lich that fooled Noella was. When the time came, he could get information from her. As long as he knew where the lich was, Louie had countless means to get Noella’s body back.

Although the lich would not die unless her core was destroyed, this was only a challenge for mortals. As a god, there were many ways to destroy the core through causal links.

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