Chapter 57 - Why Are You Shivering?
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 57 - Why Are You Shivering?

Yu Wanrou chuckled at her husband's words but remained quiet.

Meanwhile, Yin Zhao-an went along with Tang Zhengyang's words and said, "I know, right? If I were a boy, I'd definitely become Tang-Tang's boyfriend. It's a pity I failed to master the art of reincarnation."

Amused by Yin Zhao-an's words, Tang Zhengyang laughed and said, "You're getting better and better at pleasing people."

While Tang Zhengyang and Yin Zhao-an were busy bantering with each other, Yu Wanrou fished out the lobster and set it aside on a plate. Then, she shooed Tang Zhengyang out of the kitchen, saying, "Shoo, shoo, shoo. Go upstairs and take a bath. I'm going to start cooking soon." After saying so, she turned to the two girls and continued, "You two head outside as well. Otherwise, the smell of oil and smoke is going to stick to your clothes."

After placing the washed vegetables on the kitchen counter, Tang Yu pulled the girl who was still trying to make a good impression out of the kitchen.

The noon news was being broadcast on the living room's TV, the host in a dark blue suit announcing a bankruptcy news piece.

"August 14, 20xx. Muto Insurance Company, one of the city's top 50 insurance companies, has declared bankruptcy. All shares held by its founder, Du Dabao, have been sold…"

Muto? Tang Yu repeated the name in her mind as she grabbed one of the mandarins on the coffee table. However, before she could start peeling it, Yin Zhao-an suddenly snatched it out of her hand, peeled it, and held a slice up to her mouth.

Tang Yu did not accept Yin Zhao-an's offer to feed her. After rolling her eyes at the other party, she grabbed the mandarin slice and put it into her mouth herself. Recently, she found that Yin Zhao-an was becoming more and more shameless.

Yin Zhao-an had evidently also seen the news as she nonchalantly said, "I heard my dad talking about this company. Du Yuqing's family owns it."

"Hm?" Tang Yu looked at Yin Zhao-an with interest, her eyes signaling for the other party to continue.

In response, Yin Zhao-an posed pretentiously and said, "Listen well. As everyone knows, Du Yuqing has left the country, right? From what I heard, it seems she has a powerful relative outside the country, and she used this relative's special relations to remove herself from the Du family's household registration."

"Why would she want to remove herself from her household registration?" Tang Yu was confused.

Leaning into Tang Yu's ear, Yin Zhao-an whispered, "Because, she is still underage and cannot independently own assets."

When Yin Zhao-an saw that Tang Yu still wore a confused look, she decided to stop moving in circles and said, "She wants to start her own company, and she wants the company to be under her name. Simply put, she wants to sever her ties with the Du family."

"Is the family conflict in Du Yuqing's household that serious?" Tang Yu asked.

Yin Zhao-an scratched her head at Tang Yu's question, not expecting her Tang-Tang to be so interested in this topic. Seeing this, she decided to

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Novel Notes

For those worried this story lead to a bad end, it won't. The first few chapters might look like it, but that's just a short realization arc for Yin Zhao-an. If you do not wish to be cliffhanged, I recommend stockpiling the first 10 chapters before you start to read GMAS.
Release rate for GMAS is 1 chapter/day.
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