Book 2 Chapter 10: I Will Be the Boss
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 2 Chapter 10: I Will Be the Boss

“Number 1!”

“Number 1!”

“Number 1!”

Loud cheers came from the spectator stands.

Although Gu Hai won, he was covered entirely in blood. Ignoring the cheers from the spectators, he slowly sat down cross-legged, then used his Veritable Energy to treat his injuries.

“Don Li, are you sure there are no problems with this Number 1 of yours?” the First Song Sect Master asked extremely unhappily.

“First Song Sect Master, can’t afford to lose? Hahahaha!” Don Li Wei laughed.

“I can’t afford to lose? Humph!” the First Song Sect Master said unhappily.

“My precious Yue Yao, you were right. Hahahaha! He won again!” Don Li guffawed as he embraced Yue Yao again.

Yue Yao did not say a word, letting Don Li do as he pleased.

As Don Li caressed Yue Yao, he smiled while looking at Gu Hai, who was in the beast arena. “Number 1 did well. Bestow on him a treatment medicinal pill!”

“Yes!” a subordinate answered.

“Evil man Number 1, the don bestows a treatment medicinal pill on you. Kneel and thank him!” that subordinate shouted.

When that black-clad man shouted, the beast arena fell silent once more.

Then, that black-clad man tossed a small porcelain bottle in Gu Hai’s direction.

“Treatment medicinal pill? It looks like evil man Number 1 earned a lot of money for the Great Feng Mafia Family.”

“What nonsense! Didn’t you see how many people lost earlier?”

“Number 1?”

The surrounding gamblers discussed this.

The small bottle containing the medicinal pill landed in front of Gu Hai.

Gu Hai had been treating his injuries with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes slightly and glanced at the bottle. Then, he raised his head and looked at the Great Feng Mafia Family’s don, who was in the VIP spectator stand. However, he did not take the bottle. Instead, he just closed his eyes again and continued treating his injuries.

Gu Hai showed no reaction to Don Li’s reward.

“The don bestowed a reward on you. Why are you not on your knees and thanking him for his grace yet?” a black-clad man at the exit to the beast arena immediately shouted angrily with a glare.

Gu Hai ignored that black-clad man.

Kneel and give thanks for grace? Gu Hai would only kneel to heaven, earth, and his parents.

“How audacious!” a black-clad man immediately roared out angrily. He seemed like he wanted to enter the arena and teach Gu Hai a lesson so that he could bootlick the don.

“Why are you still not kneeling and thanking the don?” that black-clad man raised a whip, looking like he wanted to strike Gu Hai with it.


Gu Hai turned his head and showed a ferocious look in his eyes.

Upon seeing that ferocious look, that black-clad man suddenly felt a chill as something occurred to him.

We still have not sealed evil man Number 1’s cultivation, yet I rushed to stand before him? This is an evil man who kills people without blinking, a ruthless person. What if he tries to kill me?


That black-clad man promptly reacted, turning around in fear and running back behind the blue barrier.

After returning in fear, that black-clad man glared at Gu Hai with hate. This evil man caused him to embarrass himself.

“Why are you still not kneeling and thanking the don?!” the black-clad man scolded angrily.

Gu Hai continued to ignore the black-clad man, sitting cross-legged and treating his injuries.

At the VIP spectator stand:

When Don Li Wei saw Gu Hai not moving, he felt irritated. However, he had just earned a lot of spirit stones, so he was in a good mood and did not pursue this matter. He only let out a cold snort, “Humph!”

“Let’s go!” Don Li left slowly while embracing Yue Yao.

The First Song Sect Master looked at evil man Number 1, and hatred flashed in his eyes. “Evil man Number 1? What an annoying fellow, just like Gu Hai. Humph!”

The First Song Sect Master also left, feeling unhappy.


Suddenly, red energy ropes shot over in the beast arena and bound Gu Hai again, pulling him to the exit.

At the stone platform:


The black-clad men forcefully sealed Gu Hai’s cultivation again.

