Book 07 Chapter 018: Brother
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 07 Chapter 018: Brother

Divine cultivation?

Chiyou and his eighty-one brothers? The recent Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva?

The strength they showed vastly surpassed Gu Hai’s expectations. He suddenly discovered there were still a myriad of secrets he was unaware of in this world.

Chiyou and his band of brothers even managed to scare off the arrogant Sect Master Heavenly Access. That was the real Sect Master Heavenly Access in person!

“Alright, go back to eating your Fusang Tree!” Chiyou shouted.


The giants immediately turned their attention back to the Fusang Tree.

Heads of bronze and arms of iron no weapons can penetrate. No item is inedible?

Shock flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes. If only I had such a group of followers.

“Alright. I’ve already sent Heavenly Access away. You don’t have to worry now, Brother.” Chiyou suddenly smiled at Gu Hai.

Looking at Chiyou, Gu Hai bowed deeply. “Many thanks, Imperial Emperor Chiyou.”

“Are you looking down on me?” Chiyou retorted with some anger.

“No! How can that be?!” Gu Hai exclaimed.

“I called you Brother, but you called me Imperial Emperor Chiyou? If that is not looking down on me, what is it?”

“I truly did not intend that!” Gu Hai protested with a bitter smile.

“If that is the case, let’s immediately swear brotherhood. The immortal firmament will be our witness, and we will drink each other’s blood as our pledge. How about that?” Chiyou suggested, smiling.

“How is this humble one worthy of that?” Gu Hai said with a bitter smile.

“If I say you are worthy, you are!” Chiyou shouted.

As Chiyou spoke, he took out a large bowl. Ahda stopped chewing on the tree, took out a vat of wine, and poured wine out for Chiyou.

The other giants stopped eating and looked at Gu Hai and Chiyou.

Gu Hai looked at Chiyou with awe in his eyes.

“Imperial Emperor Chiyou!” Gu Hai said gravely.

“Huh?” Chiyou glared.

“Let me finish. I’m grateful that you think highly of Gu Hai. However, I would like to say that I cannot let my Han Imperial Dynasty go. I cannot be like these brothers, following you everyw

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