Chapter 346 - My White Moonlight
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 346 - My White Moonlight

The branches and leaves of the Ancient Tree of Life were colorful and beautiful like in fairy tales. The lush green trees swayed and shimmered. Countless animals ran through it and flew intensely through the air. Clear blue water trickled through grooves in the forest floor. While walking through the forest, one could see the flower and tree spirits laughing while playing. The entire scene seemed constructed from a children’s picture book.

“These plants will reflect the moonlight into different colors. It’s really interesting, almost like a bright light at night. If not because these vegetation and the style of Dragon City did not match, I would have planted these in the city as street lamps.”

Louie praised the beauty of the Silver Moon kingdom which was worthy of the place that the elves call the most beautiful place on the main continent. In Louie’s opinion, the place was like the fantastical land described in the story of Alice in Wonderland.

In his mind, Louie recalled depictions of Elven territory in movies like ‘The Lord of the Rings’. Compared to the real elven habitat, the CG images from computers could never reach the same level, regardless of colors, magnificence, and the feeling of life.

“Your Highness Louie, these seeds cannot be planted in the streets of the city, but they can be planted in the parks that you have established. This way the residents can see the beauty of the Silver Moon Kingdom in Dragon City, which will surely make them feel happy and joyful.”

At Louie’s side was the Unicorn Queen, Lara. Her hooves stepped as she accompanied him into his fairytale world. Her voice was lively and intimate. Although she had lived as a demigod for thousands of years, she was more like a young woman.

“You are right, Lara, this vegetation cannot be planted in the city, but planting it in the park as a night exhibition does sound good. There are also druids in the city and they can take care of these plants.”

In the next instant, Louie continued, “Lara, you are now in the right state of mind. The gods cannot put down everything and be unfeeling. Gods need to show their true natures. If you want to become a god, then you must keep this state of mind and let yourself be happy.

“If you can’t satisfy your own desires and have to adhere to dogma, what is the point of becoming one? Becoming a god is liberation and not bondage. We are gods so we have to indulge ourselves. A god for good teaches people to do good, and a god for evil teaches a person to do evil. This is the truth of gods.”

Louie’s hand beckoned, causing the flowers and plants around to bloom and grow. With the full power of the divine authority of life, Louie could also manipulate flora and fauna.

With a flip of his wrist, the seeds of flowers and plants around the palace were instantly collected by him.

“I will remember your words, Your Highness Louie.”

Lara ran happily to Louie’s side. She bent down and touched his cheek with her horn with a hint of happiness and blush in her passionate eyes.

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At this time, Louie and Lara heard the sound of footsteps behind them. The two looked back and saw a pair of small, delicate hands landing in the gap between flowers and plants. The moon-colored skirt fluttered. An extremely cute little elf walked close while carrying the hem of her skirt.


With a soft smile on his face, Louie called out to his daughter.

“Father God!”

Alexia’s dark golden pupils lit up slightly when she saw Louie. A smile appeared on her childishly beautiful face. Her skirt fluttered as she trotted over. The grass and vines spontaneously gave way in front of her, leaving a straight path for the future king of the Silver Moon Kingdom.

“Father God, Aunt Lara!”

Alexia came to Louie and saluted him. Her cold and childish voice had a touch of childish sweetness in it.

“Alexia, why did you run out here and not stay with your mother in the main hall?”

Louie asked with a smile. He took his daughter’s slim, cold hand, pulling her to walk among the Ancient Tree of Life. The Unicorn Queen beside them also followed closely.

“Mother Goddess took me to meet all the upper elves in the Silver Moon Kingdom, after which, she let me go. She then gathered the priests of the church herself to talk about something.”

Alexia’s nose wrinkled and her thin eyebrows lifted as she felt her mother, the Silver Moon Goddess, going back to order something.

“Although you were born with knowledge, your mother and I did not give you knowledge about the gods. Knowing too much knowledge about the gods is not good for you. The reason why your mother goddess let you go is that she did not want you to be involved in the church.”

