Book 05 Chapter 182: Marching on the Solar Divine Palace
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 05 Chapter 182: Marching on the Solar Divine Palace

Since the birth of the zither puppet, Gu Hai had been placing reliable people all over the world, scattering the zither puppets to various places. That allowed him to send messages quickly at all times. Although the scope was currently small, he had zither puppets stationed where he needed them.

Heavenly Court City, Qian Heavenly Dynasty:

As Gu Hai showed massive results every time, Mo Yike’s status in the Qian Nation soared. Long Zhanguo even arranged for a residence for Mo Yike at the palace entrance.

In a large hall in Mo Yike’s residence:

A zither puppet stood before Mo Yike, speaking in the voice of the distant Gu Hai.

“Informing Mo Yike. Mo Yike, we will be in grave danger and need to take a risk. Stay in Heavenly Court City and await my order. If we are in danger of dying, we will send a message to you to ask Long Zhanguo for help immediately. Remember, nothing can go wrong.”

When Mo Yike received the transmission, his expression changed. His Majesty is in grave danger?

“Your Majesty, you are facing grave danger? It would be best to seek out the Qian Heavenly Emperor now, as he will not be able to help soon,” Mo Yike said bitterly.

The zither puppet quickly sent Mo Yike’s voice to Gu Hai.

“Oh? Immediately?” Gu Hai felt slightly startled.

“Yes. He will be marching on the Solar Divine Palace five days later,” Mo Yike said respectfully.

“Marching on the Solar Divine Palace?” Gu Hai felt slightly startled.

“Yes. This subordinate has been collecting intel in Heavenly Court City these years and noticed that the Qian Nation’s experts have been gathering in the thirty-three layers of heaven. All the primary military forces have arrived. It seems like something major is brewing. Then, the Qian Heavenly Emperor informed the officials that they would be marching on the Solar Divine Palace three days ago,” Mo Yike said solemnly.

“He has been planning this for a long time already. We have studied the Qian Nation’s history over the past few years. It has been too calm between the Qian Nation and the Solar Divine Palace. Conflict would erupt someday. The Solar Divine Palace holds a transcendent position among the three holy lands. Yet…” Gu Hai frowned as he pondered this.

“The Qian Heavenly Emperor said that the Eastern Monarch, Supreme Singularity, is responsible for guarding the Heavenly Realm, stationed there as a result. Hence, all factions in the world have to maintain a respectful distance.”

“The Heavenly Realm?” Gu Hai parroted, feeling confused.

“Yes. The so-called Heavenly Realm is actually an independent space where Heaven stores his body. That’s why it is called the Heavenly Realm. The various body parts of the Six Paths Immortal are slumbering in there. The Six Paths Immortal’s eyes and right arm have awakened already, but the other body parts are still dormant in the Heavenly Realm. This subordinate has a guess about this. Might this Heavenly Realm be an independent space that the Six Paths Immortal’s physical body turned into?” Mo Yike said, feeling curious.

“The Eastern Monarch, Supreme Singularity, is actually protecting the Six Paths Immortal? By destroying the Eastern Monarch, Long Zhanguo can find the Six Paths Immortal’s body. He does not need to wait for the Six Paths Immortal to awaken fully to annihilate the Six Paths Immortal?” Gu Hai said gravely.

“Yes. This was that this subordinate thinks as well,” Mo Yike said seriously.

“Five days later? The Qian Heavenly Dynasty’s army will march on the Solar Divine Palace?” Gu Hai asked, confirming this.

“Yes. Not just the Qian Heavenly Dynasty’s army but even the heavenly court’s thirty-three cities will all be flying to the Solar Divine Palace,” Mo Yike said seriously.

“Oh? The thirty-three cities are moving south? The Qian Heavenly Dynasty is wherever the heavenly court is? Long Zhanguo truly made ample preparations,” Gu Hai said.

“Indeed. Your Majesty, what should we do now?” Mo Yike asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry. We should not be in danger of dying. It’s good that Long Zhanguo is marching on the Solar Divine Palace. We are going to the Solar Divine Palace too. Hah! The Solar Divine Palace? It looks like I will get to watch a good show.” A serious look flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes.

