Chapter 351 - ‘Enemy of Mages’
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 351 - ‘Enemy of Mages’

In Dragon City, a ten-story high stone tower stood in the southwest of the city, creating a district with it as the center. This stone tower seemed ordinary, but if mages came here, they would see that it was the center of a huge magic formation that let out strong energy fluctuations.

This was the magic area of Dragon City. The stone tower was the mage tower built by Noella. As a dragon that only needed divinity to ignite her divine fire to become a demigod dragon, Noella was actually very strong. Just the way she lost her body and the fact that she encountered Louie made her seem to look weak.

However, whether it was on the main continent or even in the dragon community, her name as the Queen of Calamity was quite infamous. A thousand years ago, she used her magic powers to ravage the continent and destroy many countries.

Although Noella’s strength was greatly reduced due to losing her body, she was still a dragon. Normal legendary rank powerhouses would not even dare to compete with her. Moreover, Louie’s boon from the divine authority of magic provided her with a lot of knowledge of spells. At the moment, in terms of knowledge of spells, not many could compete against her.

The stone tower was a mage tower that Noella had built, but because of her greed for treasures, she usually lived in Louie’s palace and rarely came to his tower.

The mage tower was the center of the magic area and was surrounded by stores selling spell materials and other items. Louie had also brought the foundational ingredient that could create mages. As long as a person had talent they could try to become a mage apprentice. With the number of raw materials that Louie had, he could afford to waste some.

Once the magic network was rebuilt in the future, the number of mages would greatly increase, and with the number of raw materials in Dragon City, the speed of training mages would exceed other forces’. These potions were generally for training apprentice mages and a mage could only have a few disciples, making it quite clear how precious it was. But Louie did not care at all and trained mages in large batches.

Mages normally looked upon talent when choosing disciples. If they saw how wasteful Louie was, they would probably vomit blood. Most of the mage apprentices in Dragon City had normal levels of talent and would probably stay as a low-ranking mage in their lifetime. These people would normally never qualify to become disciples, but Louie wasn’t stingy with the supply of potions. He could be called rich and generous.

Louie did not think much about this. The more mages Dragon City had, the more the benefits. A large number of mages could serve the city’s service industry. They could open roads, build bridges, and were truly proficient in a lot of things. They were also self-aware that they did not have much talent, so they were willing to sincerely stay in Dragon City and provide their spells for the convenience of the people.

In these batches of mages, there would always be one or two geniuses that stood out. Dragon City would strongly cultivate these people to manage other mages. In the future, they might even become famous legendary rank mages.

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“Low-ranking mages also have their own wonderful use. Among all low-ranking spells, [Fireball] is the most lethal. Its structure is relatively simple. As long as they learn this spell and apply it skillfully, even low-ranking mages can join the mage corps and provide a better war outcome. On the battlefield, hundreds of low-ranking mages casting fireball together posed little threat to true powerhouses, but it was deadly against an army.”

In Dragon City’s magic district, Louie held his daughter’s little hand and smiled as he introduced to her the situation of mages in the city, “...So Alexia, you should not look down on these low-leveled mages that you could kill with a dragon breath. They are the killers in the army and perfectly play the role of an artillery.”

“In the future, you have to continue to train mages. Do not worry about the lack of resources to raise low-ranking mages. I will provide you with sufficient raw materials for the foundational magic potion.”

Louie tightened his grip on his daughter’s small hand as they leisurely walked side by side in this quiet area.

There weren’t many people in Dragon City’s magic area. Even the people walking around dressed in mage robes. Many mages from other countries and regions had also decided to live in Dragon City. As the main continent’s largest gold mine, mages would also come here to have fun, and required money, as a result, the city had also become one of the continent’s famous magic materials trading spots.

The lord of the city was Louie, who was also a dragon, so he did not play around like humans. As a result, some black markets and even dark goods would also be traded here. Louie turned a blind eye and did not care—

As long as they paid their taxes!

In any case, Louie had a part of the divine authority of magic. If mages truly came to find trouble, Louie would teach them what it meant to be unable to leave.

