Book 05 Chapter 182: Marching on the Solar Divine Palace
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 05 Chapter 182: Marching on the Solar Divine Palace

Since the birth of the zither puppet, Gu Hai had been placing reliable people all over the world, scattering the zither puppets to various places. That allowed him to send messages quickly at all times. Although the scope was currently small, he had zither puppets stationed where he needed them.

Heavenly Court City, Qian Heavenly Dynasty:

As Gu Hai showed massive results every time, Mo Yike’s status in the Qian Nation soared. Long Zhanguo even arranged for a residence for Mo Yike at the palace entrance.

In a large hall in Mo Yike’s residence:

A zither puppet stood before Mo Yike, speaking in the voice of the distant Gu Hai.

“Informing Mo Yike. Mo Yike, we will be in grave danger and need to take a risk. Stay in Heavenly Court City and await my order. If we are in danger of dying, we will send a message to you to ask Long Zhanguo for help immediately. Remember, nothing can go wrong.”

When Mo Yike received the transmission, his expression changed. His Majesty is in grave danger?

“Your Majesty, you are facing grave danger? It would be best to seek out the Qian Heavenly Emperor now, as he will not be able to help soon,” Mo Yike said bitterly.

The zither puppet quickly sent Mo Yike’s voice to Gu Hai.

“Oh? Immediately?” Gu Hai felt slightly startled.

“Yes. He will be marching on the Solar Divine Palace five days later,” Mo Yike said respectfully.

“Marching on the Solar Divine Palace?” Gu Hai felt slightly startled.

“Yes. This subordinate has been collecting intel in Heavenly Court City these years and noticed that the Qian Nation’s experts have been gathering in the thirty-three layers of heaven. All the primary military forces have arrived. It seems like something major is brewing. Then, the Qian Heavenly Emperor informed the officials that they would be marching on the Solar Divine Palace three days ago,” Mo Yike said solemnly.

“He has been planning this for a long time already. We have studied the Qian Nation’s history over the past few years. It has been too calm between the Qian Nation and the Solar Div

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