Chapter 138 - Tokyo, In Complete Chaos
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 138 - Tokyo, In Complete Chaos

The [Aura of Fear] quickly took effect.

Civilians in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Chiyoda, Minato, and Bunkyo whether they were watching TV at home, walking down the street, shopping for clothes in the mall, or eating in a restaurant were all hit by a wave of terror in an instant.

As the places closest to the center of Tokyo, these areas were the most prosperous business districts in Japan. Chaos reigned everywhere.

“Cu-customer, are you okay?”

A person who just got off work was currently eating dinner. He suddenly felt his chest constrict, and he covered his heart. He thought that there might be a problem with the food and he was poisoned. In a panic, he picked up his phone and dialed the emergency number, but he found that he could not press anything at all.

Before the boss of the establishment could think of a way to help this customer, he also began to feel pain in his heart. He covered his heart and leaned against the wall. The palpitations, panic, and pain seemed as if he was having a heart attack. He had difficulty in breathing and did not know if it was a mental or a physical problem.


A girl’s scream could be heard outside the restaurant. When they heard the sound, the people inside the restaurant returned back to normal, but the inner fear and panic still existed. They listened to the screams outside, the honking cars, as well as a loud boom. Fear began creeping up to them.

Although they hadn’t seen what was happening, the panic and fear that it was the end of the world spread over Tokyo.

Some bold diners opened the door to look outside and saw people running as well as disgusting monsters covered in mucus. They shouted in fear, “M-monster! There are monsters! Boss, quickly shut the doors!”

The other customers and the boss quickly rushed to carry heavy objects and use them to block the door. The boss quickly pulled down the curtains mimicking what he saw in monster movies and war movies.


The crowd sighed a breath of relief, only to hear a pop sound. The door as well as the heavy objects had been penetrated. A muscular arm covered in slippery and slimy mucus had penetrated their blockade. Then with its other arm, it tore open the door and the blockade of the restaurant, revealing a terrifying monster.


Screams echoed inside the restaurant

People ran to the streets as they yelled in terror.

“Police! Where are the police!”

'“What we need is the Self-Defense Force!”

“Huhuhuhuhu….. Nishino-kun don’t run away…... Didn’t you say you love me…... Don’t leave me behind….”

“Mom…. Dad…..Wuhuhuhuhu…”

“Baby, we’re here. Quickly, let’s run away.”

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Why did I come to Tokyo!”

“Damn Japan, what kind of sins did you commit for this to happen!? Why are there so many monsters! Fuck me for deciding to travel here!!!”

Hoarse screams, cries, and curses of various languages were heard.

“Quick everyone, go outside! It’s best to quickly go to the airport and board a plane.”

“Under this kind of situation, the airport is probably paralyzed.”

“I don’t know how far these monsters have spread, but our lives will be over if the whole of Tokyo is infested with them.”

“Quick, run outside the city!”

“Stop spouting nonsense. These are not zombies, but monsters. They aren’t contagious. The further we run out the city, the fewer obstacles there are, the faster we would die!”

“Go to the embassy! There should be armed forces there!”

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“Bang, bang…”

The sound of gunshots didn’t cause the crowd to be afraid. Instead, they were shaken and unconsciously head towards the sound. They thought that firearms would be able to save them.

But in the instant the crowd saw the police firing at the monsters, they immediately ran in the opposite direction.

The few armed police officers were firing at the monsters with all their zeal, but they could do little other than aggravate the beasts more. The monsters jumped to the roofs of the police vehicles and ripped them apart before desecrating the people inside.

A few courageous passersby dropped the metal bars in their hands as soon as they saw what the creatures were capable of. With a wordless understanding that resistance meant death, they turned tail and fled with all their strength.

The traffic had come to a standstill as owners ran out of their vehicles with their passengers in tow.

A few people who thought themselves clever ran for the underground entrances in hopes of evading the beasts. They had hoped to use the labyrinthine system of train tunnels to escape the chaos but soon found that that was the worst decision.

“Where’s the fucking army! Why haven’t they come yet! These Japanese are too slow!”

“How could Japan have an army? They are a defeated country with no means to form one.”

“But they have a Self-Defense Force. Where are they now!”

“How should I know! I just want them to quickly send out Ultraman! Where is Ultraman when you need him? What should we do if Godzilla suddenly comes out!”

While running, people cursed and shouted, but this was also to relieve the pressure from their hearts. Their fears were simply too much.

A monster hugged the pole and broke it, causing it to fall on a car. They would break walls with their strong bodies. It was then that a lot of people noticed that these monsters were not particularly homicidal. Except for a few who dare to resist, these monsters did not kill anyone. They seemed to be grabbing people without knowing what to do after.

Seeing that the people weren’t resisting anymore. Tokyo police officers threw down their guns and ran. As for those caught by the monsters, they weren’t too optimistic. The monsters were probably accumulating winter food reserves. Everyone had already seen the Alien series movies, where the aliens capture the living and use them to lay their eggs.

People would rather be torn apart and killed by the monsters, rather than be captured and suffer.

Tokyo’s police department and hospital phones had blown up… but in this situation, they couldn’t do anything. Even if they sent the army now, no one could stop the disaster.

“Have you found the exact location of these monsters?”

Oshima listened to various reports as cold sweat ran down his forehead.

“Reporting, these monsters appeared in various areas of Tokyo, but from satellite observation, they are mainly found in the core six districts. They seem to be converging outside the junction of Chiyoda and Minato. I wonder where these monsters are gathering?”

“What is the Ministry of Defense doing! Where is the Self-Defense Force? Quickly, send them out and have them block the roads. Those idiots. The monsters had appeared close to the parliament. They should hurry up and protect the prime minister and the emperor!”

‘Chaos… the whole Tokyo is in complete chaos.’

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