Chapter 38 - Send Me Home
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 38 - Send Me Home

Tsk, why are you so stubborn?!

Tang Yu resisted the urge to hold her forehead while secretly thinking of a way to divert Yin Zhao-an's attention away from her.

"Tang Yu~"

A sweet voice broke the awkward atmosphere. In response, Tang Yu reacted as if she had just heard her savior's voice, while Tang Yu frowned in dissatisfaction.

Fang Ling froze for a few seconds when she saw the person sitting opposite Tang Yu. Then, she squeezed into Tang Yu's seat, embraced Tang Yu's arm, and softly asked, "Tang Yu, who is this? Is she your friend?"


"She's my big sister."

Two voices rang out simultaneously. Fang Ling blinked her eyes in confusion and moved her gaze between the two people. However, as both Tang Yu and Yin Zhao-an had their heads lowered, Fang Ling could see neither of their expressions.

"Uh… So… Are you friends or her big sister?" Fang Ling tentatively asked.

After taking a napkin out of her pocket and wiping her mouth with it, Tang Yu said, "We're friends."


A loud sound suddenly came from the chair opposite Tang Yu. After giving the confused Fang Ling a cold look, Yin Zhao-an left the classroom with her lunch box without saying a single word.

Once Yin Zhao-an was gone, Fang Ling patted her chest in relief and turned to Tang Yu, saying, "That friend of yours is so scary. Does she hate me or something?"

How would I know what's going through her mind? Tang Yu mentally retorted. Then, she shook her head and said, "I don't know. She doesn't have a very good temper."

"I can see that." Fang Ling nodded in agreement.

As soon as school was over, Tang Yu dashed out of the classroom with her schoolbag as usual. Fang Ling had learned from her past mistakes, having packed her bag even before class was over. So, when she saw Tang Yu running out of the classroom, she quickly ran after the other party.

After finally catching up to Tang Yu and grabbing onto the edge of Tang Yu's shirt, Fang Ling asked while gasping for air, "Why… Why do you keep running so quickly?"

Suddenly, Tang Yu stopped running. Confused, Fang

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