Chapter 2 - Chaos
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 2 - Chaos

Tang Yu walked home with several plastic bags of ingredients. The familiar streets she crossed had hardly changed since she moved into the area. The small house she rented with Yin Zhao-an for the convenience of attending university also had not changed. The only thing that did change were the tenants in the building. Some had come, and some had gone. However, it didn't really matter as she hardly knew any of these people.

Tang Yu paused when she walked past the door that hadn't been opened for a very long time. A thick layer of dust had collected on top of the door handle. Ever since the premeditated explosion that took place here a few years back, no new tenant had moved into this house.

The former tenant of this house was a female student. The girl owned a ragdoll, but the feline disappeared at some point, and taking its place was another girl. From the conversations Tang Yu had with the female student, the other party vaguely told her that her friend was sensitive to cat hair.

When Tang Yu passed by this house back then, she could occasionally hear strange sounds that stirred one's imaginations coming through the door. Yet, the two people inside were clearly both female…

Tang Yu's face warmed up slightly when she recalled this memory. With reddened ears and hidden emotions, she turned around and opened the door to her house.

Yin Zhao-an's door remained tightly shut, the faint clicking sounds coming through the door indicating that she was still busy with her game.

After letting out a disappointed sigh, Tang Yu washed the carp she bought and put the pieces of fish into a white porcelain jar filled with water. Then, she simmered the fish over a small flame, set an alarm, and left the kitchen.

There was a stack of printouts sitting on her bedroom desk. Tang Yu grabbed the printouts and plopped herself down on the bed. Then, she turned to the bookmarked page and began whispering quietly.

"Let me go. Your kingdom has never had a place for me," a low and desolate voice rang out in the silent bedroom, the voice carr

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