Chapter 125 - Divine Weapon, The Divine King’s Crown!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 125 - Divine Weapon, The Divine King’s Crown!

Noella was depressed. She lay cursing and whimpering on the ground with Louie’s claws on her head.

Sisna and Lysfer could not help but be slightly sympathetic to her plight. After living with Louie for some time, they found that he could be very overbearing and cunning, not at all unlike true devils. It couldn’t possibly feel good to be tricked by him.

If anyone was deceived by his majestic appearance and arrogant words, then they would likely end up toyed to death.

The former Crimson Calamity was a terrible dragon that had plunged San Soliel into chaos before. Now, she was cowering like a bullied little girl. Those who were defeated and killed by her would definitely not be able to rest in peace.

Nevertheless, although they held slight sympathy, neither of them had any interest in interceding on her behalf. Benefiting at the expense of others was the universal truth of this world.

The two of them had their own people to take care of, especially those who were still living in Dragon City. Thus, they were not willing to offend Louie.

The elf and beastman gazed at their lord with admiration. Now more than ever, they felt he deserved his position as a leader. Even a legendary dragon that was half-step into demigod rank was easily deceived by him, let alone defeated.

It must be known that dragons had a hard time stepping into the demigod rank. This was because the majority of dragons didn’t have a profession. They were too lazy to do so and only relied on growth to get power. This was also why their powers were different from other professions. The consequence of this was that dragons could not step into the realm of God.

But if dragons were like the Queen of Calamity who diligently studied and diligently ranked up their professions, then they could become several times more powerful than the average demigod powerhouse once they reach the demigod rank.

“Now Noella, tell me... Where are your treasures?”

Louie pressed on the Queen of Calamity’s head, forcing it on the ground below his feet.

After signing the contract, Louie could control her power. He could seize her power for his own use and even return that power to allow her to regain her strength.

From the beginning, Louie didn’t think to have her sign a slave contract, because he believed that she wouldn’t be willing. A slave contract was equivalent to sacrificing her entire self. The only reason why Marches signed it was because of his fear of death, while Lysfer signed it for the sake of her people and bore its humiliation.

But this dragon who once ravaged the main continent would definitely maintain her dignity in the end. Even Louie, who was afraid of dying, would rather die than become a slave.

That was why he had used sleight of hand instead. Even if the other party did not agree, she was not equivalent to a slave.

Louie could control her power at will and put her in a position where she couldn’t resist. Because all her power was in his hands, she couldn’t even kill herself if she wanted to.

It was because she knew her situation that she felt so dispirited.

“Treasures? My treasures were stolen long ago. I was attacked by many powerful people and escaped to the Shadow Realm. Do you think that I would be able to bring any treasures? Those people have probably ransacked my lair,” she spoke in a mocking tone.

She felt really regretful. If she had known that she would end up like this, she might as well have died in the battle a thousand years ago. At the very least, her life wouldn’t be in vain, and her identity as the Queen of Calamity would have resounded throughout San Soliel.

Now, after healing herself with great difficulty due to her ambition, she had somehow become a slave. She felt so miserable that she even doubted if all of this was just a nightmare and she was still dreaming.

Noella’s words made Louie frown. There was logic in her words. If her body was seriously injured then her wealth should also have been plundered. As a dragon who was close to becoming a demigod, her treasures would be enticing to other legendary and even demigod powerhouses.

But Louie’s sixth sense as a God told him that Noella did not lie, but she did not tell him the whole truth.

“Hmph, whether that’s true or not, I will verify your words.”

Louie’s eyes suddenly locked onto her.

Noella panicked and violently struggled, “What are you doing? You bastard, you lowly insect, you dishonorable dragon! You dare pry into my mind.”

“Playing with my body and also playing with my mind, this is simply too much!”

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If Noella was still the Queen of Calamity, let alone Louie, even true Gods would not be able to see through her thoughts. But now that she had practically been turned into a baby dragon, Louie had the opportunity to pry into her mind.

‘Racial spell, [Thought Detection]!’

A dragon’s ability to protect its thoughts was quite strong. Even a baby dragon’s mental guard was hundreds of times stronger than a human. Although Louie could not peep at her thoughts and memories, he was able to get the answer he wanted after forcing through with sheer will.

“Lysfer, dig up the magic formation. There should be something underneath,” Louie suddenly ordered.

Lysfer did not hesitate. Under Noella’s wails, she quickly arrived at the formation and punched down with her powerful fist, creating a large crater.

There, an extremely magnificent crown inlaid with precious stones appeared.

Lysfer carefully dug out the crown from inside. As the crown was taken out, the dirt on it spontaneously scattered. The crown looked free of filth.

“Divine weapon, Divine King’s Crown”

Louie caught the crown handed to him by Lysfer. His dragon head that possessed ‘magic’ lowered down as he put it on. Like the Crown of Domination, it adjusted to fit snugly on his head.

‘I feel more and more like Satan from the bible.’

Louie secretly muttered. Then, he looked at the Queen of Calamity who had completely given up with a desperate expression.

“I didn’t expect you to have a divine weapon that’s this powerful. When you escaped your enemies, this divine weapon played a strong role, right?”

Louie examined the divine weapon’s ability and rejoiced.

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