Chapter 33 - Participation
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 33 - Participation

A second after being surprised, Tang Yu calmed down, remembering that Yin Zhao-an's decisions no longer mattered to her.

Tang Yu rubbed her chest, soothing her pitiful little heart. At the same time, she also muttered a short prayer for Zhao Yu's future husband.

Sorry, pal, but whether your wife can return to your side will be up to fate.

When Tang Yu returned from the rooftop, many of her classmates had already populated the classroom, eliminating the classroom's previously suffocating environment. However, that was mainly because Du Yuqing had yet to develop the shady feeling she used to give off during Tang Yu's previous life. Though, judging by the girl's current personality…she shouldn't be too far off, either.

After pondering for a moment, Tang Yu classified several people as dangerous individuals.

First and foremost would naturally have to be Yin Zhao-an. Coming next would be Du Yuqing and Zhao Yu. Ignoring how these people would turn out in the future, Tang Yu felt that the best-case scenario for her would be to stay away from all of them.

The bell just so happened to ring at this time. A moment later, a female teacher entered the classroom with a textbook in hand, the sight of the teacher pulling Tang Yu back from her delirious wanderings.

It was going to be another simple and boring class. Tang Yu left her book on the table and propped up her head with a hand, patiently memorizing the familiar mathematical formulas in the book.

Five minutes before class ended, the female teacher assigned homework and announced the end of the class ahead of time. Then, she said, "Tang Yu, come with me to the office."

"Okay." Tang Yu put away her textbook into the drawer and followed the teacher out of the classroom.

The female teacher was a fresh university graduate who joined the school near the end of the school year. She had a responsible heart and a strong passion for the education profession. So, shortly after starting her career as a teacher, she noticed that one of her students didn't seem to get along with her clas

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