Chapter 15 - A Transmigrator’s Proper Position
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 15 - A Transmigrator’s Proper Position

Asides from the elven army stationed within the Silver Moon Kingdom, most elven warriors fought in small groups and employed guerrilla tactics. This made them particularly suited for attacks in the forest as against the plains, where they’d likely lose to humans or beastmen.

However, each elf was quite powerful on their own, and they possessed a keen eye for taking advantage of the terrain. Though their low fertility rates made it hard for them to invade other territories, they were more than enough for them to defend their own home grounds.

In the forest outskirts of the Forest of the Moon, the elves had prepared for conflict with the humans. They banded together in groups of ten to a hundred and waited for the human legion to arrive before cutting through the battlefield with their superior individual abilities and cooperation.

But this time, the perennial war between humans and elves took a different turn.

The elves had far better eyesight than the humans, and so they could notice the battle taking place in the distance. They saw the terrifying dragon descend on the battlefield before commencing its massacre of the human army, and even the powerful legendary rank warrior of the Theocracy’s Holy Iris Order Commander died fruitlessly. Even if the dragon was there to help them, the elves could not help but feel a deep terror in their hearts and chill in their bones. Some even bemoaned the tragic fates of the humans.

This was the instinctive fear of the weak in the face of the strong. However much they tried to climb up the ranks and raise their abilities, they could do nothing but fear those powerful forces who could treat them like ants.

“That dragon looks like it's going to ‘Central City’. What should we do?”

On top of a tall tree, two elven scouts were hiding among the dense branches and leaves. As rangers, they had even better eyesight and were able to observe the entire battlefield.

The elves were known for their elegance and beauty. Even ordinary female elves were beauties in the eyes of other human-like races with similar aesthetics.

“The other scouting squads have already reported the intelligence to the upper echelon. We just have to wait for the news…… Lady Silver Moon, that giant dragon is too terrifying. I have seen dragons before, but this is my first time seeing one that big. Just looking at it is enough to paralyze anyone. I don’t want to fight against such a creature.”

One of the female elves patted her chest. Her voice still trembled at the sight before her.

“That is a demigod dragon. If we fought against him, it would inconvenience him the same way you’d be bothered if something were stuck in your teeth. This is the first time I have heard of one of its kind. Could it be an ancient dragon that lived for many years and has only just awakened?”

The other elf also showed a terrified look, and her neck subconsciously shrunk back.

At this moment, a metal badge on her chest shook. The elf collected her expression as she solemnly faced the badge. It emitted a green g

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