Chapter 324 - Meeting with the Goddess of Night
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 324 - Meeting with the Goddess of Night

With a wisp of fragrant breeze following behind her, Shae sauntered down the neat avenues of Dragon City. She passed through Tulip Street and into the noble’s district before finally approaching the peak of the mountain on which the city was built.

Being the residence of the great lord of Dragon City, the palace was brightly lit. The magic of the long-lasting lamp shone with a bright but somber light throughout the day.

Outside this palace, there were always soldiers of mixed races patrolling. From time to time, draconic beasts and seemingly young dragon-like monsters flew in the skies. These three-meter-long monsters had humanoid races riding on them. These creatures were false dragons created from Noella’s unique spell on that male red dragon.

But even in this tightly guarded space, the Lady of Darkness could not be stopped. She was the true uncrowned ruler of the night.

Moving past these patrolling soldiers, Shae entered Louie's palace. The empty palace only had a few human and elven maids walking around. As she followed the bright but lofty corridor, Shae stopped in front of a doorway.

This was the place that she had previously explored that was blocked by the power of the alien civilization, but now, there was no longer protection from the alien civilization. Instead, what replaced it was the unique divine power of the gods guarding it.

Shae was a god who held a lot of secrets and knew a lot of secrets. As a result, she had a great curiosity about things she couldn’t fathom. Since Louie had sealed this place tightly, it meant that the dragon had a big secret behind those doors.

It’s a pity that Shae’s power was weakened to the extreme. She did not dare break into this doorway even if she was curious.

“It’s really a dragon that’s hard to ignore. I really want to know how many secrets he’s hiding.”

The Goddess of Darkness murmured. The black robes covering her body stretched out and shook along with the Goddess’ form. The long robe moved and fluttered with the wind. Then the Goddess’s body turned into a curtain of darkness that shuttled through the last distance and came to the palace parlor.

There, Louie had transformed into humanoid form and was sitting on a chair that was carved with the craftsmanship of the elves and inlaid with gold and jewels. In his hand was a crystal glass that was filled with wine as red as blood. When he saw the curtain flutter in, he acted as if he had foreseen this and picked up a bottle of wine and filled another glass, “Your Highness Shae, I welcome you to Dragon City.”

Shae’s delicate and exquisite body came out from the black curtain. At this time, Shae had no black robe covering her body, revealing her body. A dark-colored gauze trailed on the ground and the dark lustrous skin was hidden under the gauze and let out a seductive aura.

The Goddess of the Night wore almost no clothing under the gauze. Only a simple fabric covered her three most important parts. Her skin was dark like transparent ink jade. It was delicate, smooth, and emitted a charming temptation.

Louie recklessly surveyed her alluring body, from her feet without shoes and socks to her long slender calves and her rich thighs, from her fatless waist to her voluptuous mountains, and finally from her clavicle to her beautiful face.

The Goddess still wore a black veil that covered the bridge of her nose downward, but it was like an illusory fog that gave anyone who saw her a sensation of mystery.

Then, Louie locked eyes with the goddess. Her eyes seemed starry, seemed dark, seemed confused, seemed to carry a mournful charm, yet seemed to have indifference. The lady was not as evil as people imagined as her eyes could make anyone empty their hearts in tranquility.

Shae and Selune were the complete opposites of two sides, one black and the other white, one with a charm that contained holiness and the other holiness that contained charm. Although they might sound similar, they were not.

But the two goddesses had similar expressions and personalities. They were both quiet and still. In Louie’s opinion, this must have been the influence of their divine authorities. The divine authority of the moon that was originally Shae’s was not in Selune’s hands, as a result, her temperament might have become closer to her sister. If Selune still had the divine authority of sun and light, then she might be more passionate.

In contrast to the wonderful sensations that Shae gave Louie, Louie’s presence astonished Shae. She could tell that the dragon had once again changed. She could feel the kind of confidence and ease that came from him. This dragon previously seemed to have a hidden worry back in her divine kingdom, but now, it seemed that the dragon had broken past the demon in his heart and his entire person had changed.

Although her inner thoughts were like clouds as she thought of many things, Shae did not show it in her expressions. She waved her waist to Louie’s side, accepted his glass of wine, and sat on another chair reserved for guests.

A faint fragrance that calmed people down diffused from her body.

“Your Highness Shae, your current state is really not good.”

Louie’s golden pupils snapped open as his gaze seemed to peer through her.

The Shae in front of him was an incarnation, but she was so weak that she barely had the power of a demigod. At most, she was only a legendary rank assassin. The only difference was that she had divinity in her avatar. Even without Louie’s help, such a weak Shae could easily be defeated so long as the legendary ranks of the city ganged up on her.

Shae’s current incarnation was that of a divine creature.

‘How snide. She only placed a small amount of divinity in her body to discourage me from bothering to steal it.”

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Louie thought with regret. What he lacked now was divinity, but apparently, Shae did not give him the opportunity to be greedy and came to him in a bold manner. It was clear that even if her incarnation died there, she would not suffer too big of a loss.

“Your Highness Louie, this is all thanks to you. If you had not helped Selune, I could have already re-ascended to the throne of the Gods, instead of looking like a bereaved dog gloating in the world.”

Shae’s voice was like a sweet trap. Anybody listening would feel their body tingle and feel the pleasure of tranquility and nothingness deep in their hearts. Her beautiful eyes were locked onto Louie, signifying a challenge.

Louie guessed her intention but also felt a trace of uncertainty.

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