Book 05 Chapter 181: Walking into the Trap
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 05 Chapter 181: Walking into the Trap

“The first-generation Supreme Ascendant died of mental and physical exhaustion while creating the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece?” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly at Zang Yulian.

She nodded. “That’s right. It has been about eight hundred thousand years since then.”

“He experienced the Six Paths Immortal’s rebellion against Heaven?” Gu Hai’s expression changed.

Zang Yulian nodded.

Gu Hai felt slightly surprised. The first-generation Supreme Ascendant? Why did he create the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece? To connect to another immortal firmament, the one where Earth is? He actually put all his efforts into it? Was he trying to challenge the Six Paths Immortal?

However, didn’t the three holy lands help the Six Paths Immortal? How would they want to rebel against him?

“You know what the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece represents, right? I felt it that day. You comprehended it. Tell me, what is the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece?” Zang Yulian looked at Gu Hai with anticipation.

Seeing Zang Yulian’s anxious gaze, Gu Hai took a deep breath and shook his head. “There was nothing. I just fell asleep.”

“That’s impossible!” Zang Yulian exclaimed in a rage.

Gu Hai shook his head. It was not that he was unwilling to say but that he could not. This was his greatest secret, perhaps the best foundation for establishing himself in this world.

He absolutely could not speak about Earth.

“You must know, right?” Zang Yulian insisted anxiously.

“I’m really unaware. I just fell asleep muddle-headedly. How about you pass me the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece. I will ponder it and tell you what is in it afterwards?” Gu Hai suggested seriously.

Zang Yulian wanted to know the secret behind the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece. Likewise, Gu Hai wanted the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece, as he wanted to return to Earth and clarify things with Laozi.

In fact, Gu Hai had listened to the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece more than once over the past few years. He had gotten Ensnaring Performance to play from memory what Zang Yulian had played; however, he never felt anything from it. There had to be some secret behind it.

Zang Yulian initially felt angry. However, her expression changed in the next moment. She looked at Gu Hai and said, “That’s not right. That’s not right. If you were just sleeping, you would not have asked me for the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece. Hah! Hahaha! My guess was right, right? Gu Hai, are you trying to trick me?”

Zang Yulian stared at Gu Hai.

Some distance away, Ao Shun, Yehua, and Yanxuan looked over in curiosity. Just as that happened, Gu Hai’s expression suddenly changed.


Gu Hai spewed a mouthful of blood.

“Hall Master!” Ao Shun’s expression changed. He immediately approached and threw a palm strike at Zang Yulian.

“Stop! It has nothing to do with her!” Gu Hai shouted.


Ao Shun’s palm stopped right in front of Zang Yulian.

“Why are you vomiting blood?” Zang Yulian looked at Gu Hai in shock.

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You were fine earlier when you were chatting with me. Why did you suddenly vomit blood?

Gu Hai’s expression changed. Some shock flashed in his eyes. Why did I vomit blood? I do not have any lingering injuries.

“Ao Shun, protect me!” Gu Hai called out with an anxious expression.

Then, he quickly sat down cross-legged and sent his consciousness into his body to inspect it.

Ao Shun appeared anxious, but he still stood guard over Gu Hai.

Nearby, Yanxuan and Yehua exchanged surprised looks. Why did Gu Hai vomit blood?

After some time, Gu Hai opened his eyes wide with shock. “I do not have any hidden injuries. Why did I vomit blood earlier?”

“Not injured? Then, why did Hall Master…,” Ao Shun said, confused.

At the side, Zang Yulian dipped her finger in the blood that Gu Hai vomited on the deck. Then, her finger trembled.


The blood gave off a faint green light.

“Are your spiritual souls and physical souls injured?” Zang Yulian asked in surprise.

“They are not. I have not suffered any injury to them for a long time already.” Gu Hai frowned.

“However, your blood contains the energy of the three spiritual souls and the various physical souls. Your spiritual and physical souls must have been injured. Did anything happen recently?” Zang Yulian asked out of curiosity.

