Chapter 124 - Little Dragon Try Calling Me Daddy!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 124 - Little Dragon Try Calling Me Daddy!

“Get out of my body!!!”

Noella let out a frightened scream. Her shadow body shook and rolled. She knocked against the rocky walls, shaving off pieces of debris and stone.

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Louie’s rampant laughter accompanied the dragon’s scream. If someone didn’t see the two dragons, they might have thought that a poor girl was being bullied by a grown man.

Sisna and Lysfer looked at each other. They did not say a word and just coldly watched what happened. They were also quite surprised as to why Noella became like this.

Suddenly, they noticed that Noella’s body was twitching as it collapsed to the ground. She let out a tired moan. Sisna and Lysfer sensed that the powerful dragon’s aura had dropped sharply as if she had become a newborn dragon. Her power seemed to have completely disappeared.

“You vile, insidious, dirty dragon! What in the world did you do to my body?! Why, why is my power all gone?!!!”

Noella slumped to the ground. She stared at Louie with hateful eyes. If glares could kill, she would have already sliced through Louie several times.

“Hahahaha! Your power isn’t gone. Come, open your eyes and look!!”

Louie laughed in triumph. Noella’s pupils widened. She was horrified to find that Louie’s body had transformed from physical to shadow, from a dragon with a fleshly body to a shadow energy state like hers.

“How could this be!?”

The Queen of Calamity looked at what was happening before her. She watched as Louie’s body transformed back and forth between states. This was exactly the ability she wanted to obtain when she created the legendary spell. The only unfortunate thing was that her body had been stolen, as a result, she could not accomplish it.

‘But why? Why did this guy get this ability?’

The gears of her mind turned and she soon understood the reason.

“You stole my power!!”

The Queen of Calamity finally realized that the power Louie was using was the same power that disappeared from her.

“You signed the contract. You have agreed to lend me all your power. How can you call that stealing?”

Louie snorted and laughed.


Noella ran towards the scroll in front of her and carefully read the words on the pact.

Louie wasn’t worried about the Queen of Calamity taking the scroll. This was because the terms of the contract were protected by the fundamental laws of San Soliel. Only true Gods might be able to tear the contract apart by force, but most of them would be incapable of doing so.

“There is nothing questionable! There is nothing questionable at all! This is just a [Contract of a God’s Favored]!”

As a legendary mage, Noella had a unique understanding of spells and contracts. Even the devils in the Nine Hells of Baator wouldn’t be able to cheat her. Only archdevils might be able to slightly deceive her, but the premise was that she needed to be willing to make a deal with them in the first place.

Noella roared with rage. Her dragon claws tore at the contract made of pact devil’s skin, but no matter how she tried, the scroll which was protected by the rules of the world was left unscathed.

Her angry gaze looked at Louie with fear and a deep sense of inquiry as to how he actually did it.

Louie, who was too set in his way, naturally did not begrudge a point of explanation, “This is indeed a [Contract of a God’s Favored], but I changed the conditions a bit. A normal [Contract of a God’s Favored] requires the God to give a portion of their power to the favored, but this contract’s rule allows the God to borrow power from their favored as they wished. It’s that simple.”

“No. That’s impossible. How did you change the contract?”

The Queen of Calamity’s expression was filled with disbelief. As a legendary rank mage, she clearly knew that a tampered contract would not stay in the form of a [Contract of God’s Favored].

“Hehe, this may not be possible for other races, but for us dragons, there is still some room to operate. You should know about the [Blood Relative Oath], right?”

Louie snickered. His smugness roused Noella’s ire, but she was powerless to do anything.

“Of course I know. The dragon’s [Blood Relative Oath] is common knowledge that all dragons understand!” Noella said.

The so-called [Blood Relative Oath] was a protection spell. After the female dragon gave birth to a child, the child would receive this protection spell from their father or mother.

The function of this oath was to allow the baby dragon to borrow the power of its parents when it encountered danger while alone. This spell was equivalent to one-time protection.

After a dragon found a mate, they would also sign a [Blood Relative Oath] with each other. This was equivalent to an oath between the two to become a couple. In the event that one of them was in danger, it was possible to borrow the power of the spouse directly to save oneself. This meant that a dragon was able to save itself twice in its life.

“You fused the [Contract of God’s Favored] with the [Blood Relative Oath]?”

Noella immediately understood what Louie had done and still couldn’t believe it. This ability surpassed the limit of mortals and belonged to the domain of Gods. As long as a dragon hadn’t become a God, it was still considered a mortal creature.

Moreover, even if this demigod dragon truly blended these two contracts, he shouldn’t have been able to easily bind her with them. Only true Gods should be capable of such.

“Whether you believe it or not, you have signed a contract with me, and your power has become my property!”

Louie, of course, would not tell Noella how he did it as it involved his biggest secret.

Although Louie behaved like a demigod dragon, he was still far from becoming a God. But, with the godhood of the Dragon God merged with his soul, the world had recognized him as a God, and one of the strongest Gods at that.

Moreover, Noella was a dragon, and all dragons were creations of the Dragon God, bringing forth a powerful binding power. When the Queen of Calamity signed the contract with her true name, she was already bound by the Dragon God’s godhood.

This female dragon was smart and knowledgeable, but in the end, it was her intelligence and knowledge that had deceived her. She was arrogant because she knew too much, and she was deceived because she did not believe Louie could do it.

She could never imagine that Louie himself was an existence beyond her knowledge and understanding.

“But the [Blood Relative Oath] between us is a bit strange. I learned from Sisna that you didn’t have a spouse in the past, so I thought of using one between spouses to bind you, but the [Blood Relative Oath] I signed with you is between parent and child and not between spouses.”

Louie looked at the Queen of Calamity with a playful look in his eyes, “So it was like that. You are a dragon whose parents must have died not long after you were born. Or maybe you were abandoned by your parents. It’s no wonder you are withdrawn compared to other dragons. It’s because you grew up as an orphan. What a truly unfortunate childhood!”

Louie’s words seemed to hit the most painful spot in the Queen of Calamity’s heart. Her eyes seemed to be spitting fire. Her rage was unstoppable as she screamed like crazy and rushed to bite Louie.

But Louie took all of her abilities, and because she had turned into a shadow dragon, she had lost her powerful physical attacks. Now, she was a toothless tiger that couldn’t defeat a high-ranked warrior, let alone Louie.

Louie’s claws pressed down on the Queen of Calamity’s head. He let her dragon body humiliatingly kneel in front of him. Then he let out a delightful laugh, “Hahahahaha! What are you trying to do, your Majesty? We have signed a parent-child [Blood Relative Oath]. You should call me daddy now!”

“Come, little dragon, try calling me daddy. Maybe I will give you a reward too. Hahahaha!”

“You’re a demon in dragon’s skin. No, you are a devil in dragon’s skin!!!”

The Queen of Calamity cried in a pitiful voice.

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