Chapter 322 - The Power of Order
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 322 - The Power of Order

Although Louie called it a ‘serpent’, it only appeared as one. In actuality, it was only a representation of the gathered powers rather than a living creature with its own will.

His current location was paradoxically situated in a ‘place’ where no matter, time, or form existed. The ‘serpent of order’ was infinitely large and infinitely high. It seemed to embrace everything and reject everything all at once.

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However —

“The serpent is crippled!”

Louie quickly discovered that the serpent had been mutilated. This mutilation was that of its nature. The representation of goodness within it was all that remained while that of evil had been stripped away for some reason.

Thus, the serpent of order was defective. To be perfect, it had to be connected from beginning to end like a circle.

“Is the same true for the part of the serpent of chaos?”

If the part of the order was missing, then a part of chaos might also be missing, but there seemed to be some kind of barrier that prevented Louie from going forward to observe, so he couldn’t be sure.

Before coming to the world of San Soliel, or even turning into a dragon, Louie was an ordinary human being from China which was a fairly organized society.

If he had been born in a war-torn country, he might have developed a sociopathic personality. If he became a dragon and came to San Soliel, he would definitely be part of the chaos camp.

There was no superiority or inferiority between the two camps. Although people in the chaos camp behaved in a somewhat disorderly manner, there was no difference between power.

“This place is the origin of the power between the camps, but not the powerful origin of the gods. Let me try taking out faith from the godhood of the foreign god. It seems that this is pure luck. The power of the camps is completely different from the divine authority of the gods. It is completely incompatible with the divine system of the world of San Soliel, but its power is absolutely sublime and great.

Louie sensed the power of the camps and pondered over the fundamental nature of the fantastical world.

When Louie had entered the origin power of the gods, he had felt various divine authorities and even unlocked some of them.

When he had asked the Silver Moon Goddess about the origins of San Soliel, he learned that in the earliest era, gods didn’t need to subsist on faith, and mortals didn’t exist.

Selune and Shae were the twin goddesses born from the force of light, sun, darkness, and moon. They were connected through the primordial sea and fought endlessly until the rest of the gods were born. These gods had their own respective divine authorities and their rampant conflicts damaged the foundations of the world’s principles. These ‘Ancient Gods’ were the ones who had true mastery of the divine power.

Their actions had been so damaging that the world itself began to reject them, and it changed its principles to prevent further harm. From then on, all of their abilities were embodied within divine authorities, and these could only be actualized through garnering faith.

In the years that followed many ancient deities fell one after the other. Other than Shae and Selune, only a few others managed to survive, moreover, their powers had weakened to the point that they only had low-tier divine power.

In the current system, having a sufficient amount of followers was much more important than anything else. And these followers needed to comply with the gods’ respective doctrines.

'This knowledge was not a secret and any god who survived the Era of Disaster knew of it. When Louie asked, the Silver Moon Goddess informed without much restraint.

“Gods and camps are the basis of the composition of the world of San Soliel. They are fundamental parts of the world. It is already impossible to become an ancient god and the door connecting to the origin of divine authority has long since closed. The camps are no longer the sources of power for modern gods, and so they can no longer tap into them so long as they rely on faith collected from within the Crystal Wall. But by using the powers of a foreign god, he managed to bypass this restriction.

Countless thoughts flashed through Louie’s head as he looked at the floating powers. If he could possess even one of them, he would likely become just as powerful as an ancient god.

The order and chaos here were not the same as the divine authorities of order and chaos. This was the difference between the laws of the world and the laws of the state. One was an unchangeable fundamental rule, while the other was artificially established.

“If the current gods had the power of the ancient gods, then instead of being invaded by the Terran Civilization, they would be the ones wringing the latter’s neck.

But since gods now required faith to survive, the Terrans had massacred the mortals in order to cut their powers off at the root. They then followed up with their most lethal weapons to rout the gods.

But if it was an ancient god, they would have endless power to the point that the Terran Civilization could not deal with.

“This sea of power was one of the sources of this magical world, and technology could find its own source through materialistic means. Whether it is magic or science, in the end, they pursue the same goal.”

Louie sighed in relief.

“As long as I can master this serpent of order, I will be able to ascend to the supreme divine throne!”

Louie once again took a greedy look at the virtual space. He forced down his speculative thoughts and retreated from the way he came. His consciousness returned to his body.

Opening his eyes, the palace belonging to him was still in front of him. However, he was able to clearly perceive that the hole connected to the origin did not close and on the contrary was expanding under Earth’s faith. The power of order leaking from the hole was also infiltrating his soul.

‘No, it’s just the part of goodness in order, the part of evil in order is missing.’

Although it wasn't the complete serpent of order, Louie was still quite satisfied. Once he expands the hole to the point that he could bring out and grasp all of its power, then Louie would become a true [Foreign God] that was stronger than those [Ancient Gods].

Then, he looked towards his city and found the person spying on him.

“So it's you!”

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