Chapter 323 - Reappearance of the Goddess of Night!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 323 - Reappearance of the Goddess of Night!

Dragon City, Tulip Street…

Countless people came and went. Unlike other cities, the core area of Dragon City was still brilliantly lit up. It seemed that oil candles could be found in every home as even the lower-class citizens’ houses gleamed through the windows.

The Dragon God had placed a curse on the improved manufacturing method, so people from other countries could not replicate it. As a result, candles and oil lamps had become commodities exported from Dragon City to other countries.

On both sides of Tulip Street were casino waiters soliciting customers and brothel pimps yelling. On the second floor of some buildings, there were women of various races who would sit at the window and send glances at passers-by. As a result passing adventurers and merchants would stop and linger for a long time, before being pulled into squandering their hard-earned money.

However, these were places that provided entertainment for normal people. The rich people would go to the end of the street to a place called Tulip Amphitheater, which was the largest entertainment place in Dragon City. As long as any race had females, they could be found here. The only thing that stopped you was if you had enough money to pay.

The largest casino in Dragon City was also located in the amphitheater. It was open from noon onwards and was always lively. No one knew how many nobles and princes had come here to squander money like dirt and contribute to the city’s GDP.

This was a collection of brothels, casinos, hotels, theaters, restaurants, and other large entertainment and leisure facilities. This was Louie’s idea taken from how modern entertainment venues worked.

The Tulip Amphitheater had become the most famous hot spot for wealth in San Soliel. It was a palace in which countless men and women who wanted to make money by just lying down aspired to visit. It was a paradise that the rich wanted to come to.

This place also accepts both male and female services.

The only person who could open such a huge entertainment place in Dragon City was the Dragon God, Louie Galakrond.

“What a depraved and evil, yet orderly place.”

On Tulip Street, a woman shrouded entirely in black robes quietly stood. Even her face was under a hood and black veil that only revealed her pair of star-like eyes.

Women weren’t uncommon in Tulip Street. With a culture close to the medieval ages, there were no neo-Confucianist ideas. Strong women could raise young men, noble women could have countless lovers, and many strong female adventurers with money would also come here and enjoy the degradation of ascending to heaven.

This street fully demonstrated what was depraved and evil and what was orderly and awe-inspiring. It was a typical representation of orderly evil, which was also this woman’s favorite place.

This was because the woman standing there was no one else but the most ancient goddess, the goddess of the night Shae.

“Lady, would you like to come to our tavern for a drink? This place is different from other noisy establishments. Our boss likes quietness and so it’s just right for a solitary woman like you to come and enjoy.”

A male elf standing in front of the tavern saw the lady and smiled. He greeted her courteously in the common tongue.

Outside the tavern doors was another beautiful female elf greeting customers. With two elves serving as waters, it was clear that the tavern was doing quite well.

The woman standing there stationary just squinted at the male elf. In an instant, he became lost in her gaze. He felt as if he had died a true death in the underworld.

This pair of eyes of extremely beautiful, serene, charming, and brilliant, and also contained boundless darkness within their irises. As though the night sky was encapsulated within them.

It wasn’t until the eyes of the owner flashed with disgust that the male elf came back to his senses. He was already covered in cold sweat, and his spirit was in tatters. His whole being was pale as he backed away in fear. He lowered his head and spoke in the elven language, “...S-sorry…for d-disturbing you, dear guest.”

In his mind, such a terrifying woman could only be a legendary-ranked powerhouse. Otherwise, it was impossible for an elf like him who was sheltered by the Dragon God to almost have a mental breakdown.

The male elf’s behavior attracted the attention of the patrolling soldiers, but when they saw Shae’s incarnation, they ignored her continued patrolling. In Dragon City, as long as one did not go against the laws of the city lord, the patrolling soldiers would not bother them. This was the world of the strong, after all, and if they accidentally offended someone powerful, their lives would definitely be forfeit.

The complete law and strict environment here were exactly ordered by Louie.

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Shae’s incarnation had been in Dragon City for several days already. At first, she heard that Louie had fallen asleep. With her doubts, she sneaked into Louie’s palace. Even if she was just an incarnation and at her weakest, no one would still be hard to discover her if she took a few precautionary steps.

However, when Shae reached the doors, she was blocked by an inexplicable power. If anyone else was here, they would only suspect that it was a spell that they had never encountered before, but She could recognize it. It was the power that came from the other side of the Crystal Wall System because back then, she had been in close contact with that civilization.

“As expected, you aren’t just incidentally related to them.”

Even Shae, who had come in contact with the Terran Civilization, could not copy their methods, but a mysterious dragon actually could? If anyone were to tell her there was no relationship between the two, she would never believe it.

But this was also good. The dragon had a connection with the Terran Civilization and was useful for her aims.

The Goddess was deep in thought over how she would get through the protective barrier. Had she been at full power, she could easily break through by force, but in her weakened state, she was surprisingly helpless. In the end, she temporarily gave up and wandered the city.

Just then, Shae felt something. She raised her head to look at the highest point of the city. A pair of inverted pupils appeared in the empty space before her, staring at her.

‘So you’ve woken up?’

The Goddess of Night thought for a moment. She strode with her long legs as she headed to the highest point of the city.

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