Chapter 143 - This Old Man Has Lived for 500 Years!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 143 - This Old Man Has Lived for 500 Years!

This old man was naturally Louie in disguise.

For Louie, Earth was equivalent to a huge resource warehouse which could become his backing and allow him to obtain enough materials to enrich Dragon City and build a huge Dragon God Church.

This couldn't be helped. San Soliel and Earth were in different universes, making their rules different. For example, the professions of San Soliel could not be reproduced on Earth. Moreover, there were no energy fluctuations on Earth.

This was also why there were no Gods nor superhumans that exist in the world even if there were many faiths and religions.

So, Louie couldn’t just give up on San Soliel. He could only become a God and gain immortality in the other world. Even if all humans on Earth placed their faith in him, they wouldn’t be able to make him into a God. This was the difference between the two worlds. Even the Terran Civilization was confused in the face of the rules and Gods of San Soliel.

Since Louie treated Earth as his own warehouse, he would definitely prevent major wars and dangers from occurring. Only a peaceful Earth would be productive enough to meet his standards and requirements. The chaos he sowed was only a temporary measure while he was relatively weak. He had no plans of inciting any major conflicts.

Even Louie’s new identity took him a long while to think of.

At first, Louie wanted to pretend to be a more ancient, more mythical figure, but he thought about it carefully. It was too easy to make mistakes if he pretended to be such a godlike character. The second point was that he would need to have the government cooperate to get enough supplies. If he pretended to be a God and asked mortals to give him supplies, it would be very odd and would likely destroy his reputation.

If he wanted to pretend, he had to comply with some basic rules. If he wanted to obtain material assistance and communicate with humans properly, then he would need to have a human identity. Moreover, his identity had to be human-friendly.

Modern humans were not as easy to fool as those from ancient times. If that was the case, he could just turn into an oriental dragon and have people bow their heads in worship.

In modern times, unless mythical creatures were invincible, the first thing that the governments would think was to study their bodies and genes. It was fine if mythical creatures remained uninvolved in politics, but once they did, the governments would point their guns at them in greeting.

The government would not care whether you were their ancestors. For government agencies, the ruling power was the most important. Even if Pangu resurrected, as long as mankind’s ultimate weapon wasn’t trumped, modern humans would not meekly hand over everything they had.

Moreover, Louie still didn’t have enough power to pretend to be a character in those myths and legends, making it easy for others to expose his shortcomings. He’d rather wait until he had enough power. At that point, no one could refute him.

‘Everything has to be done slowly. I will first use this kind of normal identity and get in touch with the world. At the same time, I will find a way to let everyone know that there is a stronger figure behind me. Then I could slowly manifest those legendary figures little by little.’

Louie was fighting with the deep ones while checking if his plans had any gaps.

In the eyes of others, the mysterious old man was supernaturally strong. He wandered back and forth within the group of monsters. And with each punch, a monster fell.

In truth, Louie could easily do so with his draconic strength, but facing these undead creatures, he did not bother using force. As long as he swung his fist, he could control the legendary spell to make the creatures disappear.

In other words, Louie wasn’t even showing a bit of his power. He was just making a show without using any force.

Louie was using some of the ready-to-learn fighting techniques he had just found on the internet and used them on the deep ones in a similar manner. Within a few rounds, these 30 deep ones were almost killed.

The last living deep one seemed to be enraged by the death of its tribesmen. It grabbed a collapsed thick stone pillar and swung it hard at Louie.


Louie, who was playing an old man, slightly bent his body. Following the dumbfounded gazes of the people, he swung his fist at the stone pillar. When the fist connected, the stone pillar had turned into dust and debris floating out with the wind.

Everybody gulped while imagining. Let alone a human, even a tank would be scrapped if it was hit by those fists.

“Tsss. That old man is so terrifying. The moves he’s using look like martial arts, but can martial arts really do that much?”

A young man who had read too many light novels muttered in disbelief.

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After dealing with the last deep one, Louie wasn’t ragged at all, as if his motions cost him barely any effort. He looked at the monster corpses on the ground with his hand behind his back and sighed.

“I don’t know how many years have passed since the reign of Emperor Jia Jing. This old man thought that he was the first to return but never imagined that after stepping here, the world would be permeated with an evil aura. It seems that those evil gods and demons had woken up one step ahead. The era of demons and monsters is about to come again. Woe is me. How lamentable this is.”

Louie said with traces of sorrow as if this world was about to suffer a lot more grief.

But the people who heard his words and knew jumped in surprise.

‘Emperor Jia Jing? Isn’t that during the Ming Dynasty?’

Some people who knew Chinese history began counting. Emperor Jia Jing lived during 1500 AD, counting till today, 500 years had passed.

Listening to the old man’s sighs, he seemed to have been alive during that era and for some reason left the world. That meant that the old man was at least 500 years old!

Even if the old man was not a legendary immortal, he was definitely not a normal person. After all, it was impossible for a human to live for 500 years.

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