Chapter 49 - Misunderstanding
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 49 - Misunderstanding

While Wang Zhen was mistakenly pairing herself with her online search results, Yin Zhao-an returned downstairs with her school bag.

After grabbing a slice of bread from the table, Yin Zhao-an tried to leave, Wang Zhen stopped her in time to give her a lunch box and a milk carton. Then, Wang Zhen said, "No matter how distracted you are, you shouldn't forget to take your lunch."

In response, Yin Zhao-an accepted the lunch box and stuffed it into her bag. Then, she hastily left the house after saying, "I'm off to school."

At this time, Yin Changcheng had come out of the bathroom in a fresh set of clothes. Then, he sat down at the dining table and began eating his breakfast. Meanwhile, Wang Zhen stood by the front door as she stared at her daughter's departing back.

Noticing his wife's behavior, Yin Changcheng paused the hand that was reaching for the bread. Then, he asked, "Ah Zhen, aren't you going to eat?"

Wang Zhen frowned at her husband's question. Then, folding her arms around her chest, she said, "Our daughter is behaving abnormally. You spend more time at home than I do. Have you noticed anything strange about her recently?"

Yin Changcheng put his hand down cautiously. Then, after faking a light cough, he said, "I've been busy at the company recently. Truth be told, I didn't notice anything strange..."

"Hm?" Wang Zhen's gaze sharpened as she looked at her husband. Then, in a cold voice, she asked, "What company?"

"Oh, that... I started a company with a few of my old comrades who've retired from the army. I didn't tell you before because everything was still being set up previously, but we've gotten some results now, so..." Yin Changcheng hurriedly explained, a bead of cold sweat rolling down his forehead.

Wang Zhen wasn't the kind of person who would stubbornly cling to her husband's wrongdoings. After nonchalantly taking a seat at the table, she picked up the fork and knife in front of her and fiddled with the knife a few times. Then, with a contemplative look, she said, "This knife is quite sharp. Ca

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