Chapter 56 - Hereditary Stomach Disease
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 56 - Hereditary Stomach Disease

After returning the book on internal medicine to the shelf, Yin Zhao-an quietly slipped out of the study to avoid disturbing her father's online meeting.

Wang Zhen had performed several major surgeries on her night shift, working consecutively for more than ten hours. At this point, she even began to worry whether her body could keep up with such a hectic work schedule. Fortunately, her department head was kind enough to give her a vacation to rest, worried she might make a crucial mistake during work due to her exhaustion.

With a soulless look on her face, Wang Zhen slowly sipped on some hot soybean milk. Even when her daughter took a seat in front of her, she did not spare the girl a single glance.

"Mom." Yin Zhao-an reached out and waved her hand in front of her mother's eyes. Then, after successfully catching her mother's attention, she said, "Mom, I have something to ask you."

As soon as Yin Zhao-an finished speaking, she saw her mother getting up from her seat, seemingly intending to head upstairs. Fortunately, she grabbed the woman's arm before the other party could leave.

"It'll only be a moment. I won't take up much of your time!" Yin Zhao-an pleaded. However, when she saw that her mother was still putting up a struggle, she had no choice but to use her ultimate move:

"I'll do the dishes for this month!"


Wang Zhen sat back down just as quickly as she got up. Then, she put on an expression that seemingly said, "I'm all ears."

Yin Zhao-an was exasperated by her mother's response. Her mother was the type of person who knew how to cook but hated doing the dishes. Though, out of love for her only child, her mother would never force her to do the dishes, even though she didn't really mind taking on such a chore.

As for her father… Some people were simply not cut out to do the dishes. Their household would lose either a bowl or a plate every time her father tried to do the dishes. If he was left in charge of the dishes, they'd run out of bowls and plates in less than a month. It was also why her mother

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