Chapter 320 - A Gift to Earth
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 320 - A Gift to Earth

This chain of events happened so suddenly that the bystanders could not react at all. Whether it was the disciples, the reporters at the scene, or the people watching behind the screens, no one expected Christ’s sacrifice to happen once more in front of them.

The appearance of Satan, the Last Judgment, the sacrifice of Christ, and Satan being sent to hell again would all be thoroughly recorded in history books. They would form the foundation of the new Gospel.

By the time people recovered from the shock, they immediately stirred.

People rushed forward, not to grab Christ’s body, but to surround it with a wall of people to protect his body from the reporters, photographers, and officials of various nations.

They were afraid that the officials would commit the grave sin of blaspheming against the corpse of God in order to research it.

But the believers were overthinking it. The reporters present just eagerly filmed the unforgettable scene and replayed it over and over again. The government officials of the various countries were hidden in the crowd. Unless they were instructed to by those above, they would absolutely not dare do anything.

It must be known that everyone in the world was watching, especially those who had been saved by Christ. If anyone dared to go and steal away Christ’s corpse, then they would become the enemy of the world. Let alone Christ’s disciples, even those who were afraid of the Last Judgment would be outraged and burn those people at the cross.

As a result, no government dared to give any orders at this time. Even the United States of America was silent. If the United States really dared to rely on their military power to steal the body, it would heavily backfire. The President of the United States of America was not stupid. He knew that if he dared to give such an order, he would have to step down the next day. The government would become unstable and the army might even commit mutiny.

In the face of the gods, the human mind would always think of the most extremes.

Although there were some mad scientists clamoring for their governments to grab the body and swore that they would be able to discover something, those who could become heads of the government were not fools. No one dared to risk the wrath of the world and gamble with their futures.

What’s more, as long as they had some knowledge about Christianity, they knew that Christ would certainly be resurrected one more time. If they brought back his body to a research laboratory and he suddenly woke up, then they would have truly blasphemed. Which human being dared to have their soul go to hell and suffer? Everyone was looking forward to going to heaven.

Although the governments did not dare rob Christ’s body, they had some intent to join forces to pressure the Vatican into sharing some of his tissue and blood. Since Christ was still bleeding, his blood flowed to the ground, making it a waste, so it was better to let the humans study it.

Seeing Christ’s blood actually restore the Pope’s youthful body and vitality, the government officials and the rich were all moved. Longevity and eternal life were things coveted by those in power.

“Quick, quick, do not let anyone desecrate the body of the Lord.”

Franics I gripped the blood-stained dagger in his hand and ordered the cardinals and clergy. He wanted to take off his clothes to protect Christ’s body, but he felt a bit embarrassed because he was only wearing a simple coarse linen garment, so if he took it off, it would be a bit too indecent.

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It was not until one of the nuns tore off a piece of her own dress that people came to their senses. Everyone began to tear off a piece of their clothing and put it together to wrap it around Christ.

This garment would probably become the new holy relic, the new shroud of Turin.

Just when the clergy, led by the Pope were busy protecting Christ’s body, some fanatical believers knelt down piously before plowing up the dirt where Christ’s blood had spilled. This gravel and grass, stained with Christ’s blood would soon become sacred in the hearts of the believers. Even if it was just gravel and grass, they were stained with Christ’s blood. They were simply priceless!

“Get a plane and bring the Lord back to St.Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.”

Franics I carefully put away the dagger in his hand and said to the clergy around him.

Hearing the Pope’s request, the officials of various countries flocked over, scrambling to say that they could provide a plane to take Christ back to the Vatican. In their opinion, as long as they could get Christ’s body onto their own plane, blood and flesh might be left on the plane, which could all become valuable materials.

Somalia became a region of activity and restlessness.


At this moment, the President of the United States of America began giving instructions to the FBI and sent the army to assist them to capture the consortium members.

If it was before, these people would have various ways to escape from the law. Even the president was helpless in the face of capitalism. However, it was different now. Abdullahi’s attack on Christ would certainly be investigated by various countries. It was impossible for those people to cover up such a big thing.

This time, these people were facing a religious and godly problem. They could not simply rely on the power of money to escape the sanctions. Since someone had to take the blame, catching them early and giving them a trial would show the President’s decisiveness and ability to work.

The President was also quite happy to be able to arrest these people. These people had been hindering him and limiting his presidential power. Now in the name of Christ, he was able to arrest these people in one fell swoop. Although it was impossible to affect their overall power, this event would make them temporarily lay low.

As long as these shackles were loose, the president felt that he could implement many of his policies and agenda. The promises he made to the people could probably be fulfilled.


The consequences of Christ’s salvation would probably remain for a long time. The topic of Christ and religion would become the direction of discussion throughout the Earth in the next month.

As for whether his warning would cause the countries of the world to take action, Louie did not think about it anymore. He did not even care about the body of Christ he left behind. No matter how the countries researched, they would find that the body was no different from that of normal humans and that there were no supernatural powers in its flesh and blood.

Of course, this body was created using mysterious energy and the Terran civilization’s biotechnological prowess. The combination of the two created the perfect DNA. The body could even be called the perfect human just as the Bible had portrayed Adam.

The study of Christ’s flesh and blood would not provide them with information about supernatural powers, but it would greatly promote the development of medicine and biology. Louie borrowed Earth’s resources and took advantage of their ignorance to gather faith. This flesh and blood of Christ were considered his gift to them, hoping that they could advance their medicinal technology rapidly, so that they would suffer less illness.

At this time, Louie had already returned to San Soliel, to Dragon City.

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