Chapter 144 - Old Man From the Ming Dynasty!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 144 - Old Man From the Ming Dynasty!

At Louie’s words the members of the crowd around him who understood Chinese were shocked.

The Chinese Ambassador to Japan, as well as a few others who understood the language, took careful note of his utterances so as to give solid reports on them later.

Many of the people who were saved by the old man had worship and gratitude in their eyes. At the same time, they were also in awe at his supernatural power.

The armed forces of these embassies were also scared by Louie’s strength, but they still silently retreated to the people that they should be guarding while carefully watching him. They were afraid of him starting a massacre.

Louie exhaled and felt that true soldiers of Earth were all worthy of respect. They were the purest symbols of self-sacrifice.

It was a pity that dragons were selfish. For his own purposes, Louie would have to bring them some casualties.

From the crowd’s reactions, he could tell that his gambit had played off perfectly. By the next day, all news networks around the world would broadcast his image and actions for the rest of the world to see. And he would doubtlessly be a global point of interest.

Since terrifying creatures like dragons and Cthulhu had appeared, there would naturally be righteous people that would fight against them. This was more in line with the expectations of the people.

Louie had no interest in pure killing and destruction. All his actions were done to benefit himself. If there was no benefit, he wouldn’t bother messing with things.

He had to carefully maintain a good relationship with the government as well as maintain the balance between ‘good’ and ‘evil’. Having a stable situation where the government was dependent on him would be the most ideal case.

In his current position, he had sought politics, became a lord for a long time, as well as expanded his power. Through this process, he noticed that his thoughts became more and more dragon-like, but at the same time, became one of a true political big-shot.

After sighing, Louie prepared to leave. He still had to carry out his next plans to deal with the monsters he had created and let the Japanese government provide him with the supplies he needed.

This was Louie’s goal with his current identity.

He was neither an immortal who was free of worldly desires nor was he a God who watched over everything. It wouldn’t be too out of place for him to ask the Japanese government for things. Moreover, with his grounded and humane behavior, the Japanese government would probably be happy to communicate with him, opening up a path for negotiations.

If he had played the role of an unfeeling immortal or God, the governments of the world would probably be unsure of how to approach him. If he came across as a divine being, then asking for mundane items would likely cause people to question his status. This would in time erode his authority and presence within their hearts.

Louie placed his hand behind his back and ignored the noise in the airport, preparing to leave.

“Sir Immortal, please wait a moment!”

Seeing that Louie was about to leave, Ambassador He, who previously did not dare move an inch, finally summoned up the courage to call out. His legs were still trembling, but he managed to breathe through the layer of fear and shout out.

Louie stopped in his tracks. He turned his back slightly and shot out a piercing glance at the speaker.

At the same time, other people nearby also looked at Ambassador He.

This ambassador’s heart beat even faster. As an ambassador, he should have been used to being watched by tens of thousands of people, but the gaze of the old man in front of him seemed to exceed that of a million gazes and probed at his inner heart.

Although Ambassador He felt a bit dizzy and was about to collapse, he still thought about his duties. He clenched his teeth and said nervously, “Sir Immortal, I… this little one is the Chinese ambassador of Japan, He Jiang Guo. That…Umm… this little one wishes to asketh you some questions?”

His speech was a confusing mish-mash of modern and classical Chinese as he tried to figure out the best way to address the ancient being.

This was especially so when he called out ‘Sir Immortal’. He felt slightly embarrassed, but it was the safest option he could take.

“Hahahaha! This old man isn’t a stubborn fool who doesn’t know how to change with the tides of time. In the past few days, this old man has already gotten used to the current way of speaking. You do not have to try to rack your brains to find the proper words in the old language.”

Louie played the role of a jolly old man and laughed brightly. This made everyone feel a great sense of security and trust. Ambassador He was relieved at the fact that the old man was not one of those hard to please.

After a pause, Louie continued, “As for that ‘immortal’ and whatnot, you don’t need to call me that. This old man is just a qi refiner. Although I have some transcendent abilities, there is still a huge gap between me and those immortals who can move mountains and fold seas.”

Although the old man in front of him seemed modest, Ambassador He’s heart jumped. He felt that the old man’s words contained important information. One of which was the immortals. According to the old man’s tone of voice, it might seem that immortals from legends were real.

Thinking of this, Ambassador He staggered more.

“Then, can I address you as ‘great master’?”

Ambassador He asked cautiously.

He thought of the old man’s martial arts that were beyond normal. Perhaps ‘great master’ was appropriate.

“Hmm, that will do. Little child, you can refer to this old man that way.”

Louie did not care and waved his hand. He surveyed the ambassador and said, “Are you an official?”

“Yes, but it’s not an official in the way that you remember. We are now the Republic of China.”

Ambassador He was a little nervous that he might make the old man furious with his words. With the strength the old man showed, he did not dare confront him. With a puff of air from him, he could be pulverized into atoms.

He just hoped that the old man wouldn't try to rebel and declare that he would bring back the Ming Dynasty.

The ambassador thought dejectedly.

Louie showed a look of reminiscing and sighed, “Time slides away quietly, no matter if it's day or night! The dynasties have changed, the world has changed, the seas have changed. Emperor Qin was also in the past. My Ming also has its fate, so little child, don’t be too worried.”

‘Damn, the old man really is from the Ming Dynasty…’

Hearing the old man’s words, everyone had complex expressions.

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