Chapter 142 - One Punch Man!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 142 - One Punch Man!

With one punch, the entire Haneda Airport fell silent.

An ear-splitting cry followed, and the monster was instantly blown over 20 meters away.


It landed on the floor with a thud, and the spectators could see a deep depression in its chest. The creature went silent and its bulging eyes popped out before it slowly disintegrated into pieces and then dust.


The only sounds that remained were the bated breaths of the people of the airport. The monsters that had so terrorized them seemed frozen in place as well.

The surrounding armed police gulped their saliva. They looked at the old man with a bit of admiration and fear.

They were all too clear on how fast these monsters were. On their way to the airport, they had encountered a few of them, and landing effective shots on their vitals was quite difficult, especially with ordinary firearms.

And yet it had been annihilated by a single blow from the strange gentleman.

“Martial arts?”


“My God, is he even human?”

“Crap! What is that? Invisible palm?”

“Too, too powerful! The punch had killed the monster and even crushed it to pieces.”

Immediately the airport was alive again with countless conversations. But rather than panic, excitement suffused the air.

A few sharp people quickly took out their phones and began to shoot. They did not care about the monsters that were still there and turned on their live streams, madly shouting for the viewers to witness what they were seeing.

Various colors and languages filled the airport. The Chinese were even more excited when they saw the old man’s clothes that appeared to be a combination of modern and ancient styles. Although they could not tell what martial art the old man was using, they guessed that it was some kind of fighting technique or ancient martial art.

Since dragons and Cthulhu had both appeared, they thought that this was also quite natural. Their existences were proof that ancient myths and legends were probably true. Perhaps even immortals who could move mountains might also be real.

Even if the old man in front of them wasn’t the legendary immortal, he was definitely one of those that had a transcendent level of power.

Many people felt a fiery passion in their hearts. They wished they could kneel down and worship. For people living in the present, especially the young people, who could say that they never dreamt of becoming a superhero? Who could say that they never dreamt of being able to fly or walk on walls or obtain incredible strength and like the characters in myths and legends?

In the past, they only thought of these as fictive stories that could only be realized in fiction and fantasy. But now they knew they were all too real.

The embassy staff who talked to the old man before patted her heart and secretly thanked herself for not speaking ill of him and treating him with respect. That said, she now itched to form a good connection. In the case that the old man sees her as a kind-hearted person, he might take her as a disciple.

Ambassador He was also shocked. He was dumbfounded for a moment. Then he quickly took out his phone and contacted the country to report the current situation.

From the clothing and words, the old man appeared to be a countryman, but when he thought about the global situation, perhaps the old man might even be older than he imagined.

Seeing the punch that was swung, every aspect looked like martial arts, but they were definitely not simple. Even if martial arts masters were here, they would absolutely not be able to create the same effect.

He felt that this old man was definitely one of those superhumans!

Many countries already speculated that someone in the world might have mastered mysterious powers after the appearance of the dragon and Cthulhu, but there had been no evidence. Now that this old man appeared, the governments’ speculation was proven.

Ambassador He also had a fire in his heart since the other party was of the same nationality. Although he couldn’t be sure if patriotic motives could move such individuals, the fact that they shared the same nationality meant that his country likely had a leg up in a meeting with this personage than others.

‘No matter what, I absolutely need to establish relations with this person. We need to be the first to get a handle on the current global situation.’

“Ah, be careful!!!”

While everyone had different thoughts, the monsters also came back to their senses. They hissed and screamed as they rushed towards the old man. A monster leaped up high and brandished its claws at him. Seeing the old man stand still without moving, the people shouted in terror, afraid to see a bloody scene following.

But that scene never came to pass. As the monster’s claws swept past the old man’s body, there was no feeling of blood and flesh at all. What was left behind was only an afterimage.

“Damn! He can even leave afterimages.”

“I thought those things were only made up in anime and novels.”


The crowd was shocked and excited.

Of course, they did not know it was just a simple [Illusion] spell.

“Courting death!”

The old man’s figure appeared behind the monster. He shouted in a low tone and punched the monster.

This blow from bottom to top sent the monster flying straight up. Without even being able to scream, it blasted through the ceiling of the airport, leaving glass shards and twisted steel frames. Same as the previous monster, this one quickly disintegrated.

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Everyone watching all this was dumbfounded. They looked at the ceiling tens of meters high and wondered how many tons of power was contained in his fist. Physics might already not matter at all as these monsters disintegrated into nothing. This might be the so-called ‘focusing power in one point’ that many have heard of in movies and stories.

The surrounding armed police were surprised for a split second before they all came back to their senses and recommenced shooting the monsters. Even if the old man was able to get rid of two of them, just a single one of them charging into the crowd would cause huge casualties.

Bang bang bang…


Gunfire lit up the airport, and yellow shells bounced on the ground. The old man seemed to be unconcerned with these bullets and continued to walk forward without hesitation.

Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and did something that no one could see. When his hand stopped, the crowd saw the old man holding a bullet with his two fingers which ricocheted.

“Young man, pay a bit of attention. Don’t hurt innocent people.”

The old man threw the bullet and patted the police’s shoulder.

The black soldier of this unknown country looked at the bullet with astonishment. He nodded in a dull manner even if he could not understand what the old man was saying.

Immediately after, the old man took another step and seemed to have disappeared. In the next second, he appeared dozens of meters away towards the monsters.

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