Book 07 Chapter 017: The Domineering Chiyou
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 07 Chapter 017: The Domineering Chiyou

Chiyou said coldly, “Oh? The Western Sea’s little loach?”

“I—” Di Shitian’s face twitched, but he did not dare talk back.

“This blind person is from the Spirit Mountain Holy Land?” Chiyou asked coldly.

“Amitābha! The Spirit Mountain Holy Land’s Future Buddha greets Imperial Emperor Chiyou,” the Future Buddha said with a polite bow.

“The Future Buddha? Oh? The Spirit Mountain Holy Land suffered some mishap too?” Chiyou raised his eyebrows.

“My arrival today has unintentionally offended Imperial Emperor Chiyou. We have disturbed you. Imperial Emperor, I’ll take my leave,” the Future Buddha said seriously.

“Did we let you go?” Chiyou asked coldly.


Ten giants immediately blocked the Future Buddha.

“Imperial Emperor Chiyou, my Spirit Mountain Holy Land has no grudges with you. We just happened to meet by chance. Please do not push me into a corner,” the Future Buddha said coldly.

“Don’t push you into a corner? With your dabbling in the World Cleansing Shut Eyes Meditation? Hahaha! We would like to experience it. How about you open your eyes and look at us? We will stand here and not move. How about that?” Chiyou countered coldly.

The Future Buddha’s expression stiffened. He no longer dared to talk back.

Di Shitian and the Future Buddha were cautious, not daring to say anything unnecessary.

Chiyou gazed coldly at the two for a while. He saw them breaking out in a cold sweat but not daring to do anything.

“Hah! Indeed, you two are useless to us!” Chiyou eventually said coldly.

“Many thanks, Imperial Emperor Chiyou!” The Future Buddha immediately released his bated breath.

“Ahda! Aher! Eat them. They should provide great nourishment!” Chiyou commanded coldly, then dismissed the two.

[TL Note: The names of these giant figures come from numbers. Ahda is Ah Big, or Ah One. Aher is Ah Two. Ahqi is Ah Seven. However, the names sound strange in English, so I left them by their phonetics. These names sound similar to those of Chinese minority tribes’ members.]

“Ah! Don’t!” The Future Buddha’s expression s

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