Chapter 243 - The Holy Maiden of the Morning Goddess
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 243 - The Holy Maiden of the Morning Goddess

Going back in time a few days—

The western region next to Dragon City was a land called Freshwater Desert. Its name originated from the fact that it was once the site of an enormous lake, home to countless creatures.

But after tens of thousands of years, the lake had completely disappeared, leaving behind a huge desert.

No one knew why the lake had disappeared. Some said that it was a natural occurrence, but others said that gods had once fought there, causing the lake to become a desert. So far, no one knew the real reason why the desert was formed.

With the Freshwater Desert in the middle, the eastern part of the territory belonged to the Subila Empire while the central to the southern region was part of the San Soliel Mountain Range, which was now under the jurisdiction of Dragon City.

“Watch out! It’s a mummy!”

A young warrior loudly warned his comrade while raising his huge sword to block the old mummy in front of him.

This evil creature might look dried up from the outside but its strength remained great. With a swing of its arms, it flung away the warrior, but fortunately, a shield took the warrior’s place, blocking the mummy’s pursuit.

“Be careful. Don’t let the mummy scratch you. Its claws contain poison. Someone, prepare the antidote.”

The warrior who had been sent flying seemed to be experienced as he commanded.

A bard recited an incantation with his singing, summoning out a swarm of insects to hinder the mummy. This was one of the spells that bards could learn after advancing in rank. Unlike mages who relied on learning to learn magic up to the ninth ring, a bard was only limited to casting six-ringed spells.

After finishing his incantation, the bard raised his sword to join the battle.

At this time—

“[Holy Judgment]!”

A high-pitched female voice echoed and in an instant, the mummy roared in pain. In the blink of an eye, it was covered in smoke and disintegrated in the desert.


The adventurer squad breathed a sigh of relief as they slowly put down their weapons while maintaining vigilance.

This was a small advent

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