Chapter 36 - I Am the Only One She Has
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 36 - I Am the Only One She Has

The sound of leather shoes tapping against the ground could be heard all over the campus as students made their way out of the school.

Yin Zhao-an's heart felt empty as she looked at the nearly-deserted classroom before her. She felt as if someone was wantonly kneading and squeezing her heart, and she couldn't help but get the urge to cry.

With a dazed expression, Yin Zhao-an walked into the classroom. The students on duty had already tidied up the classroom, so every desk and chair were neatly arranged.

Yin Zhao-an broke the harmony of tables and chairs, pulling out a particular chair and taking a seat.

This was Tang Yu's seat.

Of those remaining in the class, a few surrounded the lectern, chatting and laughing among themselves. There was also a girl scribbling an innocent love confession on the blackboard, the girl writing her own name followed by another person's name before drawing numerous hearts using pink chalk.

Yin Zhao-an's eyes were dark and dull. With a tired face, she leaned back against the chair. Then, through the edges of her vision, she suddenly spotted a familiar object.


Yin Zhao-an took out the bottle of goat's milk forgotten in the drawer. The milk had sat in the drawer the whole day, so it had long since cooled to room temperature. Though in Yin Zhao-an's hands, the bottle felt like a block of ice, its coldness penetrating her bones.

Does Tang-Tang…hate me now?

Yin Zhao-an walked home by herself, her feet stepping on the sidewalk's neatly arranged bricks one after another. As usual, the sun stretched her shadow as she walked home. Unlike usual, though, there were no other shadows next to hers.

But then, all of a sudden, the long and thin shadow gained a companion.

Yin Zhao-an lifted her head in joy, calling out, "Tang—"

Mixed feelings filled Zhao Yu's heart when he saw Yin Zhao-an's depressed expression.

"Oh, it's you." Yin Zhao-an's joy instantly turned into disappointment. Then, she walked past Zhao Yu and continued her way home.

"Tang Yu has a new friend."

Yin Zhao-an

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