Chapter 140 - Mysterious Visitor
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 140 - Mysterious Visitor


“Don’t let these monsters in!!”

“The Imperial Palace is behind us!”

“Protect the Emperor!”

“Protect the Emperor!”


On the street next to the Tokyo Imperial Palace, armored cars lined up side by side with several Japanese battle tanks and self-defense forces shouting frantically. They pulled the trigger on their weapons, causing bullets to dance in the darkness of the night. The large-caliber machine guns fired without stopping as yellow shells bounced all over the ground.

A helicopter gunship flew over the armored cars, pouring out its own ammunition. Under the roar of the modern heat weapons, the walls across the street were turned into a sieve in an instant. The small three-story buildings were also turned into rubble.

“Gua Gah Guee”

The deep ones let out disgusting ear-piercing screams. Although they could jump very high, they could not break through the firing line of modern weapons, especially those large-caliber guns that could turn them into mush.

After beating back a wave of these deep ones, the SDF members did not dare to relax. They looked warily at the ruins in front of them. One by one, sweat stains dripped down their foreheads, but they did not dare wipe them.

They were already clear how powerful these deep ones were. Although these monsters were still made of flesh and bones that could be killed with human weapons, their bodies were far stronger than humans in terms of physical strength and reaction. From time to time, they would even jump high and cross several meters.

In close range, large caliber weapons and machine guns couldn’t be fired due to collateral damage. They would only be able to use ordinary firearms. If that happened, it would take hundreds of bullets to kill a single one of them. Moreover, when they jump into a group of people, they would start a massacre.

“I think we should change to large-caliber rounds!”

“Changing to an Ak-47?”

“Those things should be more effective than the pistols in our hands. Moreover, we can just shoot blindly without minding accuracy!”

During the break, several soldiers took advantage to chat and relieve their inner tension. No one knew why, whether it was their psyche or a curse, but as soon as anyone stepped into the range of Tokyo, they would uncontrollably feel fear. If these soldiers weren’t well-trained, they wouldn’t be able to fight off against the deep ones at all.

“Have the people in the palace not withdrawn yet?”

At the rear of the JSDF, there were many helicopters hovering in the sky, taking away the imperial family and the staff of the palace.

“It will take some time before everyone in the palace is evacuated. As the imperial guards, we must stay here!”

An officer shouted.

“The moat! Look at the castle moat! The monsters are swimming from the river towards the palace!”

“Fuck, they are swimming too fast!”

“They look like fish. They might even be sea monsters! Call for reinforcements, don’t let them monsters enter the imperial palace! The people inside haven’t finished evacuating!”

As the command echoed, a portion of the soldiers quickly came to the moat and shot down at the river. They would have used machine guns if only it wasn’t so heavy to move in time.

“Hurry! Hurry! Some monsters have already climbed up the walls! Tanks!”

Under anxious cries, a tank finally turned around and fired.

An earthquake-like roar echoed. In the next second, a loud explosion occurred. The last time the imperial palace was under fire was during World War II, but this time it was Japan’s own Self-Defense Force who shot.

The man-made steel monster was powerful. Its cannons shot across the river and blew the deep ones into pieces. But this also caused a huge hole in the wall of the Imperial Palace. Still, the soldiers around the place exhaled as they finally blocked the monsters’ sneak attack.

“Be careful, the monsters at the front are attacking again. These things are quite smart. They actually know how to flank us!”

The sound of gunfire once again blazed through the battlefield as smoke once again rose from Tokyo.

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The same scene was happening at the edge of the central wards of Tokyo. After the American forces from Okinawa joined forces with the JSDF, they quickly built up a fortification, before finally fending off the monsters, preventing them from breaking through the protective circle and causing greater damage to Tokyo.

After stabilizing the situation, the united forces sent squads towards the central wards to rescue the masses inside but soon gave up. The soldiers that went in lost the cover provided by large-caliber guns, as a result, they were beaten by the deep ones. In terms of small team combat, humans were no match for these monsters. As long as a deep one got close, the entire squad would be ruined.

And because this was the very core of Japan, there were still large numbers of civilians inside, so they didn’t dare fire any artillery or send missiles that way. Although the casualties weren’t large, they had limited means of continuing this plan. They were helpless against the monsters hiding inside.

“How is the rescue doing?”

Oshima was asking the nearby staff inside the command center. Although he was not part of the military, his position still qualified him to obtain detailed information.

“The cabinet members, as well as members of the parliament and some powerful people, have been rescued. His Majesty the Emperor has also boarded the helicopter and is being evacuated to a safe place.

Hearing the soldiers’ words. Oshima nodded.

They had no choice. Compared to those ordinary people, the first to be rescued were those with power.

“We shouldn’t treat these deep ones as pure monsters. It’s quite possible that they have high intelligence. I even suspect that they could use words!”

An American officer brought out the map of Tokyo and drew two circles with a pen. “According to our information, the deep ones were not attacking Tokyo indiscriminately but using the circles as the core of defensive warfare. They won’t go out of this range, but our military couldn’t go too deep into them. The deep ones on the periphery of the circle aren’t many in numbers, so we could slowly surround them.”

“We could perform guerrilla warfare and approach inch by inch, but that will cause a lot of casualties.”

“These deep ones have also caught a lot of civilians and we don’t know what they’re gonna do with them. Could it be that they’re gonna be hostages?”

Oshima was discussing with an American colonel.

“We are at war with an intelligent race.”

Almost all the satellites in the world were now focused on Tokyo. Fortunately, the monsters didn’t know how to block signals, otherwise, humans would have to fight blind.

In the monster-occupied wards, various scouts and liaison officers had already been dispatched. They moved through places without monsters to deliver information back to the front lines. Some bold people even broadcast live while inside. At the same time, the hearts of the people around the world were focused on Tokyo.

At Tokyo Haneda Airport, an old man suddenly appeared. He wore a fancy clothing and his face was quite old, but his body was well-built like a strong man and his smile was strangely youthful for some reason.

A pair of inverted pupils suddenly appeared in his slightly squinted eyes, but soon disappeared, turning back into a pair of shiny black pupils.

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