Book 04 Chapter 029.2: Cycle, Part 2
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 04 Chapter 029.2: Cycle, Part 2

Gu Hai was indeed creating a saber technique at the bottom of the lake.

Those who created saber techniques had spent many years comprehending the saber Dao before they dared declare that they would create a saber technique. How long had Gu Hai been cultivating?

Since his transmigration from Earth, only forty-odd years had passed, at most. More importantly, he only started seeing profound saber techniques in the later stages of his nation’s growth, meaning over only the past one or two years. How could he be ready to create a saber technique?

However, Gu Hai had one advantage that most did not have—his Go soul clones.

There were nearly ten thousand Gu Hais available to study all the saber techniques he had come across in the past. With the analytic powers of these Go clone souls, he could gain ten thousand years’ worth of comprehension within one year.

Furthermore, the saber technique that Gu Hai was making was not an ordinary saber technique. It had something to do with Go.

Many fish swam by at the bottom of the lake. Gu Hai stood on a large rock, holding a saber.

The crimson saber had broken, but he did not use the bone saber. Instead, he held an ordinary saber.

An enormous manifested saber appeared when he swung the saber, making it look like he held a thirty-meter-long saber.

Gu Hai showed a ferocious expression as he controlled the manifested saber with his Veritable Essence. While doing so, he used the horrifying analytic powers of his Go soul clones to comprehend his saber conception.

This saber conception was also as strong as that of an ordinary cultivator who focused on the saber.

However, Gu Hai’s saber conception was unlike others.

Two hundred twenty-six saber qi spread out at the lake bottom with Gu Hai in the center. These saber qi had two types—white and black. They steadily depicted a strange diagram.

If a Go player were here, he would notice that these saber qi formed a Go board with nineteen line pairs. The white saber qi were the white Go stones, and the black saber qi were the black Go stones.

The saber qi wobbled. Clearly, Gu Hai was still making adjustments and fine-tuning his control, pushing it to perfection.

“It is finally completed? One of the one hundred thousand Go puzzles that I brought from Earth can be used to form this saber strike?” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes.

Then, he swung the saber in his hand.

When Gu Hai swung his saber, the manifested saber seemed to form a suction. The two hundred twenty-six saber qi combined, not rushing out the way they would when others swung a saber. Instead, they followed the specific sequence of that Go puzzle, rushing into the manifested saber.


The saber qi poured into the manifested saber, which immediately shone a dazzling purple.

“Break!” Gu Hai shouted.

The manifested saber chopped down.


The lake water split in half down the center, shooting away from both sides of the saber’s blade.


Long Wanyu waited at the lakeside, feeling bored.

“Hey! Quickly look!” Gao Xianzhi’s eyes lit up.

A piercing purple light suddenly appeared at the lake bottom, like a purple sun in the water. Then, a loud sound rang out. A powerful saber qi flew out, and the lake exploded. One manifested saber chopped the lake water in half?

Furthermore, the lake water could not return to its original position for a long time.

The attack cut apart the lake. This was not ice, yet the saber conception prevented the water from rushing back in.


“Again!” Confidence flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes at the bottom of the lake. I succeeded?


Gu Hai tried again, using another one of the Go puzzles he brought from Earth.


When Gu Hai swung his saber again, the lake water got cut apart once more.

Shing! Shing! Shing!

Gu Hai used the various Go puzzles in his swings. Every saber strike carried a strange might.

In the blink of an eye, cuts appeared in the lake, looking like a spiderweb. The strange scene made everyone on shore goggle.

“Every Go puzzle is a saber strike? The Go puzzles with nineteen line pairs? That is three hundred sixty-one positions for the Go stones to take. I take the tengen position while every saber strike has three hundred sixty saber qi merging with my manifested saber? Three hundred sixty-one is the number of a cycle. Hence, I shall name this saber technique as Cycle,” Gu Hai said.


Gu Hai swung his saber again.

“The one hundred thousand Go puzzles are the foundation of the Cycle Saber Technique. I can bring out one hundred thousand strikes with this saber technique, that means one hundred thousand sabers?” Confidence flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes.

“However, eighty thousand of those Go puzzles have merged in sets of four, forming new complicated Go puzzles. I should try them!” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes.

