Book 04 Chapter 008.2: Capturing the City, Part 2
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 04 Chapter 008.2: Capturing the City, Part 2

The next day:

“Sa-save me! Clan Head, vampires ate the entire Middle West Village. They had a blood feast the previous night. Clan Head, you have to take revenge for our entire village! Sob! Sob! There were so many vampires. I hid in a thatched outhouse for an entire night before I managed to escape. Clan Head! Sob! Sob! Sob! Middle West Village is part of our clan’s business!”

The same thing happened again. The other day, it was the Zhang Clan; today, it was the Li Clan. The Li Clan tried to smooth things over and keep the peace. However, the Li Clan suffered the same fate as the Zhang Clan by the third day. The entire clan vanished overnight; no one remained.

Horror spread across the entire city.

“Your Majesty, this city has one hundred million people. By spreading the information in this manner, only a small portion of the populace will learn of it. Furthermore, people are trying to keep it a secret. All others will hear are just some small rumors.” Tang Chu frowned.

“Sometimes, small rumors spread even faster than widespread announcements. We did not say anything. They were the ones who made wild guesses on their own, right?” Gu Hai smiled.

Such rumors about six or seven clans spread like a virus. In a mere ten days, the entire city had already heard of the disappearances.

They vanished mysteriously. Will this happen to me someday?

We don’t even know how they died, and their entire clan got exterminated with nothing remaining? Vampires? It has to be the vampires!

Countless citizens were suddenly horrified. They felt like there were eyes on them, eyes that belonged to vampires. They suspected they were being reared in this place for the vampires to eat once they got sufficiently fattened.

Azure Foundation City felt like a demon’s nest. Are those evil demons caging us up?

Horror spread in everyone’s heart. Many people wanted to flee Azure Foundation City, no longer wanting to remain there. However, they still had family staying there. Could they just leave?

Some people did leave Azure Foundation City out of fear. However, th

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