Chapter 318 - Christ the Redeemer
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 318 - Christ the Redeemer

Mature religions would often craft sophisticated theories concerning the ultimate fate of mankind and the path to salvation. This was especially true with Christianity.

In the Book of Revelations, the apostle John painted a graphic picture of an apocalyptic landscape. According to it, on the day of the Last Judgment, a great dragon with seven heads and ten crowns would appear in front of a woman clothed with the sun and moon and bearing a crown of twelve stars. This would be the incarnation of Satan - the snake who had been beaten into the bottomless pits of hell where he was once bound in chains. The vicious dragon would seek to devour the woman’s unborn child

In the biblical metaphor, the baby was Christ!

“This dragon…… This dragon seems to have appeared somewhere before!”

The sudden appearance of the incarnation of Satan surprised the world. The American government was especially surprised and felt that it was very familiar.

“Isn’t this…isn’t this the dragon that we found in the Amazon Jungle, the first-ever supernatural event that occurred in the world?!”

Some sharp-eyed people exclaimed. Their hearts and souls trembled when they recognized it.

The video of the encounter could be found everywhere online. Just a Google search would show many images of the scaly beast.

When people pulled up images of the dragon on their phones, they were shocked to find that the two dragons looked exactly the same. There were only some slight differences. The one that appeared in the Amazon Jungle was pure gold in color, but the incarnation of Satan that appeared was dark gold and red. The dragon in the Amazon Jungle also only had one head, while this one had seven.

“Look at the crown on the head of this evil dragon, it is exactly the same as the one that appeared in the Amazon!”

“Remember what the Demon King of Thanksgiving said? It said that the scales we got were from the incarnation of Satan!”

“Is this the complete manifestation of Satan in the world?”

“Oh Lord, could it be that the Last Judgment is coming? Are these the visions that were recorded in the Book of Revelation?!”


In an instant, many governments launched emergency orders and sent out a large number of police forces to patrol the streets, and had the army on standby. They knew that human beings would do crazy things in the face of disaster, especially one as big as the apocalypse of the world, which could make them abandon human morality. If the situation was not handled carefully and people thought the end of the world was nigh, they might just lose all their common sense.

As if to confirm people's speculation, a bizarre demonic face appeared in the gloomy skies of Somalia. This was the face of the short-lived Demon King of Thanksgiving. This demon appeared to be fearful of this dragon and seemed to wish it could just disappear on the spot. Some spectators surmised that its role was to trigger the descent of the satanic avatar.

“The Celtic God had previously cautioned that these evil gods had come to this world first. Based on the sequence of supernatural events, it was indeed the evil dragon, Cthulhu, the Deep Ones that appeared first before the Torch Dragon, Christ, and the Celtic God. It… isn’t this just like a prophecy that warned the Earth of great danger!”

Some researchers have linked the series of supernatural events together. In addition to the words spoken by these supernatural beings, they also found the logic to be consistent, but because no problems could be found the results were truly fearful.

The seven-headed, ten-crowned evil dragon loomed in the pitch-black clouds. Under the flash of lightning and the tug of the wind, the atmosphere became all the more frightening, as though hell was descending upon them and corrupting the world in boundless darkness.

“I will devour you!”

“God is incomparably powerful, but not omnipotent!”

The dragon let out evil words. The sound alone seemed to contain the feeling of decay and corruption. It was extremely distorted to the point that the crowd’s sanity began to diminish.

Even people who were not at the scene but in front of the TV and computer felt faint and nauseous.

Louie had changed his body to match the description of Satan. As for the thunder and black clouds in the sky, there were only illusions created by his spells. Causing the wind to blow was also a simple matter.

As for Louie’s words, they came from the ‘Language of Blasphemy’ which was exclusively used by demons and devils. The power of the language had the ability to corrupt and degenerate people.

Anyone who heard this speech would feel the sin of blasphemy!

“Now is not yet the time of the end. The sins of mankind shall not yet be judged. Return, O incarnation of Satan from whence thou cameth.”

Christ saw the incarnation of Satan and spoke to persuade him to return.

“No, humans have forgotten your name, have forgotten your holiness. They no longer worship you and believe in you. This world is on the verge of destruction. Mankind is beyond redemption. You can save them the first time, you can save them the second time, but can you save them the third time?!”

Once again the dragon spoke with venom.

Christ did not say anything. He just turned his head to an old man behind him and said, “...Come here.”

The old man dressed in coarse linen as none other than the present Pope Francis I. Hearing Christ call for him, the Pope was overjoyed. With a grateful heart, he regarded Satan as nothing. He came forward to Crist with respect and tears streaming down his face, as if he was saved, “Lord, what is your command?”

“I ask you, have you forgotten my name?”

“You are the Christ, the Messiah, the Savior of all.”

“Have you forgotten my holiness?”

“Your holiness is walking on earth as it is in heaven.”

“Are there still people who worship me?”

“The disciples who are present are worshiping you.”

“Are there still people who believe in me?”

“All the good people are believing in you.”

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A god asked and a man answered, but the speech was extremely fast as if he did not give anyone time to think.

Christ laughed with relief when he heard this, “then that is enough. O incarnation of Satan, this world has not forgotten my name, has not forgotten my holiness, that they still worship me, that they still believe me, that they truly believe, confess, and accept me as the only Savior. They will not perish, but will have eternal life!”

“They will atone for their sins, and I will atone for their sins with my flesh!”

Christ took out a silver sword from his bosom and handed it to Francis I and said, “And thou shalt thrust this word into my heart, and with my blood take away the sins of mankind, and then thrust that incarnation of Satan, once again, into the pit of the deep, that he may be bound and not come into the world.”

As his words fell the world was astonished.

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