“When the magic network is completed, the power of mages in Dragon City will be further enhanced. I am looking forward to it, but the power of the Goddess of Magic will also increase greatly, which isn’t really something I want to see considering our dispute over the divine authority.”

Louie muttered under his breath.

However, he still looked forward to the completion of the magic network. If the magic network was like a group, then as someone who possessed a part of the divine authority of magic, he was equivalent to an administrator. Although the rules were still established by the owner, Louie still had some privileges.

Thus, Louie also had an idea. In terms of specialization and ability of spells, he was far behind the Goddess of Magic, so Louie decided to go off the edge. Since it was impossible to perform thousands of variations of spells, then mastering one spell with Louie’s divine authority was possible. He could wield the privileges of the magic network and create mage killers.

Louie decided to wait for the establishment of the magic network. Then he would bestow a few divine magic spells as an experiment on his believers. This divine magic would not have much of an effect other than depriving mages of the right to use the magic network. Then as long as the mage themselves were weak, they would almost have no resistance. Louie’s priests would then become the ‘enemy of mages’.

Since it was impossible to make magic theirs, then it was better to specialize in drying out mages!

‘If I study the divine authority of magic carefully, I may be able to create an extraordinary divine art that could go against spells. It can even work against gods, especially the Goddess of Magic.’

This was the main reason why gods did not want their divine authorities to be fragmented. If a powerful rival god were to obtain a part of their divine authority, it was possible to study a way to counter or even replace them.

That was why and how divine wars started.

Louie even fantasized about pulling down the Goddess of Magic from her throne and temporarily replacing her as the God of Magic. Even if the time was short, Louie would be able to temporarily control the magic network. When that day came, Louie would have enough weight to stop the divine war.

But that was still long into the future. Louie could only try to imagine it now.

“Magic network? I have knowledge about it in what you gave me, but I don’t know what it is.”

Alexia cocked her head. Her voice was clear, and her eyes were puzzled while showing a cute and naive expression.

She would only show such a cute and childish expression in front of her parents.

“The magic network has already disappeared for thirty thousand years. It’s normal that you don’t know what it is. Only a few mages in the current era know about its existence. When the Goddess of Magic ascends to her throne, the first thing she would do is reconstruct the magic network. Once the magic network covers the world, then she will become a powerful god. Mages would change hugely and also find casting spells to be much easier.”

“But this has no harm to us. On the contrary, there are only benefits. It will make it less difficult to train mages, as well as reduce the number of resources consumed. As for the consumed resources, the Goddess of Magic and the magic network will help us pay for it.”

Louie ruffled his daughter’s moonlight-like hair and laughed warmly.

“Father God, do you have a grudge against the Goddess of Magic? If her magic network is established and becomes a powerful god, won’t it be harmful to you?”

Alexia voiced her worry. She knew that her father and the Goddess of Magic would definitely fight over the divine authority. In the face of high-tier divine power, humans and ordinary gods were nothing.

“No need to worry, Alexia. You don’t need to think about responding to the establishment of the magic network. Even the gods could not stop the Goddess of Magic. This is part of her duty and mission…… and this is even better. Previously, she had created it with complete divine authority, but now, a portion is in my hands. Once she builds the magic network, I would be able to spy on her.

“Once she finishes building her magic network, I would have already created divine magic that could counter her magic network. By then, she would not know what hit her. With that, I would have the chance to make her lower her head and negotiate peace with me.”

Louie sneered. With his pride as a dragon and a god, he treated the Goddess of Magic as if she was nothing.

Alexia looked at Louie adoringly. Her eyes could not help but glitter like the stars. Her face flushed with excitement from Louie’s bold words.

This was her beloved Father God. Even in the face of the Goddess of Magic, he was not afraid and even began to calculate how to counteract the other side’s means.

The little elf dragon thought with pride.

“Okay, Alexia, the magic network is not established overnight. Who knows how long until she can do so.”

Louie patted his daughter, causing her to come back to her senses. The elf dragon elegantly lifted her skirt and performed the ancient elven salute. Then she grabbed her father’s hand and cheerfully followed him into the mage tower.

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