Chapter 321 - The Serpent of Order, Foreign God Louie
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 321 - The Serpent of Order, Foreign God Louie

Crossing the illusory doorway, Louie felt the climate change to one more conducive to the use of magic.

This time, he had spent quite a significant amount of time on Earth. It was fortunate that he was now infinitely close to becoming a true god, otherwise, it would be difficult to properly execute multiple operations successfully.

Louie knew very well that for every performance he gave, there were countless people and experts on Earth who were observing him. Even if it was the look in his eyes, the slight unconscious movement of his eyebrows could be over-interpreted and detected as inconsistent. As a result, Louie needed to control his body precisely to the vibration of his skin in order to make people believe that what was happening was true.

As soon as he returned to Dragon City, Louie returned to his dragon form, keeping his body as large as possible that could fit the room to make the space seem small.

Before Louie could find out who was spying on him, he felt the power of the faith from Earth passing through the Crystal Wall System like waves of the ocean, lapping at him fiercely.

Although the worlds were separated by the Crystal Wall System, the burst of faith was still incomparably huge. The momentary surge of power almost made Louie collapse.

Fortunately, his will was tough enough to endure it. If an ordinary person were to accept so much of it, they would not become a god, on the contrary, they would instantly drown and their souls would burst.

Louie made a rough estimate. If he filled his godhood with this much faith, he could probably fill up the Dragon God’s godhood by more than seventy percent. In other words, he could transform his godhood to reach the mid-tier divine power.

‘Unfortunately, the people of Earth believed in Christ, the Torch Dragon, the Celtic God. The ultimate direction of the faith is towards the other godhood, not the Dragon God’s godhood. I can’t use this faith to fill it at all.’

The names of the gods had special meanings, and gods did not have surnames. For gods, each part of their name symbolized a part of their power, so most of them only had one name, unlike the long names of the human nobility.

Louie’s power was now completely split. The faith received from Earth went to the Foreign God Louie, while the faith of San Soliel went to the Dragon God Galakrond. His dragon god identity was used to fool the world and the Intelligent Brain, while the foreign god godhood was the secret trump card that he would only use at the last possible moment.

Because of this glitch, Louie could become two gods in one. No matter the case, his essence as a god would be double that of other gods. If someone tried to use his identity as a dragon god against him, they would find that his true power was actually double what they assumed.

‘Even if I could use Earth’s faith to fill the dragon god’s godhood, I still shouldn’t do that. This sudden appearance of so much faith would definitely make the Intelligent Brain suspicious. All I have to do now is to make small moves under its nose. Once I make the foreign god’s godhood reach high-tier divine power, then I can pluck it out of my body.’

No matter how the Intelligent Brain treated him, Louie did not like the presence of a foreign existence in his body. As a god, how could Louie allow other people to wake him up from his pleasant dream? Even if the Intelligent Brain was helping him, Louie would still think of a way to remove it in the end. At most, he would create a new body for it to live on.

It was not that Louie was ungrateful, but as a ruler, he needed to be suspicious and solitary. Which emperor in history wasn’t ruthless and emotionless?

This was necessary as a ruler.

Louie was thinking about the future while using his divinity to ease the impact of this burst of faith. As Louie expected, more than 80% of these beliefs were toward Christ. Because there was only one god, it carried a powerful will, so Louie had to purify the faith before taking it as his own.

‘Strange. Why is the power of faith from Earth different from that of San Soliel? It seems to follow another set of rules.’

Louie was a little puzzled. If God was compared to a battery, faith was what was used to charge it, and divine power was the form it appeared when used. This was how faith worked. The gods could not be separated from the believers, thus they became their biggest shackle.

But the faith from Earth was different. The Crystal Wall System seemed to have mutated the faith, turning it into another external power source that was endless.

Previously, Louie did not receive a lot of faith so he did not notice this. This time, the large amount of faith caused a quantitative and qualitative change. The belief converged to only a single place which created a new pathway.

He slightly hesitated before boldly putting in his divine will to widen that path.

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In the next instant, Louie felt his soul tremble. Fortunately, his soul was that of a true god, so it did not collapse from the vibration. After breaking through the boundary, Louie was shocked that he had reached a chaotic spiral.

The spinning chaos was divided into four parts, and four harmonious yet contradictory wills pervaded it. Louie clearly recognized what they were.

“This is order, chaos, good, and evil!”

He exclaimed though he didn’t make any sounds in this world of pure concept.

Order was at the top and chaos was at the bottom. Order was divided into both good and evil, and chaos was the same. At the place where the four forces meet, there was nothingness that represented neutrality.

Louie instantly understood where his will had entered. This was the original force of San Soliel where the gods were divided into camps. The reason why the world of San Soliel was arranged in its current form was precisely because the concept from here affected the world.

This was the origin of the camps.

Then, guided by instinct, Louie’s will was brought before one of the sections of the spiral where he saw a ‘serpent’ —

The ‘serpent’ of order!

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