“By the way, Your Majesty, the Qian Heavenly Emperor issued a decree ceding all the Yuan Imperial Dynasty’s former territory to our Han Royal Dynasty in reward for Your Majesty’s contributions,” Mo Yike said seriously.

“Indeed, the Qian Heavenly Emperor is true to his word,” Gu Hai said.

“He has already issued the decree. The Qian Nation’s soldiers will be withdrawing from the Yuan Nation’s former territory soon,” Mo Yike said.

“Mo Yike!” Gu Hai called out.


“We install you as the Yuan Annexing Supreme Commander. You will be responsible for taking over all matters in the Yuan Imperial Dynasty’s former territory. Prepare to move out immediately,” Gu Hai instructed.

“Ah? Your Majesty, your current danger…,” Mo Yike said worriedly.

“Don’t worry about us. We will turn this danger into fortune. Although Long Zhanguo gave the Yuan Nation’s former territory to us, it will not be that easy to take over. The three crown princes, all the Qian Nation’s civil and military officials, and various major factions will be jealous. Now, the Qian Heavenly Dynasty happens to be sending its forces to the Solar Divine Palace. You once managed the Yuan Nation’s territory. How can we let go of such a good opportunity? We will send this order to Borderless Heavenly Capital. You will be the Yuan Annexing Supreme Commander, and Gao Xianzhi will be the Yuan Annexing Deputy Supreme Commander. You are to lead our Divine Demon Army in taking over all the cities at the fastest speed possible!” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Yes!” Mo Yike answered.

“Send a reliable person to Long Zhanguo so that we can contact him at any time. You prepare to return immediately,” Gu Hai said.

“Yes!” Mo Yike answered.


Five days later, Rising Heaven Throne Hall’s entrance, Heavenly Palace City:

All of the civil and military officials stood respectfully in the plaza. Countless soldiers stood in the thirty-three cities.

Long Zhanguo wore a crown on his head and white imperial robes with golden-thread embroidery. He stood at the Rising Heaven Throne Hall’s entrance and looked at the sky.

“Salutations, Your Holy Eminence! Long live Your Holy Eminence! May Your Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years!” Countless officials saluted.

Long Zhanguo took a deep breath and said, “We are Long Zhanguo. We now announce our intention to the world!”


The blessings cloud sea above Heavenly Court City churned. Then, Long Zhanguo’s image turned into a humongous, ferocious dragon head more than thirty thousand kilometers tall. The dragon’s body hid within the intensely churning blessings cloud sea.

When Long Zhanguo spoke, the golden blessings dragon roared, instantly spreading his voice throughout the Qian Nation. It was not just that. His voice even reached the various places in the Divine Continent.

“We are Long Zhanguo. We now announce our intention to the world!” When Long Zhanguo’s voice rang out, it shocked the world.


In Divine Farmer City, Jiang Lianshan stepped out of the Divine Yan Hall, looking north with his officials.


At a majestic palace hall of the Myriad Age Daoist Sect in the south, a black-embroidered-robed man shrouded in purple-black energy walked out slowly.

“Sect Master, is that Long Zhanguo’s voice?” The subordinates at the side looked at the black-robed man in shock.


In the southwest, where there were many images among blessings, was the Huang Heavenly Dynasty.

A burly man stood at the entrance of the assembly hall. He walked out and looked towards the distant north.

Emperor Kong stood beside that man. He said in shock, “Your Holy Eminence, it is as you expected? Long Zhanguo is about to start?”


To the west, the Spirit Mountain Holy Land:

Countless monks walked out of a palace hall and looked north.

“Lord Buddha, it’s Long Zhanguo’s voice.


Long Zhanguo’s voice rang out everywhere in the world. The various experts looked in Heavenly Court City’s direction in shock.

