Chapter 347 - Daughter’s Education
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 347 - Daughter’s Education

In Dragon City, Louie returned to his 40-meter form in the palace hall. Alexia also shrunk to a size of three to four meters in length.

The King of Calamity, Noella, as the ‘guardian’ of the palace, always stayed here. She was also in her dragon form as she quietly lay on the ground while staring at the scene in front of her.

She was watching a dark golden body emitting a monstrous yet breathtaking majesty lightly licking a baby dragon in his arms.

This was a dragon that Noella had never seen before. It had an extremely beautiful, slender, and graceful body. Its dragon scales shone with silver brilliance like condensed moonlight. The dragon’s body looked almost transparent and hazy to the point that one would wonder if it was made out of moonlight.

Even in Noella’s eyes, this was a stunningly beautiful dragon. It did not possess the touch of tyranny that black, red, and green dragons had. Instead, it was similar to the elegant and peaceful golden and silver dragons.

‘Legendary Dragon Species?’

Noella thought so. Legendary dragon species were famous existences. Their features were passed down as part of special dragons’ heritages. In the beginning, the Five-colored Dragon God had created many legendary dragon species and they were each born with great power, but after the Era of Disaster, they followed the Dragon God and fell with him.

‘And it's a demigod!’

Noella’s heart flashed with envy and jealousy. She was a former red dragon who desperately tried to become a demigod, but paid a huge price for it and failed.

But this elf dragon in front of her was born a demigod. How could she not feel any envy?

Not long ago, Noella also observed the changes to the silver moon. With her wealth of knowledge, how could she not know that a god was giving birth? Now that she saw this moonlight dragon, she connected the dots and understood that this dragon was born from her master and the silver moon.

Noella was a little sad. She would have to serve another boss in the future. As a child of the Dragon God and the Silver M

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