Gu Hai stood in the tengen position, and the manifested saber appeared in his hand again. As he formed his saber conception, the saber qi gathered around him again, looking like black and white Go stones.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

A condensed Go puzzle formed by four Go puzzles suddenly appeared.


Gu Hai swung his saber again.


A deafening sound rang out. The entire lake exploded and soared up. All the water of the lake seemed to have been knocked into the air by an extremely powerful shock wave.

The ground shook, and a large gorge opened, extending to the distant mountains.


Outside, Meng Tai, Gao Xianzhi, and Long Wanyu only heard a loud sound before the lake exploded. They vaguely caught a glimpse of a purple saber light shooting out.


This one saber strike bisected three large mountains in the distance.

Three mountains cut in half with one saber strike? All the lake water was sent flying?

“Your Majesty?” some of the guards called out, feeling worried and horrified.

When the lake water blasted into the sky, it revealed Gu Hai standing on a rock at the bottom. As he held his saber, pleasant surprise flashed in his eyes.

“This is a saber strike from one of the combined Go puzzles?” Faint excitement flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes.

“I shall call the earlier foundational saber technique First Cycle. This strike shall be called Second Cycle?” Gu Hai breathed deeply.


The water that flew into the sky fell back, drenching Gu Hai. However, he did not care. Right now, he was caught up in his excitement from creating a saber technique.

“I have twenty thousand Go puzzles formed by the first batch of Go puzzles merging in fours. That means I have twenty thousand kinds of the Second Cycle Saber Technique?

“The Second Cycle? Its might is a hundredfold of the First Cycle. If the Go puzzles undergo a second merging, won’t that be the Third Cycle? I have ten thousand Third Cycles? Furthermore, some of these ten thousand Third Cycle Go puzzles are currently merging and working towards forming the Fourth Cycle? If I follow this pattern, won’t this saber technique be even stronger?” Some excitement flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes.

With the Second Cycle, the lake had exploded from a single saber strike.

In his excitement, Gu Hai prepared to try and execute the Third Cycle.

Taking a tengen position, he focused his saber conception.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

A berserk saber conception rushed out into the surroundings. The countless soldiers in the area suddenly felt a chill, as if a soul-shaking saber conception was stabbing into their hearts and dantian.

Strangely, the lake water that had fallen moved away from Gu Hai.

“This…this…what saber technique is this?” Meng Tai appeared shocked and horrified.

This was Meng Tai’s first time seeing such a strange saber technique. When the saber conception pressed on, an intense killing intent spread out, prickling Meng Tai and giving him chills.

“Of course, it is the saber technique that my brother-in-law created!” Long Wanyu said cockily.

“Oh no! This saber conception? How could such a strange saber conception appear in the hands of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator? Shouldn’t…shouldn’t you be going farther away?” the demonic phantom in Long Wanyu’s body exclaimed in horror.

“It’s fine. I do not have any greatly ominous feelings. By the way, is the saber technique that my brother-in-law created incredible?” Long Wanyu said excitedly.

“I don’t know. This is the first time I have seen a saber conception growing so immensely in one go. To think that it grew by a hundredfold of the previous one! How can this be?” the demonic phantom said with shock in its voice.

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“Ha! You are just ignorant!” Long Wanyu did not give the demonic phantom any face at all.

The demonic phantom: “…”


Gu Hai was preparing to execute the Third Cycle. However, before he could, the drain on his Veritable Essence made his face sink.

The drain on Veritable Essence was one thing. More importantly, the saber in his hand could not endure this saber conception and started to crack.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!


The saber conception caused the saber to explode into countless shards.

When the saber exploded, the saber conception scattered as well.


The surrounding lake water immediately flowed back.


Gu Hai let out a long breath.

“Never mind. Since the Cycle Saber Technique works, that is enough. One hundred thousand First Cycles and twenty thousand Second Cycles is more than enough for normal use. As for the Third Cycle, there is no way to use it without a good saber.”

Gu Hai tossed aside the saber handle in his hand, rushed out of the water, and flew to the shore.

“Brother-in-Law, have you perfected your saber technique?” Long Wanyu called out excitedly.

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