After Long Zhanguo’s voice rang out everywhere, he continued speaking, “Heaven has been destroyed, and Six Paths is causing chaos in the world, treating all life as slaves and locking us in a cage. We are born in the immortal firmament as slaves, dying to become Six Paths’s food. There is great sorrow in the world; all life suffers. We—Long Zhanguo—do not accept that. The Solar Divine Palace’s Eastern Monarch, Supreme Singularity, aids Six Paths in evil, enslaving animal spirits and various lifeforms to guard Six Paths’s body, gorging themselves on the hearts of all life. We—Long Zhanguo—desire to destroy the cage and free all life. We will first destroy the Supreme Singularity before killing Six Paths. Then, all life in the world will regain their freedom! We declare a war to the death on this day, openly declaring this to the world! We march on the Solar Divine Palace!”

“Yes!” A unified shout came from the thirty-three layers of heaven.


With Heavenly Court City at the center, the thirty-three cities suddenly trembled and slowly moved south, heading to the Solar Divine Palace.


The thirty-three layers of heaven started accelerating. The defensive ritual arrays in the various cities activated, preventing damage from the strong winds.

The soldiers in the surroundings felt excited.

The officials clenched their fists tightly.

Destroy the Solar Divine Palace? The heavenly court’s cities were heading to a great war.

The golden blessings dragon had announced Long Zhanguo’s words to the world.

This immediately caused great commotions worldwide.

A fight between a heavenly dynasty and a holy land? This was the scale of a world war.


Huang Heavenly Dynasty:

Emperor Kong looked at the Huang Heavenly Emperor with an anxious expression. “Your Holy Eminence, Long Zhanguo really made a move. How should we deal with this?”


Spirit Mountain Holy Land:

“Lord Buddha, Long Zhanguo is acting arrogantly, causing trouble in the world. He is trying to start a world war. Lord Buddha, please do something about this,” the Future Buddha said gravely.


Myriad Age Daoist Sect:

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“Sect Master, Long Zhanguo is going to attack the Supreme Singularity. How should we deal with this?”

The black-robed Sect Master Heavenly Access said, “Wait for the Supreme Singularity’s response.”



Yan Heavenly Dynasty:

Jiang Lianshan looked north with slightly narrowed eyes. “Long Zhanguo, it turns out that you have been prepared long ago, just waiting for us to agree? Hah! Never mind. Murong Yan did not choose us back then. It looks like we are still not competent enough. Go on, then. I wish you success!”


At Gu Hai’s location:

Lu Ya had sealed Gu Hai’s cultivation and placed Gu Hai on his flying ship.

Then, the flying ship flew towards the Solar Divine Palace.

As the flying ship flew, Long Zhanguo’s voice suddenly rang out.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes, as he already knew five days ago what Long Zhanguo wanted to do. However, Lu Ya did not know.

Gu Hai turned his head, wanting to see Lu Ya’s expression.

When Lu Ya heard Long Zhanguo’s voice, he suddenly narrowed his eyes. Then, he sneered.

“Hah! Long Zhanguo? You only broke one of the Six Paths Immortal’s eyes, and you think yourself invincible already?” Lu Ya revealed a faint, cold smile, appearing disdainful.

“Oh? Crown Prince Lu Ya, do you think that Long Zhanguo is arrogant and ignorant, that he is not a match for the Solar Divine Palace?” Gu Hai looked at Lu Ya.

Lu Ya looked coldly at Gu Hai. “What do you know? Long Zhanguo only has the blessings of one age. My Solar Divine Palace has been inherited for eight hundred thousand years. How can his accumulations of a few short thousand years compare to our eight hundred thousand years?”

“Is that so?” Gu Hai still appeared slightly puzzled.

However, Lu Ya ignored Gu Hai. He piloted the flying ship towards the Solar Divine Palace. The flying ship did not move quickly, betraying no urgency.

At noon, Lu Ya would cultivate for thirty minutes. During this time, his surroundings seemed to turn into a black hole, strangely pulling in all the sunlight within five hundred kilometers. Everywhere within five hundred kilometers would turn dark.

Some surprise flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes.

The two arrived in the Solar Divine Palace’s territory only after three months.

“I’ve returned!” Anticipation shone in Lu Ya’s eyes.

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