Chapter 37 - Eating Together
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 37 - Eating Together

Tang Yu's good mood instantly plummeted when the voice that had called out to her. The corners of her mouth twitched in exasperation, and she wondered if she still had time to run away.


It was, in fact, too late to run away.

Tang Yu could already hear the sound of hurried footsteps and labored breathing coming from behind her. Then, before she could even turn around, someone embraced her from behind, the other party's hot breath hitting her bare neck.

Tang Yu shuddered from the stimulation. Then, she hurriedly tried to push Yin Zhao-an away, saying, "Let go of me."

"I'm not letting go!" Yin Zhao-an said with her head buried into Tang Yu's shoulder, her voice sounding muffled. Then, in an aggrieved voice, she asked, "Tang-Tang, do you not want me anymore?"

There were many passersby on the street, and some giggled and smiled when they saw this scene. Some of them even started whispering to each other.

You bastard! We're still children!

Tang Yu had a very strong urge to curse at Yin Zhao-an when she saw the passersby looking at them. However, she eventually decided against doing so. Instead, she chose to take a softer approach, saying, "Please get off me first. I need to go to school."

Yin Zhao-an turned her head slightly to look at Tang Yu. Then, with a sad face, she asked, "Are you really not going to throw me away?"

"No, no, so get up," Tang Yu said coaxingly.

Yin Zhao-an dubiously separated from Tang Yu and tentatively grabbed Tang Yu's pinky. Then, when she saw that Tang Yu did not shake her hand away, she proceeded to wrap her whole hand around Tang Yu's palm.

It's fine, it's fine. I'll just treat her like a sister, Tang Yu consoled herself.

The moment they set foot into the school, Tang Yu retracted her hand and put both hands into her pockets, behaving as if nothing had ever happened.

Yin Zhao-an could feel the residual heat on her hand scattering, her hand gradually cooling down, just like her heart.

When Tang Yu was about to walk up the stairs to her classroom, someone suddenly

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