Chapter 325 - Mocking the Goddess
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 325 - Mocking the Goddess

“Your Highness, are you blaming me for ruining your plan?”

Louie’s tone was calm and subdued as he shook his wine glass. He held onto a gold coin and admired the beautiful glow it gave off as if reminding Shae that he was a dragon.

“I never take offense at others for my own mistakes.”

Shae’s tone was serene with a hint of levity. She took a sip of the red wine in her glass, and her lips, which were as luscious as her inky skin, left a clear mark on the edge of the glass. Anyone would wish to lick the remnants of the mark to feel the aroma of the goddess.

The Goddess knew that Louie was a dragon, so she would also try her best to make the male dragon lose his mind through temptation.

Louie remained unchanged in the face of the Goddess’ temptation. Perhaps even the original Dragon God would not be able to resist her advances as this was part of a dragon’s instincts, but from the power of the camp, the power of order washed over Louie’s soul, calming down his chaotic thoughts.

“Are you going to kill Her Highness Selune?”

Louie tried asking a question. Previously, in the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom, Shae had found the Spider Goddess and an unknown ocean demigod to face off against the Silver Moon Goddess, who was still a demigod, to make her fall, but Louie’s senses were telling him that something felt off.

“Your Highness Louie, you are, after all, just a new god. It seems you don’t know much about Selune. The plan that I made was not to kill off Selune. Selune had dared to live in the body of a demigod for 30,000 years after the Era of Disaster. How could she fall because of this small matter.”

“... I merely wanted to continue to deprive her of a portion of her divine authority and divinity, so that she becomes weaker.”

The Goddess of Darkness smiled and spoke lightly about her plots against another god. Only a few gods have the ability to look at the life and death of a god lightly.

“You and Her Highness Selune are truly unkillable.”

Louie pondered for a moment, before narrowing his eyes.

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“This is our destiny. This sibling rivalry originated from our natures as light and darkness, making it inevitable for the both of us to face off against each other. There was never any possibility of reconciliation…… Giggle. Do you love Selune? She is indeed worthy of being of so many admirers but she is just so stupid. During the Era of the Gods, I had almost killed her and completely ended our hundreds of thousands of years of war, but unfortunately, the invasion of the alien civilization gave Selune the opportunity to breathe. Her stupid luck is truly extraordinary for her to survive past the Era of Disaster.

Shae was smiling but in the next instant, it was filled with murderous intent. Her voice was like a cold wind that extinguished the surrounding candle flame. Her words were filled with contempt and hostility against Selune.

As Shae said, her rivalry with Selune was not due to an event, but part of the natural force that compelled them to. The pair of sisters absolutely cannot live in harmony unless the world of San Soliel was completely destroyed and everything returned to nothingness.

In the past tens of thousands of years, Shae had always had the upper hand and even almost killed Selune, but now, their positons were reversed. This time, Shae had been reduced to her weakest state while the Selune had the chance to return to the top of the gods.

The reason why the state of affairs had become so was largely thanks to Louie. Shae had originally planned well to steal from the Silver Moon Goddess so that her 30,000 years of accumulation were taken away from her and benefit from it.

The end result was that the Silver Moon Goddess was unscathed while Shae had been weakened.

For a moment, Louie was confused about Shae’s attitude toward him. She should harbor hatred towards him, but Louie felt that a Goddess who had lived for so long would not be blinded by hatred. On the other hand, it was unlikely that she had no hatred for him. From his past experience with her, she was not a god that would just put things down.

“The moment Selune brought you into my divine realm meant that she didn’t have any good intentions from the beginning.”

Shae’s bright eyes that looked like stars under the black night seemed to contain a demonic temptation as she spoke words with naked provocation, “She just wants to use you, God Louie, to test the dangers of the divine kingdom. You should not be fooled by her enthusiastic look. Selune is not as simple as you think.”

Hearing Shae’s provocative words, Louie spontaneously responded, “Thank you for your warning, Your Highness. I knew from the beginning that Her Highness Selune was using me, but entering your divine kingdom had been my will. With the grudge between the two of you, I would have chosen to temp others if I was also in her position.”

Louie had long known that the Silver Moon Goddess was not a foolish person. The fact that most of the ancient gods had already fallen, but the Silver Moon Goddess was able to survive until now shows that she was skillful. The reason why other gods look at her pitifully was that her enemy, Shae, was stronger.

In the beginning, Louie and the Silver Moon Goddess did not have any covenant. Even if they were in the reverse position, Louie would choose to make use of him, so he did not mind what the Silver Moon Goddess did.

However, Louie was now in a covenant with the Silver Moon Goddess, and she was to become the mother of their child. Since she was in the chaotic good camp, Louie would not harm his ally.

When Shae heard Louie’s words, her eyes flickered for a moment and she chuckled, “Your Highness Louie is completely different from those stupid lizards that I remember. I could be reassured that I can make a covenant with you.”


Louie’s eyebrows jumped. He looked at the beautiful and enchanting goddess and said coldly, “Do you mean a covenant with you?.”

“That’s right. A covenant between you, the new Dragon God, and me, the Goddess of Night Shae.”

Shae was ever so confident as if she thought that no one in this world could disobey her.

“Ha, aren’t you mistaken, Your Highness? You are now a thorn on the side of the gods. Everyone is berating you and you have lost most of your followers. Now, you can’t even maintain an incarnation at the demigod level. What qualifications do you think you have to make a covenant with me?”

“Moreover, I have already made a covenant with Her Highness Selune under the witness of the River Styx, so how could I have a private affair with you as Her Highness Selune’s enemy.”

Louie’s mocking words made the Goddess of Night furious. This was the first time someone dared to taunt her in her face like this.

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