Gu Hai immediately thought of two people: Lu Ya and the Mosquito Daoist.

The Mosquito Daoist? That’s impossible. Although this person is very strange, we have already dealt with the conflict between us.

If it is not the Mosquito Daoist, it can only be…

“Lu Ya?” Gu Hai’s expression changed.

“Crown Prince Lu Ya?” Zang Yulian’s face sank.

“Lu Ya?” Ao Shun said in confusion.

“Before we left, Lu Ya said that I would return. Back then, I did not understand. Now, I do.” Gu Hai’s face sank.

“However, we are now millions of kilometers away from Lu Ya. How could he injure Hall Master? It’s not the Immortal Slaying Flying Saber again, right?” Ao Shun said, puzzled.

“No. Lu Ya can do it with just Gu Hai’s hair,” Zang Yulian said, frowning.

“Oh?” Everyone looked at Zang Yulian.

“If my guess is right, it should be an animal spirit technique, the Head-Nailing Seven Arrows Manual!” Horror flashed in Zang Yulian’s eyes.

[TL Note: The Head-Nailing Seven Arrows Manual is an assassination-type treasure from the Investiture of the Gods. It is a book recording a technique of the same name and was written by Lu Ya, who also is a character from the Investiture of the Gods. That Lu Ya was the creator of the Head-Nailing Seven Arrows Manual and the Immortal Slaying Flying Saber.]

“The Head-Nailing Seven Arrows Manual?” Gu Hai goggled.

“That’s right. The Head-Nailing Seven Arrows Manual. He ties your hair to a straw puppet, writes your name on it, then lights azure lamps above the puppet’s head and under the feet. Following the animal spirit technique, he bows to it three times a day. After twenty-one days, your souls will scatter. Then, he will shoot the puppet with arrows, and you will die of blood spewing out of your entire body,” Zang Yulian explained.

“An animal spirit technique?” Ao Shun’s expression changed.

“An animal spirit technique? The Head-Nailing Seven Arrows Manual?” Gu Hai showed an unsightly expression.

Gu Hai had seen this animal spirit technique before in one of Earth’s novels. It was also a Lu Ya who used the same technique.

“What should we do?” Ao Shun asked anxiously.

“We have to destroy the altar or kill the executor,” Zang Yulian explained.

“Then, don’t we have to go back?” Ao Shun’s expression changed.

Gu Hai’s face sank.

Lu Ya was definitely still waiting there for him.

Gu Hai smiled bitterly. I managed to escape, but I still have to return?

“Hall Master, what should we do now?” Ao Shun asked anxiously.

Gu Hai entered deep thought.

Vomiting blood was just the beginning. The situation would only get worse.

However, returning would be sending himself to die.

Gu Hai paced around on the deck.

“Hahahaha! Gu Hai, let’s see how you escape this time!” Yehua suddenly guffawed excitedly.

The pacing Gu Hai turned his head to look at Yehua, a murderous intent flashing in his eyes.

Yehua’s smile froze. Gu Hai won’t silence me, right?

“Watch your mouth. If you anger us, we will just kill one of you. In any case, we only need one of you alive to restrain the Supreme Genesis. Furthermore, the less available, the more precious,” Gu Hai said in a chilly tone.

Yehua’s expression turned stiff. He no longer dared to attack Gu Hai verbally.

Gu Hai remained silent for a while before taking a deep breath. Then, he turned to Zang Yulian. “Supreme Ascendant.”

“I’m no longer the Supreme Ascendant,” Zang Yulian corrected.

“Alright. I’ll address you as Zang Yulian. I am about to surrender myself to Lu Ya. It’s uncertain whether I will survive, so let’s part here,” Gu Hai said gravely.

“You are walking into his trap?” Some worry flashed in Zang Yulian’s eyes.

In the next moment, Zang Yulian bit her lips and said, “You still have not told me about the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece.”