That earlier black-clad man suddenly swung his whip. Crack!

“Weren’t you very incredible?! Not even wanting to accept the don’s reward? To think that you even glared at me earlier. Huh? Well, try it now. Come and kill me. Come on, come and kill me!” that black-clad man roared at Gu Hai.

Crack! Crack!

That black-clad man landed a few whip lashes on Gu Hai.

Gu Hai turned his head to look at that black-clad man. Then, he said in a frosty tone, “I will!”

“You will? Hahaha! You can forget about that. Huh? Still glaring at me? Aren’t you very good at killing? Come on and kill me, then.”

Crack! Crack!

That black-clad man kept whipping Gu Hai. However, Gu Hai gritted his teeth and remained silent, showing a cold smile as it happened.

“Boss, that evil man Number 8 is not dead!” a person at the side called out.

“Oh? Number 8 is alive?” the black-clad man with the whip said with a frown. He stopped whipping Gu Hai.

“Yes! However, he is on his last breath!”

“It’s good that he survived. This reversal allowed my Great Feng Mafia Family to earn a lot. Since Number 1 can reverse the situation against that Golden Core Realm Number 8, he might be able to do it again next time. They are all from the alpha series. We might be able to strike the jackpot again. Capture him and seal his cultivation. Then, bring them back to Evil Men Valley,” the black-clad man holding the whip instructed.

“Yes!” Everyone quickly left to carry out the instructions.

At this moment, Scar’s flesh was completely mangled; he was on his last breath. Since Gu Hai did not take that treatment medicinal pill, the whip-bearing, black-clad man pocketed it. He did not help Scar treat his injuries, only splashing cold water on Scar to awaken him before bringing the two back to Evil Men Valley.

Along the way, the whip-bearing, black-clad man urged Gu Hai and Scar to move faster, despite Scar’s extreme frailty.

Gu Hai remained silent.

“This brother, thank you. Thank you,” Scar muttered to Gu Hai.

Scar recalled that Gu Hai had already had a foot on his throat, prepared to kill him. However, Gu Hai spared him when he begged for mercy.

Gu Hai glanced at Scar but remained silent.

“I did not lie. I do indeed have a blood grudge. Thank you for sparing me. While one is alive, no matter how miserable the situation, there are still opportunities. If one dies, all opportunities will be gone,” Scar said while tottering.

Gu Hai looked at Scar in surprise. Eventually, he nodded.

The black-clad man whipped the two as they made their way back to Evil Men Valley.

After the two arrived at Evil Men Valley, the black-clad man shouted, gathering all the evil men.

“Milord returned! I knew it. I knew that Milord would definitely return!” Chen Tianshan cried out in pleasant surprise.

“Why did two return this time?”

“That should not be the case. Shouldn’t it continue until only one is left standing?”

The evil men all discussed this.

“Alright, the next cycle is about to begin. All those of the alpha mike serial numbers, step forward and follow me!” a black-clad man shouted.

[TL Note: I used the NATO phonetic alphabet for the serial number series. The original Chinese characters used a counting system that does not have an English equivalent, using the heavenly stems and earthly branch system.]

A group of evil men stepped forward from the crowd. They knew that they could not avoid this. They could only obey.

However, Gao Xianzhi was among the alpha mike series.

Gao Xianzhi’s expression changed.

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After the black-clad man undid Gu Hai’s shackles, Gu Hai walked over slowly. As he walked past Gao Xianzhi, Gao Xianzhi said worriedly, “Milord!”

“I taught you the Heavenly Saber Death Match, right? Use that as a life-saving measure and survive,” Gu Hai said.

“Yes!” Gao Xianzhi showed a solemn expression.

A total of eighteen men stepped forward.

“Shackle them and bring them along!” a black-clad man shouted.


Rattle! Rattle!

The black-clad men shackled this group of evil men and brought them away.

The remaining evil men immediately relaxed and dispersed.

“Milord, are you alright?” Chen Tianshan promptly went to support Gu Hai.