Louie said so and took a deep look at his daughter. His voice became somewhat heavy, “Soon, I will take you to Dragon City, which is the territory of your father god. Compared to the intricate internal relationship of the Silver Moon Kingdom, Dragon City is much simpler. You can use Dragon City to practice how to become a qualified lord or even king. When you obtain more experience, you can take over as the new king of Silver Moon Kingdom and sort out the chaotic relationships woven in it.”

“But you must remember that in Dragon City, you are only a king and not a god. Do not intervene in the church, but you must also have enough power to keep the church from intervening in the king’s power. The power of the divine and the power of the ruler must be unified, but they should also be separated.”

“The same is true in the Silver Moon Kingdom. You should not get too involved with the church. For your mother, the kingdom can be destroyed, but the church must never be overthrown.


Alexia bit her lips and her cheeks puffed up. She initially thought that she could cope with the knowledge in her head, but now found that knowledge was not everything as the experience was also important.

This was like IQ and EQ, education and ability. Each of which could not be discarded. Knowledge was only one part. Without knowing how to use knowledge, then it was useless.

“Well, my daughter. You do not need to dwell too much on the Silver Moon Kingdom. The elves live a long life, therefore compared to humans and beastmen, they are more resistant to change. The political situation in human kingdoms is always changing, but the political situation of elves may take decades or centuries to change. Even if your mother and I exalt our thrones, the Silver Moon Kingdom would not change easily, so you have plenty of time to practice.”

“Governing the world, mastering society, handling the court, these are not simple matters. Some parts are even more complicated than becoming a god. Gods only need to manage themselves, but as a king, you need to govern thousands of people.”

“Louie knelt in front of his daughter and lifted her delicate palms and placed a gentle kiss on the back, “My moonlight, all life, whether dragon or elf, flower or grass, the road or the towering mountain and waterfalls, they will all whisper your name. You will always be recorded in the history of this earth. You will be with me even when the realm collapses and the crystal wall shatters. You will remain immortal.”

“So, don’t be sad and grieved, don’t be in pain. Just whisper my name and you will be glorified.”

“Father god…”

Alexia’s cool face bloomed with excitement. She laughed and jumped into Louie’s arms, rubbing Louie’s chin with the horns on her head.

“Father God is still the best!”


Louie chuckled with his hand gently stroking his daughter’s hair which was as soft as the moonlight.

There was only a little time left before Louie became a god, so he still had a bit of his mortal side. In a thousand years, he might also become the same as the Silver Moon Goddess.

“Lara, I’ll take Alexia back to Dragon City.”

“Your Highness Louie, won’t you say something to Her Highness Selune before you leave?”

The Unicorn Queen asked him.

“There is no need to inform her, she knows everything… Next, Her Highness Selune and I will ascend to godhood. Lara, you should not let your guard down. Mortals only have one chance in life. If you fail to become a god, you will be burned up by the divine flames, but now is also the best time to become a god! You should not fail to seize the era.”

“I will remember your teachings even if I become the Unicorn God.”

Lara bowed her head and expressed her gratitude.

Louie nodded his head and transformed back into his dragon form.

Alexia also changed with the moonlight, turning into a nearly ten-meter dragon. Her body could be described as huge, but compared to Louie’s body, she seemed small in comparison.

Louie lowered his head and bit Alexia’s neck with his mouth.

Alexia lightly closed her eyes and curled up. Her dragon wings closed and her tail was bent. She looked like a kitten that had lost its strength.

The back of a dragon’s neck was a sensitive point, but it’s also the place where parents bit down to quiet their children.

If a male dragon bites a female dragon, it represents mating, but for Louie and Alexia, this was parental love.

Louie now had five heads. He roared to the skies and spread his wings. Then he took Alexia to his mouth and flew up into the sky. The entire Silver Moon Kingdom trembled, causing countless elves to fear and reverently look up to the two huge dragons in the sky.

The dragon god’s divine might spread, causing them to imagine the creature at the apex of the food chain!

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