“I really do not know. Sorry. Please!” Gu Hai extended his hand, inviting her departure.

Zang Yulian looked at Gu Hai with an unsightly expression, appearing uncertain.

“Humph!” she snorted coldly. Then, she flew off Gu Hai’s flying ship, heading towards the horizon and disappearing from Gu Hai’s sight.

Only now did Gu Hai look at Ao Shun.

“Hall Master, you must have a way, right?” Ao Shun said anxiously.

Gu Hai smiled bitterly. “There’s no other way. I need to face this. Ao Shun, I’ll have to trouble you with something.”

“Hall Master, just speak. I will do it.”

“I’m going to meet Lu Ya. Bring Yehua and Yanxuan to Borderless Heavenly Capital. Don’t let the Supreme Genesis take them back. Help me hide them and wait for me to return,” Gu Hai said seriously.

“I…I have no problem with that. However, what about you?” Ao Shun asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” Gu Hai shook his head.

“Should I ask Royal Father to…”

“There’s no need. He is definitely busy at the moment. You’d better not disturb him. Also, you’d best not return to the Qian Heavenly Dynasty. Don’t go back for now,” Gu Hai said.

“Ah? Why?” Ao Shun asked in shock.

“The Qian Nation? There’s going to be a massive upheaval!” Gu Hai showed a grave expression as he looked into the distance.

Ao Shun appeared confused. However, he remembered what his father had said and understood that Gu Hai was right.

After nodding, Ao Shun said in a determined tone, “Hall Master, this subordinate is incapable, unable to share your burdens. I’ll immediately bring Yehua and Yanxuan to Borderless Heavenly Capital. Do take care!”

Gu Hai nodded.

“Let’s go!” Ao Shun shouted. Then, he carried Yehua and Yanxuan, one in each hand, and took to the sky, flying towards Borderless Heavenly Capital.

Gu Hai sent off Ao Shun with his eyes. Now, he clenched his fist tightly.

Lu Ya’s animal spirit technique, the Head-Nailing Seven Arrows Manual?

Gu Hai had no other way. Speaking of which, he could ask Long Zhanguo for help, and it would be settled immediately. After all, Long Zhanguo owed him a favor. This would repay that favor.

However, Gu Hai did not intend to do that.

It would be best not to use Long Zhanguo’s favor. Once used, it would be gone. Furthermore, the matter of Lu Ya coming to capture him was extremely strange. Gu Hai wanted to get to the bottom of this. He had a feeling that it had something to do with Bing Ji.


Gu Hai took out a zither puppet with a flip of his hand.

“Informing Mo Yike. Mo Yike, we will be in grave danger and need to take a risk. Stay in Heavenly Court City and await my order. If we are in danger of dying, we will send a message to you to ask Long Zhanguo for help immediately. Remember, nothing can go wrong,” Gu Hai said to the zither puppet.

The zither puppet buzzed as it sent the voice transmission into the distance.

Gu Hai sent several more transmissions on the flying ship. After doing all that, he turned the flying ship around and headed towards Lu Ya.


At the location of the previous battle, Lu Ya saw a flying ship in the distance approaching slowly as he was about to bow to the puppet.

Lu Ya looked at Gu Hai, who was on the flying ship. “Hah! This crown prince said that you couldn’t escape from me. I knew that you would return.”

Lu Ya spoke in an icy tone.

Gu Hai said with a faint, bitter smile, “Crown Prince Lu Ya, you have covered all the grounds. This humble one was ignorant.”

Lu Ya showed a cold, satisfied smile.

Two hours later:

Lu Ya sealed Gu Hai’s cultivation and steered the flying ship towards the Solar Divine Palace, quickly disappearing into the horizon.

After Lu Ya’s flying ship left, another flying ship appeared on the horizon.

The one who piloted this flying ship was Zang Yulian.

“Gu Hai? You just let Lu Ya capture you? Humph!” Zang Yulian snorted coldly, giving chase on her flying ship.

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