Chapter 141 - Superhuman from China
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 141 - Superhuman from China

Tokyo’s Haneda Airport was close to its downtown area. Presently its large capacity was being pushed to the limit as many people scrambled to leave the country.

However, because of the large number of people as well as the many airlines canceling flights to Tokyo due to the situation on the ground, the entire airport was in a state of paralysis.

Moreover, due to a large number of people, the seats were not enough, as a result, many had to make do with the floor. Humans were social animals that lived in groups. And when enough people came together, everyone would feel a greater sense of security. Even if these people were helpless against the monsters, the scene was relatively calm though noisy as many people spoke to their neighbors.

There were many people of different races gathered in the airport. But all were united in face of the recent disasters.

After the consent of the Japanese government, the embassies of various countries brought their own forces to the airport. These armed forces stood guard to prevent possible surprise attacks by monsters. The place was an airport that was currently crowded with people. They understood that if a monster rushed in, a nightmare would begin.

The airport staves were trying to distribute food reserves, while the staves of the embassies were also reassuring people to stay calm and composed.

In this sea of people stood an extremely conspicuous old man. He did not sit on the ground as the rest but walked back and forth with his hands behind his back. His clothes were out of place with the atmosphere, as if he was living in a different era. And no matter where he went, he would attract the gazes of people.

“Sir, you are already quite old. Why don’t you take a seat and rest? You can rest assured, it’s quite safe here.”

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A Chinese embassy staff member saw the old man and became curious. She carefully observed some more and thought him to be a fellow countryman. She immediately came over to persuade him.

The embassy staff had someone fetch food and water for the old man and asked, “What is your name, old sir? Where are your family relatives?”

After finishing her words, the staff wanted to smack her own mouth. Tokyo was currently in chaos and many families had been torn apart. If the old man in front of him had lost his family, then she was just opening other people’s scars.

But the old man was not sad at all. He did not appear to have lost contact with his family.

“Haha, my surname is Zhang. As for my family, they have already left the world early on. This time, this old man has come alone to see Japan.”

The old man replied with a smile. To people’s surprise, his voice was not old at all, but rather clear as a bell and even carried an imposing aura.

The staff was a little surprised by the old man’s voice. His accent was so strange that she could barely understand his words.

‘His family is dead…’

Hearing this, the staff member looked solemn and showed a touch of sympathy to the old man.

“Little doll doesn’t need to sympathize with this old man. Life and death are preordained. All life dies in the end. There is nothing for you to feel sad about.”

The staff member felt awe. She felt that the old man truly lived to the limits of life, that being able to look away from matters of life and death was not an easy thing to do.

It was only then that the embassy staff noticed that the old man in front of her was different from other old people. The old man’s face did not have any age spots and his skin was very clear. His back was straight as an arrow and his posture carried an amiable yet austere aura. This was especially felt from his ink-black pupils. Glancing at them made her eyes feel a bit painful.

The staff felt that the old man in front of her was not a mortal, rather he was like those strange people who appeared in myths and legends.

She quickly called another female staff member to take care of the old man while she went to the ambassador who was comforting the crowd to report the situation.

“Ambassador He, there’s something strange about the old man over there.”

The staff whispered and glanced at the old man. At the same time, the old man seemed to also be smiling as he looked at her. Those unforgettable eyes seemed to flash, causing her to shiver and think that the old man might have heard what she said.

‘That shouldn’t be the case. We are so far apart. He shouldn't be able to hear me in this noisy environment unless he placed an eavesdropping device near me.’

Ambassador He temporarily stopped his speech. He drank a mouthful of water to quench his thirst before saying, “I already noticed the old man a while ago. But the most important thing to do right now is to safely send back our fellow countrymen. We can talk about the old man later.”

After saying this, Ambassador He massaged his throat and once again shouted, “Everyone, please do not worry. Our government is currently discussing countermeasures with the Japanese government. The government will soon send a plane to bring everyone back to the motherland as soon as possible. We only have some problems with the airport facilities for the plane to land. There is plenty of food and water here. We will be safe and the government will definitely not abandon anyone.”

Ambassador He’s words placed the crowd's minds at ease. Perhaps because he was there, the crowd felt reassured. After all, the ambassador has a high status that could allow him to manage the situation.

Seeing that the people were reassured, Ambassador He exhaled and called the armed police beside him, “Little Li, how’s the problem with security?”

“No need to worry, sir. We have already discussed with the armed police of other countries to set up a defense line. As long as the monsters don’t come in numbers, we won’t be in danger here. Before we shed the last drop of our blood, we will definitely defend you and everyone here!”

Ambassador He exhaled. When he was just about to say something the doors burst open.


“The monsters are coming!!!”

The crowd screamed causing a chaotic mess.

The glass windows of the airport shattered as hideous ugly monsters appeared in the sight of the crowd. There were about thirty of them.

The armed police were surprised. They had already experienced the power of these monsters. Unless they had tanks or machine guns, they wouldn’t be able to easily deal with them. They would have to pay hefty casualties if they wanted to defeat them with just ordinary firearms.

But as the frontline, they did not step back. No matter which country the armed police belonged to, they used their flesh and blood to construct the first line of defense.

“Everyone calm down! Calm down!”

Embassy staves of various countries shouted. The thing they feared the most, at the moment, was chaos in the airport that would result in trampling accidents.

“Old sir! Old sir! Please do not go over there. It’s dangerous there!”

Seeing the old man in fancy clothing slowly walking forward, the female staff panicked and tried to grab him.

But the old man was like a mud loach that avoided her hand. He took unwavering steps towards the monsters. He sighed and spoke in a voice that was surprisingly heard by everyone in the airport, “Hai, I didn’t expect the evil god to be the first to return. Great chaos will definitely come.”

After saying so, the old man swung his fist against the air. The crowd was dumbfounded at the scene. The power of the fist was like a cannonball. The air whistled as the punch landed. The monster wasn’t able to react at all.

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