Chapter 127 - Raising a Female Dragon like a Dog
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 127 - Raising a Female Dragon like a Dog

Under her captor’s gaze, the Queen of Calamity became fearful, and she curled up into a little ball.

When Louie placed the crown on his head, her gaze contained a bit of resentment and helplessness.

The divine weapon, the Divine King’s Crown, was her greatest treasure. Just it alone surpassed all of the treasures she possessed before.

In order to obtain this crown a thousand years ago, she had paid a heavy price. At the critical moment, when she was besieged by many powerful people, it was this object that protected her and allowed her to live to the next millennium, but she never expected that it would also become her dowry.

To dragons, few things could match the pain of losing their wealth. But no matter how much resentment she held within, she could only prostrate herself on the ground in submission. The sole testament to her anger and wounded pride was the silent grinding of her teeth.

Pride came from powerful strength and abundant wealth. A dragon’s arrogance was also the same. If a person who lost everything still tried to retain a prideful image, then they were just foolish.

The Queen of Calamity was no fool. She knew that she could only bear with it for the present. She would then slowly look for an opportunity to take back everything she owned.

‘My crown… I had prepared that crown for my path to becoming a God…’

“You relied on this divine weapon to escape other people’s pursuit, right?”

Louie looked at Noella and spoke with great understanding, “Let me guess your methods. You should have a teleportation spell set in the world within this artifact. When activated, the divine weapon would teleport from its current location to the Shadow Realm, or to be exact, inside this mountain. At the same time, you hid inside the small realm within the divine weapon to escape. Those who attacked you did not dare destroy it, so they could only watch you escape.”

Divine weapons possessed special characteristics. There was a nine-ring spell, [Splitting], that had a certain probability of destroying one, but there was a small probability that it would fail. If the spell failed to affect the divine weapon, the person who tried to destroy it would be cursed by the God who created it, even if the God had fallen. As long as the divine weapon existed, the curse would remain in effect.

A God’s curse, especially that of a powerful God, was not easily dealt with. As a result, no one would dare attempt to destroy the divine weapon. They could only stare with wide eyes as Noella hid inside it and escaped.

“Yes, I relied on this divine weapon to escape.”

Noella said dispiritedly. In this kind of situation, she did not need to lie.

Louie nodded his head slowly. This method was quite useful. Unless one faced true Gods or those that did not fear the powerful curse of a God, then this method would always work.

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“Very well. Sisna and Lysfer, both of you should go help the army and quickly attack the remaining fetchling villages and turn them into slaves. These former humans know how to plow the land and plant crops. They would be useful to us. As for those goblins and kobolds that have been mutated by shadow energy and other shadow creatures…”

As he spoke, Louie once again looked at the Queen of Calamity. She burst into anger, “Don’t look at me, they’re just.... don’t tell me you… Alright, I will make them surrender…”

She was about to taunt Louie, but after being stared in the eye, she went limp and helplessly lowered her head.

“Then our battle this time in the Shadow Realm ends in the victory of our Dragon City. Now, let us return!”

Louie happily said. This time, he had really gained a lot.

“As expected of the lord.”

“The evil magic dragon also lost to the lord.”

“Our lord is amazing. There is a huge possibility that he will become God.”

“What do you mean by possibility, he will surely become a God.”

“It’s really comfortable in Dragon City.”


Recently, the legend of the city lord had been spreading through Dragon City.

The legend passed down as the city lord’s tale to avenge two patrolmen. Due to his anger, he charged into the Shadow Realm and launched an attack. After a round of intense battles, he even managed to subdue an evil dragon.

To add more oil to the fire, they spread information about the evil dragon, how the evil dragon had caused chaos in the continent a thousand years ago and was trying to resurrect itself. Luckily, she was found in time by the lord and was immediately defeated.

It’s said that Louie launched a small-scale war for the dead patrolmen. This was his promise to the people of the city that everyone was under his protection and didn’t allow different races to be persecuted.

The events in the Shadow Realm were propagated like this, causing everyone to believe in Louie’s words. Moreover, he had even personally gone in to defeat the evil dragon.

This made the people of the city admire him even more, while those soldiers who weren't able to participate in the war were regretful that they couldn’t join it.

Dragon City, Dragon’s Lair

“Milord, in this war, there were a total of a hundred casualties. Among them, fourteen died, twenty-three were heavily injured, while the rest had light injuries. There are also a total of more than five thousand captive fetchlings.”

Sisna and Lysfer were making their reports.

The fetchlings weren’t a powerful race. With the addition of a legendary rank and a ninth rank powerhouse, as well as Noella’s subordinates, Dragon City had paid a small price to gain a total of 5000 slaves.

As for the deaths, the majority had been humans. The training period of these humans had been too short. Casualties were normal, but after training once, those human soldiers that had distinguished themselves could become small team leaders. This would bolster Dragon City’s army.

“Compensate the families of those who died. The most important thing is to know when to reward and when to punish.”

Louie looked at the people in front of him: Sisna, Lysfer, Marches, and Clooney.

Among those who worked for the city, these four could be said to have the highest rank.

The four people deeply lowered their heads to show their humility.

As people in high positions, they didn’t need any great skill or strategy, as long as they were able to reward and punish people, then they were already considered as people in high positions. While in their eyes, Louie was without a doubt a qualified and even extremely good lord.

“This time, I will leave the daily operations to you all. Unless there is something urgent, do not disturb me”

Although the time difference between the two worlds was to his advantage, this did not mean that time had stopped.

“By your will, Lord Galakrond!”

The four said in unison and left the hall.

After everyone left, Louie also dismissed the elven maids.

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