Chapter 139 - Shocking the World!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 139 - Shocking the World!

“This is ABC News bringing you the latest updates on Tokyo, Japan…”

“This is BBC News, reporting live! Tokyo, the capital of Japan, has suddenly been attacked by a mysterious force. Our front-line journalists are broadcasting the live situation for you.”

The TV screen switched out to a screen that was shaking violently. The first thing that you could see were people screaming. Then in those shaking shots, twisted monsters could be seen wreaking havoc. The unlucky few who fell behind were snatched up by them.

The TV cameraman and reporter were running while crying. Being able to barely shoot the state of Tokyo was already considered to be an excellent dedication to his craft.

“Tokyo is currently suffering from the largest homeland incasion ever since the World War II bombing of Japan. We do not know if these monsters are related to the recent sightings of the extraordinary or secret biological experiments by the Japanese government, due to their history of human experiments during World War II.”

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“In our next segment, we will invite the famous English historian and occultist, Professor Lewis, to explore the true identity of these monsters.”

“TF1 here to bring you urgent news. Monsters have appeared in Tokyo Japan in what seems like an alien invasion.”

“This is TVB News. We interrupt this program to bring urgent news. Currently in Tokyo, Japan, monsters are running rampant. If you have any family members or friends working or traveling in Tokyo, please contact them quickly and tell them to go to the embassy or airport. The Chinese government will organize a rescue as soon as possible.”

People all over the world were tuning in to the events happening in Japan.

Due to the time difference, many people were doing different things. Some put down their breakfast bread, some stopped doing work, some watched the TV in the comfort of their home, and others were woken up in the middle of the night by their friends to quickly turn on the TV.

At this moment, it seemed as if the whole world had stopped and people were watching the situation in Tokyo on their TVs and computers.

“Oh God! Is this for real?”

“I’m in Tokyo, Japan right now, can anyone help me. Everything is fucked here!”

“The angel has blown the trumpet of doom. God will soon perform the final judgment. Yes, this is the judgment of doom!”

“Destroy human tyranny! The world belongs to Cthulhu!”

“Crap, I am still asleep? How could there be so many monsters tonight.”

“I strongly request the government to disclose all hidden information. The people have the right to know the truth about the world.”

“That’s right, we don’t believe that the government doesn’t know about the supernatural, like aliens… and aliens! The government must have been hiding this from everyone! Now, it is all exposed for everyone to see!”

“Now that the situation has reached this point, is the government still keeping us in the dark?”

“I would like to ask a question. If I’m not a virgin anymore, is it too late to start cultivating immortality? Urgent! I will be waiting!”

Many conspiracy theories on the internet believe that the government had long known about the supernatural. For example, witchcraft existed and the government did not let the public know. But the truth was that none of the world’s governments knew what was going on. They were just as confused as the people were. Although there were departments for investigating supernatural events, it was only starting this year that they had begun true research into the subject.

None of the governments truly knew about anything. The discovery of the dragon in the Amazon was the first time they encountered the other side of the world. They were hardly any more informed than the general populace

“Hahahaha!! Japanese people dying is so good! Those dogs deserve to die!”

“Oi, you idiot! This is no time to be confined in your narrow nationalism. This is a matter of life and death. This is a matter that concerns whether mankind can still rule the Earth or not! The people of the world should now stand together! To fight these monsters and natural disasters!”

“Are you sure that Japan isn’t the cause of this?”

“I don’t think Japan has the ability to do so.”

“I know from a friend that the appearance of the monster is related to a mysterious ritual. My friend also sent it to me. Do you want to see it?”

The world went crazy as the public discourse on all channels shifted to the happenings in Tokyo. The world’s police forces were out in force, arresting those who were spreading false rumors. At the same time, heavy restriction on internet usage was enforced, especially those related to bizarre rituals. Even if harmless sites were banned by accident, it was better than letting a potential danger lurk.

Everyone was afraid that this event would occur in their country.


A loud alarm sounded at the United States military base in Okinawa, Japan.

“We have received orders from the president! We are now to head to the battlefield!”

“Hurry up! You brats should get a move on! Grab your weapons and your gear. We’re moving out! I’ll repeat, this is not a drill! This is not a drill!!!”

“The Japanese government has requested our help. Although I couldn’t believe it myself, I will tell you that our opponents are not human beings. It’s a bunch of disgusting twisted monsters. Those idiots at the institute haven’t given us any useful information at all and we still don’t know what these monsters’ weaknesses are. Fuck those bastards. They can’t even do anything right.”

“I don’t know how usefulour training is at facing monsters, but stick by it nonetheless. Make no mistake! And remember, whether you follow our combat manual or not is the key to your survival!!!”

“The 1st division of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force has already rushed to the battlefield. They have moved many tanks and armored vehicles. The 12th brigade is also en route to Tokyo. When you reach the frontlines, cooperate with them and try to use the tanks and armored vehicles as cover. Do not go into melee combat with the monsters. From the information we got, there is a large gap in strength between humans and those monsters!”

“Remember, try to attack them with artillery shells and large caliber weapons. Ordinary firearms don’t have much of an effect against them!”

Under the roar of the base’s colonel, helicopter gunships quickly took off. Some fighter jets first took off to the battlefield to scout.

In the Pacific Ocean, an American carrier was rapidly approaching mainland Japan. At the same time, a carrier base in Qingdao, China also let out an ear-splitting alarm. Carriers and frigates from China also rapidly sailed out of the port to the eastern seas, deploying a blockade between China and Japan.

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