Chapter 285 - The Trinity of God
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 285 - The Trinity of God

TLN: Please forgive the author if he says some blasphemous stuff. I am also not all too familiar with this. P.S. this is a work of fiction.

Sister Mirda opened her dazed eyes. When she sat up, she saw the extinguished burning straws and felt a surging life force in her body.

Raising her palms she noticed that the old and withered hands she was so familiar with had been remade anew with the tautness and strength of her youth. What were once withering branches had become sprightly saplings.

Miranda was entranced. Her decades of life flashed before her eyes as though it was all a dream.

But when she saw the nuns weeping with joy at her feet and the soldiers on their knees, she knew that she was in reality. It was a miracle that happened in this godless modern age.

Then Sister Mirda looked at the man standing in front of her. When she looked at his pupils that seemed to contain the universe, Mirda realized everything.

She no longer needed any help and quickly turned her body and knelt in front of the man. With an excited and devout face, she kissed his feet and uttered in a happy murmur, “You are Christ. You are the Messiah. You are our savior!”

Mirda was an extremely devout believer, and it was with her immense faith that she was able to carry out her charitable work for decades. Never tiring. Never yielding. This kind of passion was one of mankind’s greatest powers.

“I am Christ. I am the Messiah. I am your Savior, but I am not the Christ of the past. Rather, I am the Christ of the present.”

The man’s words carried some Buddhist wit, but the believers understood them instantly.

Christ was the Greek word that meant ‘the anointed one’ in Greek. And its Hebrew equivalent was ‘Messiah’. Both of them referred to a person chosen by God who was given special powers. It was a title within Christianity, and only Jesus was ever called Christ the Messiah.

And now this Christ meant that the Christ of the past was Jesus, and the Christ of the present was him who was not Jesus, but the both of them were Christ.

When Mirda realized this, she cried out.

The Messiah nodded her head, rejoicing that the believers understood his words.

“Jesus is the Son of God, but he is not the only child of God. God loves everyone and has bestowed his other child to everyone.”

“God our Savior wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ, who gave himself as a ransom for all people.”

“Beyond all question, the mystery from which true godliness springs is great: He appeared in the flesh, was vindicated by the Spirit, was seen by angels, was preached among the nations, was believed in the world, and was taken up in glory.”

Following the Messiah’s words, the air filled with the scent of manna. As the believers continued to pray, they were suddenly surprised to see angels descending in the sky, holy and exalted as they sang the Lord’s hymn. Their bodies were covered by the light and all of their wounds healed. The savior in front of them was the genuine thing. They could see the ‘goodness’ and ‘righteousness’ in this man.

The words of the Messiah would sound like blasphemy to others. In the Bible, Jesus was the only child of God, claiming to be another child was the same as blasphemy.

His statements were very similar to the worship of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Hong Xiuquan, a Chinese revolutionary who was the leader of the Taiping Rebellion, established the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom over varying portions of southern China, with himself as the "Heavenly King" and self-proclaimed younger brother of Jesus Christ. However, Louie was different from him as he could demonstrate godly powers!

The premise of ‘blasphemy’ was deception and exploiting, but when the Messiah appeared and showed them miracles, made angels descend, and even revived the dead, how could they not believe it?

Naturally, as the Bible was written by humans, it was normal to have errors. Perhaps normal people might not easily recognize his identity, but when he performed miracles, how could they not acknowledge him?

“Know that the Son of God has come and has given you wisdom and blessing and that when you know the truth, you will also be in that truth. For God is within Christ. I and the Father are one, and if you believe in me, you believe in the Lord!”

After these words, Louie, who was playing the role of the Messiah, finally stated the most fundamental doctrine of Christianity: the Trinity.

This was the most suitable way for Louie to preach because God was accepted to be omniscient and omnipotent, there was a certain difficulty in playing his role. Moreover, he did not know the rules for being accepted as his believer was when it came to Earth, so Louie did not want to take the risk.

But in Christianity, there was a doctrine of the Trinity - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. As a result, Louie took the form of a contemporary Christ. He put himself in the position of the ‘Son’, thus he was able to make the believers believe in him. In this way, even if he was not omniscient and omnipotent, he would not be questioned, for he was only the ‘Son’ and not the whole Trinity.

For these believers, faith in a savior that walked in the world was more acceptable. Since faith in the Savior was equivalent to faith in God, this was all in accordance with the precepts of Christianity. Louie perfectly uses the ‘Trinity’ to absorb Christain faith.

Thanks to the Roman Emperor Theodosius I, the Nicene Creed distinguished Christianity from Judaism by the doctrine of the Trinity which gave Louie the chance to take advantage of it.

Louie also had a deeper idea. He was going to use Buddhist doctrine to proclaim that different Christs existed. The present Christ which was him, the past Christ which was Jesus, and a future Christ on the day of the Last Judgment. This would expand the meaning of the ‘Trinity’ and allow him to transform Christianity into his own meaning.

Unlike the magi who preached by fooling the people, Louie was a true god, allowing him to preach in a simpler manner!

Many believers extolled the name of Christ and praised the light of the Messiah. This small village in Kenya had been transformed into a sanctuary, shining with the light of goodness.

The foreign engineers looked at each other and stood awkwardly. They were not believers of Christ, and now that everyone was kneeling down but they were still standing there, they stood out like sore thumbs.

One of the Chinese engineers subconsciously took out a charm that looked like a Torch Dragon.

The Messiah slightly tilted his head. His pair of calm eyes that contained a love for the world looked at the charm on the engineer’s hand.

‘I’m done for.’

The Chinese engineer let out a face full of terror. Wasn’t pulling out the symbol of a different god in front of Christ simply blasphemy?

At that moment, the Chinese engineer thought of the inquisition as well as the darkness of Christianity in the Middle Ages.

Christ seemed to not care much and said, “Although you are a pagan, if you do good, then I will rejoice.”

“You shall not believe in me if you believe in other gods, and you shall not believe in other gods if you believe in me.”

Everyone was frozen. It was as if they could not believe the words of Christ. Christianity had a famous history of persecuting pagans who believed in other gods.

But soon, everyone felt that his words were the truth.

In the past, Christian persecution of pagans was the work of men. The word of God was recorded on paper by prophets and perhaps at that time, man misunderstood God’s will due to their own defects. Now that Christ had once again returned, then they could finally hear the will of God with their own ears.

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Wouldn’t persecuting pagans make God look petty and cowardly? Christ's words were the true feeling of God’s thoughts.

What’s more, there were many gods in today’s world. The theory of Christianity that there was only one God had never been broken ever since, but now, things seemed like they needed to be modified.

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