Chapter 284 - I Am the Messiah, Your Savior
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 284 - I Am the Messiah, Your Savior

Commotion immediately erupted at the sight of the stranger. At once the militia members present trained their sights on him, unwilling to let him take another step forward.

Sister Mirda, with her charismatic personality and strong faith, created a firm temple in the hearts of this group of people who were born and lived in oppression. At expense of even their lives, they would do their utmost to preserve the sanctity of their saint.

This movement also drew other people’s attention. Many nuns, villagers, and foreigners were videoing the last journey of Sister Mirda’s life.

The man who appeared at the entrance of the village looked about thirty years old. He was wearing a tunic without any other accessories on his body. He walked barefoot yet the soles of his feet weren’t stained by the earth. He had curly, flaxen long hair and a face with a thick beard.

The man looked quite ordinary. He was neither handsome nor ugly, and indeed his attractiveness seemed to be the mean of the entire human race. His long hair cascaded and danced with the wind, but not in a messy manner. Rather it gave off a feeling of freedom and refreshment.

He smiled. His smile wasn’t full of compassion and kindness like Sister Mirda’s but it bore its own kind of warmth. It was like the light, and he was the sun, bringing light to the world.

However, the man’s appearance surprised everyone. The villagers had long known that this place was surrounded by government forces. The reason why no attack had occurred was because of the world-renowned nun as well as the foreign workers. The Kenyan government did not want to become internationally targeted by Christians and the countries that the foreigners came from. As a result, they decided to perform a battle of attrition instead of a direct one.

In any case, there were no supplies left in the village. As time went on, the people in the village would surely starve to death.

“Are you from the government army?”

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A black boy of slightly more than ten years old asked. His body was so thin and frail that anyone could see his ribs.

This child raised his gun. He was dressed similarly to the man who appeared, with no shoes, no socks, and only a ragged cloth that barely covered his body. But the difference between the two was that the boy looked very dirty and the only ornament on his body was a bent metal cross tied around his neck.

The resistance was silent. They knew that this was already the end of the road. The last thing that would greet them would either be prison or death. However, they were originally poor people who had been driven to the edge by greedy politicians. They were already satisfied with being able to live a few more days, not to mention, that they had met a great nun and become her followers. Even if they were to die today, they would die carrying their faith.

“I am not sent by the government forces. I was sent by the Lord.”

The man spoke in a calm and quiet tone. His voice seemed to carry a delightful warmth and the words he uttered were clearly Hebrew, but the people in the place, regardless of their native language, could understand them.

The hearts of all who were present were moved at this declaration. Naturally, they were aware of the recent global supernatural events.

‘No, it can’t be? Isn’t this too much of a fantasy?’ was what they all thought.

However, they couldn’t help but hope. Just thinking about the monsters that appeared in Tokyo long ago and the Torch Dragon that opened its eyes to bring forth daylight, they thought that maybe, just maybe, what was happening now was real.

The foreigners roared inside as they shuddered in contemplation.

The nuns were in tears. Some had fallen to their knees in devotion and some were standing with shocked and dumbfounded faces.

“Who the hell are you? Don’t come any closer. Take one more step forward and we’ll shoot.”

The soldiers still shouted. Since they hadn’t gone to school, they had little knowledge. Although he had learned under Sister Mirda’s teaching, they couldn’t associate the visitor with Christ.

Facing these people with hostile intent, the man did not get angry. His face remained gentle and smiled, “I am the Messiah. Your light, your savior. Child, the tribulation is about to pass,” he paused at this and beamed even more, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made; without Him, nothing was made that has been made. In Him was Life, and that Life was the Light of all mankind. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."

The man used a warm and soft voice as he sermoned. Although he seemed like one person, the words that came out of his mouth seemed to stem from countless Christians reciting their most exalted scriptures. All the hostility that everyone felt seemed to vanish, and in its place, guilt burgeoned. The native soldiers stared dumbfounded. As the man approached, the guns in their hands seemed to drop to the ground with clacks.

The stranger walked up to the teenage soldier. He took out a piece of bread from his arms and put it in the hands of the boy. He smiled warmly and said, “Share it with the people.”

Entranced, the boy reached for the bread without much thought, but the moment he touched it, his body was bathed in light. Old scars and present wounds all faded under its brilliance, and even his body seemed cleaner. Although he was still skinny, a new vitality seemed to surge within his eyes.

At that moment, everyone kneeled and the ground. The teenager raised the bread with his hands, closed his eyes, and chanted the name of the Lord.

The man expressed neither happiness nor sadness. Under the tears and devotion of the nuns, he walked before the blazing flame where the sister was being cremated.

No single person in the crowd doubted the man’s identity anymore.

In front of the man, the blazing flame gradually shrunk and turned into a small fire, as though bending to the man’s will.

“Child, you should have ascended to heaven to meet the Lord, but He still has work for you. I want you to spread the gospel with me to bring back light unto the world,” he paused then spoke further, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind. Love your neighbor as yourself.”

With these words, a miracle descended.

The believers knelt in solemn prayer. Under their shock and disbelief, the nun who had lost her life lying in the fire gradually breathed once more. Her skin which was covered in folds due to old age once again became smooth. Her teeth which had all fallen off once again regrew. Her old face had become young, and her white hair was also tinged with golden light. All of her sicknesses and pains disappeared.

The nun, who was already more than 80 years old, once again regained her youth back to her twenties in the blink of an eye. Even her life and soul had returned to her body.

Then under the cries of many nuns, this ‘Saintess of Christ’ once again opened her eyes at the new life she was given.

“This is what you deserve for your faith in the lord. May you have eternal life.”

So said the savior.

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