Chapter 128 - The Subila Empire’s Princess
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 128 - The Subila Empire’s Princess

A magical chain dangled from the Queen of Calamity’s head. One end of it hooked onto the collar that clasped her neck. The other part was attached to a stone pillar in the hall. Had Noella still possessed her full power, or even just her physical body, such a restraint would have been meaningless. Now, however, she could do nothing but lie there.

Louie looked at her and hummed.

‘I’ve got to say that she’s really attractive. To think I can keep her as a pet....’

This was a dragoness whose name once resounded across the continent, and whose reputation matched that of demigods. Although elves and beastmen had beautiful bodies, Louie, being a dragon, believed female dragons to be the most desirable creatures in the world.

“Don’t look at me with your filthy eyes, you disgusting reptile!”

Noella spat fiercely. After losing her powers she cycled between moments of defiance and moments of great fear.

She was all too familiar with his gaze. There had been many male dragons who gave her the same look. Those huge lizards who only knew how to live messy lives were a disgrace to dragon-kind.

As she expected, all male dragons were the same, and even a primordial dragon was no exception.

Noella shot Louie with a look of disgust.

‘Hmph, what a stubborn woman… forget it. I’m more interested in her secrets than her body.’

Louie was very eager to pry open this female dragon’s secrets, learning anything he wanted from her mouth.

But he soon suppressed these thoughts. He feared that if he learned her secrets, he would lose his motivation to return to Earth.

Although personal strength was important, developing Dragon City was equally important to become a God. If he didn’t go back to Earth and obtain enough supplies, then the development of Dragon City would slow down.

‘I was going to put this off, but it seems that the time has come. When I return, I will establish my religion!’

Having made up his mind, Louie stood up from his gold mountain. His actions cause Noella to jump in fright. Thinking that her captor was about to ravage her, she quickly curled herself into a ball by the corner.

Louie shot her a look of contempt. This caused the Queen of Calamity to tear up in humiliation. She got up from the corner and bared her fangs at Louie while letting out a cute roar.

Louie smirked and carefully observed a bit and relaxed after confirming that she wouldn’t be able to break free from the chains.

He was not worried about this dragon wreaking havoc on Dragon City since her powers had been temporarily stolen. What he was afraid of was her escaping after breaking free. With her mastery of magic, it would be difficult to put a tracking spell on her. If she truly ran away, he would have no way of finding her.

Before he obtained all of her secrets and fully controlled her, it would be better for her to obediently stay in that spot and do his bidding.

So he had turned her into a dog.

Louie let his imagination run wild and blurted, “I want to sleep for a while. Stay here obediently. Since you are in shadow form, you don’t need to eat.”

After saying that, he didn’t look back. He directly walked to the back hall, where he forbade anyone to enter. This was because the portal back to Earth was located here. He certainly wouldn’t cross worlds in front of her.

‘As expected, you are just a lazy bastard. Other than eating or sleeping, you should be using this time to learn more knowledge. If all dragons were like me, dragons would have crushed all the realms!’

Noella looked down on Louie while boasting inwardly. But she didn’t dare say her thoughts out loud. She was looking forward to Louie quickly going away and leaving her sights.

‘But why isn’t he resting here?”

Noella looked at the ground full of gold coins and shiny gems. Her pupils sparkled, ‘Could it be that he has more treasures at the back?’

Noella couldn’t fully understand, but she quickly stopped thinking about it.

“No matter, since he’s not sleeping here, then these things belong to me!”

She tried touching the chain on her neck and found that it was quite long. With a low cheer, the Queen of Calamity quickly jumped on the gold mountain where Louie was lying while revealing a happy expression.

Although she was an oddity among dragons, her interests were no different.

Gold coins and gems were like a soft bed for dragons.

“Hooo, so comfortable. I’ll take a nap as well…”

After muttering a few words, she shut her eyes.


At the largest human empire, Subila Empire’s imperial palace--

The imperial palace was a sight to behold. Its halls were filled with gold and jade in glorious splendor. The golden brilliance glittered off the eaves of the halls, reflecting back with a sharp radiance. The corners of the palace were supported by gray marble columns. Not far from the palace was clear spring water that gushed out from the ground, the soil beneath it forming a green, earthy ribbon that wrapped around the palace and into the woods.

A beautiful girl with long golden hair sat at a scarlet wood table. She looked at the letter sent from afar.

She had a set of delicate features. Her skin was soft and white. Her slender figure was hidden in her magnificent and intricate dress. Her delicate fingers would occasionally move to adjust her bangs. Each of her movements emitted breathtaking charm.

She was Andrea Abel Subila, the princess of the Subila Empire. She possesses countless glories and titles engraved on her.

“Flower of Subila”, “Princess of Gold”, “Angel Given by the Gods to the Empire”. These were her most well-known epithets.

She was beautiful, elegant, noble, pure, compassionate, and righteous. She was a princess among princesses and a noble among nobles. Although her position was very high, she empathized with the people and was willing to fight for their interests, pitting herself against the royal family and nobles.

She could confront her father, the emperor, over national policies that might be detrimental to the people. She could even point out any great noble and angrily criticize them with her melodious voice.

But no matter what she did, be it the emperor or the nobles, they all chose to forgive her because she was so beautiful, so radiant, and so beloved by the people.

“The Queen of Calamity, who ravaged the continent a thousand years ago, has appeared again, but this time, she was defeated by a hero. The hero who defeated the dragon was not a prince nor a knight, but also a powerful dragon.”

“Oh, the commoners of Dragon City are able to eat refined wheat? Is that true? Are you just pulling my leg?”

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The princess let out a whisper. Her small hand covered her lips, and her eyes flashed with unbelievable color.

“This dragon… I want to meet him. He is much more excellent than many human lords.”

Andrea pondered after reading the information sent to her.

“Your Highness, His Majesty wants you to see him.”

A maid moved slowly and bowed deeply before whispering behind Andrea.

“I know.”

Andrea lifted her skirt and stood up. She happily spun on the spot and went to the emperor’s palace while accompanied by the maids.

‘I haven’t seen a dragon with my own eyes before,’ she thought happily.

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