“It’s fine, just superficial injuries.” Gu Hai shook his head.

Gu Hai and Chen Tianshan went behind a large rock. Then, he took out some medicinal pills, which Gu Hai had obtained from Meng Tai back then, from the Water Division Master’s authority token. With Chen Tianshan around, they naturally could identify which were for treating injuries.

After consuming a medicinal pill, Gu Hai worked on treating his injuries. This pill’s effects were incredibly strong, nearly healing all his superficial injuries after four hours.

“Brother.” At this moment, a weak voice came from the other side of the rock.

“Huh?” Gu Hai frowned when he saw Scar coming over.

“What do you want?” Gu Hai asked.

However, Scar suddenly knelt before Gu Hai and kowtowed three times.

“I was telling the truth earlier. Brother, thank you. Thank you for sparing me!” Scar said gratefully.

Gu Hai stared at the kneeling Scar. After a while, he nodded. “Give him a treatment medicinal pill.”

“Huh?” Chen Tianshan’s expression changed.

Why would Milord leak the fact that he has medicinal pills to others?

Scar also appeared confused until Chen Tianshan took out a fragrant medicinal pill and gave it to him.

“This is a grade 3 treatment medicinal pill?” Scar appeared shocked.

Scar immediately placed the medicinal pill in his mouth.

After swallowing the pill, Scar sat down cross-legged and started treating his injuries. The medicinal pills did indeed have a strong effect, allowing his wounds to close at a visible pace as they healed rapidly.

By the time night arrived, most of Scar’s injuries had already healed.

Scar looked at Gu Hai, finding this inconceivable. “Brother, why do you—”

“Don’t ask what you should not,” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Alright.” Scar nodded.

Gu Hai stood upright with his hands held behind his back as he surveyed Evil Men Valley. Black mist surrounded the place, looking sinister. Many pairs of cold eyes hid in the various dark corners. The people who lived on the border of life and death never let down their guard.

“Scar, tell me, what is the distribution of factions like in this Evil Men Valley. Are there any groups? What is the internal situation like?” Gu Hai asked.

“Ah? Brother, what are you trying to do? Don’t tell me… Don’t be rash. Although these people had their cultivations sealed, they are all ruthless people, people who fight for their lives,” Scar said worriedly.

“There’s no need to worry about me. Just tell me, who among them are the most ruthless,” Gu Hai said.

“Fights normally do not break out in Evil Men Valley. After going out, normally, only one returns. No one knows about the others’ strength. I know of a few evil men who return every time. Those are probably the most ruthless.” Scar pointed those people out to Gu Hai.

Gu Hai listened patiently for some time. Then, he looked around Evil Men Valley without saying anything before nodding gravely.

“Wait here!” Gu Hai cricked his neck, a strong fighting spirit blazing in his eyes.

“Milord, where are you going?” Chen Tianshan asked in shock.

“Just wait here. Don’t follow me!” Gu Hai ordered.

“Ah?” Chen Tianshan and Scar appeared shocked.

Gu Hai walked out slowly. As it was late at night, he attracted the suspicious gazes of many evil men as he walked around.

Gu Hai slowly made his way over to a small cave. Currently, a small group of ten rested inside.

These ten had noticed Gu Hai long ago. When they saw him walking over, they showed suspicious expressions. The leader, a bald man with bulging muscles, looked at Gu Hai with a ferocious gaze.

“Newcomer? What are you doing?” The bald man stood up and looked at Gu Hai coldly.

“From today on, all of you have to listen to me!” Gu Hai said confidently with a tone that commanded obedience.

“Huh?” The ten evil men immediately stood up and glared at Gu Hai.

“I will be the boss!” Gu Hai ordered as he clenched his fist.

“Haha! Brat, are you seeking death?” the bald man sneered.


Gu Hai’s figure suddenly shot forward, and he landed a punch on the bald man’s stomach.

“Attack!” the small group immediately shouted, swarming over.

Chen Tianshan and Scar goggled. No one expected Gu Hai to attack so suddenly.

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