Chapter 126 - Foundation of a Divine Kingdom
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 126 - Foundation of a Divine Kingdom

Divine weapons were divided into two categories: greater divine weapons and lesser divine weapons. Greater divine weapons were specialized weapons, whereas their lesser counterparts were equivalent to mass-produced products. As a general rule, only powerful Gods could craft greater divine weapons, and these often possessed a portion of their abilities. Lesser divine weapons on the other hand could be created by mortals, albeit at great cost. A good example of this was the Holy Iris Sword that Louie held.

It was a divine weapon formed by accumulating faith. If the Theocracy wanted to, it could create a new knight order and let it gradually gain fame. With a weapon as the symbol of the order, the passage of time would increase the faith accumulated on the weapon and turn it into a divine weapon.

The Divine King’s Crown, on the other hand, was a true blue greater divine weapon.

Within the crown was a large realm, and possessing it was equivalent to becoming its master.

The main continent, Shadow Realm, Hell, Abyss, etc, were all complete realms. Asides from these realms were small realms that were at most half the size of a complete realm.

There weren’t many of these small realms. They could be called secret places and were only discovered by lucky people.

The timing and locations of their entrances were usually fixed. And even if someone discovered one first, others could also enter it when it opened. For this reason, most of those who found them would make an effort to hide any traces of their existence.

The reason why the “Divine King’s Crown'' was a divine weapon was that a God had stuffed a small realm into it, turning a realm into a movable object.

The ability to put a ‘realm’ into an object was indeed something that only the Gods could do. It was a divine miracle that mortals could never achieve no matter how hard they tried.

‘But why would a God create such a divine weapon? Small realms were not important to powerful Gods. Moreover, it wasn’t simple to create a higher divine weapon. It required a lot of divine power and knowledge to create one. Even strong Gods wouldn’t be able to do so at the drop of a hat.’

Soon his eyes widened in enlightenment.

‘This divine artifact should be that entity’s preparation for when he reemerges to the world!’

After using his consciousness to explore the artifact, Louie found that the inside of the realm was rich in goods. A conservative estimate was that it had thousands of square kilometers of goods. This was already equivalent to some human countries.

In the ‘Era of Disaster’, ninety percent of the Gods had fallen. Even the ones that did not fall fell into inactivity. As a result, the divine kingdoms of these Gods had fallen. Even the divine kingdom of the Goddess of Night had been wrecked.

Perhaps before some God disappeared, they had sensed this result. So, he created this divine weapon to prepare for his eventual return.

It must be known that creating a divine kingdom would take an unknown number of years of development. And expanding a divine kingdom would require divine power.

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Even if all the Gods were able to return right now, their divine kingdoms wouldn’t be able to recover immediately. Naturally, the first thing that they would do after returning would be to recreate their own kingdom.

And this unknown powerful God had made preparations in advance. While he still had divine power, he had created this small realm in preparation for his return. He would then have an easier time reconstructing his realm compared to other Gods who had to start from nothing. This was a competition between them to gain believers.

‘These Gods are really proactive. Perhaps some other powerful Gods had also left behind some insurance. For example, the Theocracy is likely the insurance of those four powerful Gods.’

There were definitely idiots among the Gods, but the majority of Gods had lived for extremely long amounts of time. They should possess basic intelligence, so Louie would not treat them like idiots.

‘I don’t know if the God who made this divine weapon has completely fallen, but no matter what state he is in, this divine weapon is now mine. Hehe, I was able to pick up the foundation of a divine kingdom for nothing.’

Louie was bubbling with excitement internally. He was able to have his cake and eat it too. In the future, everything he needed to create a divine kingdom had been prepared. The only thing left that he needed was a religion that could gather enough faith. Afterward, he needed enough divinity to truly become a divine creature. And the last thing he needed was to understand the true meaning of the Gods.

When he accomplished all of that and gained enough believers, he could use the Dragon God’s godhood to become the strongest God in the world!

Louie withdrew from his thoughts. The more he looked at the female dragon, the more he felt attracted to her.

He couldn’t help it. The Queen of Calamity was a great gift to him. Because of the ‘contract’, Louie could use all of the female dragon’s abilities at any time. This included the ninth rank necromantic spells as well as legendary spells as long as he prepared in advance. This was the change brought to him thanks to Noella being a legendary rank mage.

At the same time, Louie could turn into a shadow form and even transform thanks to the ability to use the ‘Ultimate Transformation’ spell that he had taken from her. Although Louie would not be as proficient in using these abilities compared to Noella, he did not care. From the beginning, he had been borrowing outside power. He understood that nothing belonged to him.

Finally, the female dragon had given Louie a divine weapon and prepared the foundations of a divine kingdom. Moreover, with the small realm inside the Divine King’s Crown, he could put in anything whether it was living or dead. This was equivalent to obtaining a large storage space. All of Louie’s needs had been fulfilled in an instant.

‘All things are now ready for me. Before I was worried about what to do when I returned to Earth, but now, I can go back with my head held high. Whether it is the storage space of strength to bluff those powerful countries, I already have everything!’

Now, Louie wanted to sing to, dance in front of and kiss the female dragon in front of him.

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