Chapter 319 - Christ’s Death
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 319 - Christ’s Death

“My Lord, what are you saying?!”

Pope Francis I was shocked at ‘Christ’s’ words, and he subconsciously took a step backward. The eighty-year-old man raised his age-spotted hand and shook his head like a rattle, not daring to accept the silver dagger Christ handed him.

‘Stabbing Christ in the heart with this dagger? Isn’t this treachery on the level of Judas’

Although Francis I knew that this suggestion was made by Christ and that he should have accepted the dagger without any hesitation, as a Pope, he knew how horrible those fanatics were. They would not think rationally about his reason for doing so, and would only denounce him as Judas and eat him whole.

Francis I did not want the future history to record him as a betrayer. Moreover, he was afraid of whether or not he would be able to go to heaven if he did so.

He was born in a Catholic family of devout believers, because of this, he was even more eager to go to heaven, especially now that it was proven to be real. All his thoughts now were on how to spend the rest of his term as well as possible.

Christ sensed Francis I’s worry and smiled gently, “I will not blame you, nor will those who believe in me blame you, nor will the Lord blame you. You are the Pope, be an example to the disciples, take it and thrust it into my heart. You shall be saved, and all the world shall be saved.”

The incarnation of Satan in the skies, knowing what Christ planned to do, became furious and said, “You redeemed them once 2,000 years ago. Now you will redeem them a second time, and in the future, you will redeem them a third time…”

The rage-filled words made Francis I feel his brain swell with pain. Countless voices echoed in his ears, as if luring him to fall into the bottomless abyss. In the next moment, Christ’s holy voice ran out once again, allowing Francis I to recover, so that he would not go completely crazy.

“If he believes in me, he will have eternal life!”

The magnificent and merciful words enveloped countless disciples. Even the words of Satan’s incarnation had lost their ability to corrupt.

Francis I also knew that he could not reject Christ. He knew that the world was waiting for salvation, so he took a deep breath and looked at Christ’s face.

It was so plain and ordinary with no special features, but it also felt like everything was balanced and that this was the true face of the Lord. Only his regal eyes seemed to radiate a light of holiness and mercy.

Encouraged by the Lord’s eyes, Francis I’s will became firm. He took the silver dagger in Christ’s hand and wept, saying, “Lord, You are asking me to be Your Longinus.”

“My child, there is no need to be afraid, no need to be confused, and no need to suffer. I shall die for the sins of every person and in thirty days, I shall return again.”

Christ spoke in a gentle tone. He opened his arms as if embracing the sky.

The Roman Pope remembered the miracle of Christ’s resurrection from the dead as stated in the Bible. After seeing how Christ revived the saint, caused the wicked in Kenya to bear one of the ten plagues, subdued a demon, and parted the sea to create an island, he was confident that he would resurrect after 30 days as he said.

Now, Christ was about to make a great sacrifice for the sake of mankind to cast Satan’s incarnation back into hell.

Francis I grasped the silver dagger with both hands, raised it above his head, and aimed at Christ’s heart.

“What is the Roman Pope planning to do?”

“Why did Christ give him a knife?”

“Oh my God, could it be that the Roman Pope is going to thrust the knife at Christ? Isn’t that blasphemy and treason? He will go to hell with the devil!”

“No, in the Bible, this represents salvation through Christ. He is bearing all of our sins. His descent this time is to atone for our sins once more.”

What the Pope did was spread to the whole world through the cameras. Only those that were near could hear Christ and the Pope’s conversation, so other people were not aware of their conversation and they only saw the Pope about to stab Christ with a dagger in his hand.

The unbelievers were astonished and stunned by this act, and some of the believers were angry as it was a betrayal and dishonor to the Lord, while the sensible believers based it on their knowledge of the Bible and considered this to be God’s salvation to the people.

But for Francis I, he knew none of this. When he raised the dagger in his hand, he shivered in fear once again. Francis I would never imagine that he would one day become a biblical figure, that he would be the one who would perform the act of stabbing Christ.

He only knew that his name would forever remain in history books.

“Father! Forgive him for what he has done for I allow it!”

Christ, on his deathbed, had created a new ‘last word of Christ’!

And these words were what finally made Francis I make up his mind.

He stabbed the dagger in his hand and drove it precisely into Christ’s heart. He did not dare blink or avert his eyes, thus demonstrating his devotion.

Incredibly, blood spurted out of Christ’s heart and splashed onto Francis I’s face. As the crowd watched in shock, the old pope, who was already covered in age spots, saw his skin split open, revealing the new skin born underneath. His heart, which was old and over burdened, once again beat vigorously. His spirits were even filled with renewed vigor.

The Pope knew that he had regained his youth and that he was cured of all ailments that plagued him.

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He did not dare blink and cried aloud in sorrow, “You are the Son of God.”

The silver dagger dipped in the blood of Christ began to stain crimson unril the whole dagger became translucent and turned into a new holy artifact of Chritianity.

“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”

Christ’s voice gradually became more out of breath as his whole body weakened.

He finally raised his head, looked at the great evil dragon flying in the dark skies, and shouted, “Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ; For the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.”

At that moment, it was as if Christ had become the Trinity!


The great evil dragon that had gradually solidified into reality suddenly began to crumble. The seven heads and ten crowns cracked inch by inch. A bottomless vortex appeared behind him that showed the world full of lava, poison, miasma, and absolute evil energy. The other side of the portal seemed endless and only the suffering people could be heard as they were tortured.

This image being projected was the scene that Louie had witnessed in the Bottomless Abyss.

Then, the body of the great evil dragon got sucked into the bottomless abyss leaving behind cursed words, “All things will eventually decay and fall into dust. Even the gods will not be able to stop it!!!”

“The day of judgment will surely come!”

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