Chapter 14 - Humans Will Never Be Slaves
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 14 - Humans Will Never Be Slaves

“All troops, retreat to Central City!!!”

Abir roared, releasing a terrifying sound wave that rustled the ancient trees and reached the ears of every soldier.

In fact, Abir’s words were redundant. After seeing the primordial dragon, the human soldiers had already begun to retreat, but their speed could not match the dragon’s flight. They only fought back in desperation.

And now, Abir, a high-ranking legendary ranked warrior, was blocking the dragon. The human army finally had time to flee. The groups of soldiers cried out as they ran out of the distorted forest, running along the plains towards the distant Central City, wishing they had grown four legs.

The army of 30,000 soldiers had fought with the dragon, resulting in disastrous losses. Moreover, Louie used his divine power to call out the Emerald Dreamland. In a short amount of time, more than 20,000 soldiers had died. Finally, only a thousand people were barely able to run back.

This was an absolute defeat. Even considering that they encountered a primordial dragon, for Abir, the head of the Holy Iris Knights, this was an absolute disgrace in his military career.

“Want to run?”

Seeing the ant-like humans running in the distance, Louie laughed and opened his mouth, preparing to unleash another dragon’s breath.

“Evil dragon!! Your opponent is me!!”

Just when Louie was about to spray out his breath, Abir roared and leaped up. Although he had lost his weapon, he was still a legendary rank warrior. Even if he had no weapon, every single part of his body was just as deadly.


Abir’s fist landed on the scales near Louie’s mouth.

Louie was startled. He never imagined that this human was this strong. For him, the feeling was perhaps comparable to an adult being punched by a baby, but considering that he was a primordial dragon, he could only imagine just how strong the blow was. Abir could probably split mountains with it.

However, Abir only enraged Louie with his strike. His huge dragon eyes glared at the human who darted like a fly in front of him. He roared, “......Lo

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