Chapter 32 - She Actually Started Dating?!
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 32 - She Actually Started Dating?!

The two figures jogged past the car Tang Yu hid behind, their faces flushed from exercise.

Tang Yu was a little surprised when she saw the two people as she recognized them. However, while it might not be strange to see Yin Changcheng exercising in the morning, Yin Zhao-an…

Since when can she wake up so early?

The gray sky, paired with the foggy weather, created the perfect cover for Tang Yu to go unnoticed. After seeing the two figures disappearing into the fog, Tang Yu slipped out of her hiding spot and fell into thought as she stared at the dense fog.

A few minutes later, the sound of a stomach rumbling brought Tang Yu back from her thoughts.

Blushing, Tang Yu covered her stomach and headed to the nearest breakfast shop.

When Tang Yu arrived at her school, the campus was serene, as if it had yet to wake up from its slumber.

Originally, Tang Yu thought she would be the first to arrive at the classroom, but to her surprise, she saw the silhouette of a person in the classroom.

The unlit classroom was dim, so the other party's silhouette blended in with the darkness.

Tang Yu's heart suddenly seized in pain when she saw this figure, her eyebrows frowning uncomfortably. Immediately, she reached out to the nearby switch, summoning light to drive away the oppressive darkness and reveal everything inside the classroom to her.

—The other party was a girl.

The girl jumped when the lights suddenly came on. However, as soon as the girl saw it was Tang Yu, her surprise turned into contempt. She even snorted disdainfully at Tang Yu.

Oh, so we're in the same class again…

Tang Yu sat down in her seat, feeling a little helpless.

The school would randomly assign classes to students each year. With there being over a dozen classes in each grade, students were almost certain to meet unfamiliar faces every year. Yet, by some miracle, she was assigned to the same class as her bully.

Though, it should be considered more of a miracle that Tang Yu had only noticed she belonged to the same class as her bully. After all, the school year

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