Chapter 145 - The Identity of the Mysterious Old Man
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 145 - The Identity of the Mysterious Old Man

A certain building in Shanghai was currently protected by police officers and soldiers who bore fully loaded weapons. There were many people coming in and out of the edifice, and each person was subject to the most rigorous body searches and checks at the entrances and exits.

This was the newly formed department by the Chinese government that was in charge of investigating mysterious affairs.

Gui Bin was sitting inside one of the offices with a laptop in front of him and was watching domestic as well as foreign videos.

As a member of the special department, Gui Bin naturally had to pay more attention to what was happening in Tokyo at the moment. Previously, he was already on the internet collecting specific information about what was happening inside Tokyo. Now, he was just as concerned as everybody about the mysterious old man who suddenly appeared at Tokyo Haneda Airport.

“Damn, that power is simply beyond imagination.”

Gui Bin stared wide-eyed at the video of the old man. With one fist, the old man instantly killed a deep one, causing Gui Bin to suck back a breath of cold air.

No matter who shot the video, all videos related to the situation in Tokyo were all top ranking in every country.

No one was focusing on games or other entertainment anymore on various live streaming platforms. Instead, everyone turned their attention to the live streamers in Tokyo. Despite the danger to their lives, they had boldly decided to broadcast the events surrounding them.

For example, the streamer named ‘Tomato’ on B-station was now exploding with popularity. He had gone to Tokyo without any real expectations of finding monsters, but in an almost karmic irony, the monsters began to attack once he started broadcasting. Now he was caught in the chaos and couldn’t escape.

With some luck, if he managed to make it out alive, he would certainly become a big-time name in the streaming community.

Governments all over the world had mobilized military satellites to watch over Tokyo. Many countries had also sent in military forces to help contain the chaos and obtain information about it. Nonetheless, information could be gleaned from publicly available content as well. This was Gui Bin’s job.

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No matter how powerful a human’s fist was, it could at most penetrate through the body, but the old man’s punch could actually disintegrate living beings. The mechanics involved were surely very complex, and power alone was far from enough to produce that effect.

The afterimages he had left behind while moving were another mystery. Scientifically speaking, they made no sense. Perhaps they were a visual residue of some sort, but raw speed wouldn’t allow someone to perform that.

Gui Bin looked at these. As a young man, his heart was surging with excitement. He wished he could worship the old man as a master and learn from him!


“Damn, too amazing!”

“Is this the legendary martial energy penetration?”

“Even the ceiling of the airport was penetrated. Isn’t this just exaggerated CG effects?”

“Did the old man just say he lived in the era of Emperor Jia Jiang? That’s in the Ming Dynasty, right? Doesn’t that mean he’s 500 years old? This is not a joke right?”

“Hehe. If any other old man says it, it would be a lie, but this old man’s words are definitely true.”

“Could it be that immortality truly exists!?”

“Longevity may exist. I don’t know about immortality. Take a look at the old man’s appearance, he doesn’t look young anymore.”

“I, Zhu Yuanzhang, will put my money on it!”

“I, Qin Shi Huang, am not convinced!”

“Find this old man’s contact information. A fortune-teller told me that I have extraordinary spiritual roots and bones. I can have achievements too! I want to worship him as a master!”


Looking at the pop-ups on the screen, Gui Bin just shook his head and laughed. All this time, these netizens were still in the mood to joke. This was because this was not happening to them and they could only express some sympathy for the people in Tokyo.

“If these things happen close by, or happen in China, I wonder how you people would think.”

Gui Bin was a bit flabbergasted at his own words and immediately ‘slapped’ his own mouth.

He said to himself, “I told you to stop speaking nonsense. It’s better if this kind of thing doesn’t happen.”

The head of the division walked in. Seeing Gui Bin smack himself, he asked in puzzlement, “What are you doing? Self-harm?”

“Ah, nothing, nothing. There was a mosquito just now. I’m just hitting it.”

Upon his boss’s unexpected entrance Gui Bin could only smile awkwardly.

The leader was a bit doubtful of mosquitoes in the current season, but he did not ask much, “Get up and cfollow me to the meeting.”

Gui Bin quickly stood up and put on his jacket.

The two of them walked towards the conference room.

Naturally, it was not only their department that was working in this building. When it came to events involving mysterious forces, the political and military bigwigs treated it with great importance. If not because Gui Bin and the others were experienced in facing ‘unknown events’, they weren’t really qualified to meet such distinguished individuals.

“The first division chief’s travel plans have all been canceled. Now, he is sitting at Zhonghai to lead the overall situation. The Politburo Standing Committee has also gathered there. They have prepared for combat against enemies that could come from any direction. Qingdao base’s aircraft carrier fleet has also been deployed and set up in the East China Sea.”

The team leader whispered to Gui Bin while walking.

“Isn’t that too much? That’s simply war preparations.”

Gui Bin was surprised to hear the country’s preparation. He did not expect that the leaders seemed as if they were facing a great enemy.

“This couldn’t be helped. The incident this time is too alarming. Carefully recall what you know about the deep ones.”

“According to Lovecraftian records, the deep ones should be an intelligent race living in the deep seas.”

Gui Bin instinctively answered.

“That’s right. That is what the country is worried about. Although there is evidence that the deep ones appeared because of a mysterious ritual, there’s no guarantee that the deep ones do not exist under the seas of Japan. The role of the carrier fleet is to serve as the first line of defense in that worst-case scenario. At the same time, we can send support if Japan calls for it.”

“Although our relationship with Japan isn’t good, this is an issue of the survival of the human race. As long as we are not standing on the opposite side of the human race, we must also declare our position… Moreover, Japan is too close to us. If deep ones also appear in our country, we will be able to control the situation faster and prevent the situation from being similar as Tokyo.”

The leader explained the details to Gui Bin. It did not take long for the two to make it to the conference room and find a seat. Not long after, other important people also began to arrive.

“Everybody already understands the general situation, so let’s get straight to the point.”

A general was presiding over the meeting. He kept his words brief and got to the main topic.

“First of all, do any of you experts know about the possible identity of the old man?”

Hearing the content of the meeting, Gui Bin pricked up his ears and listened carefully.

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